Keep knocking a door will open soon

“A mind troubled by doubt can’t focus on the course to victory,” once advised Arthur Golden.


It is only a mind that’s prepared to stay focused that has the capacity to do the unimaginable.

It is a mind that does not allow the past to shake it.

The past will always be the past and must not interfere with your future.

Staying in the past is only for those who would have accepted the life challenges and handed over their victory and become permanent life victims.

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Because life will always be an exciting adventure.

But it will also depend on whether one is willing to go on the adventure.

Only those with a winning mindset will win.

Because to them, life is like a competitive marathon.

Just as in a marathon, in life you have those that will run besides you, ahead of you or behind and this should not distract you.

The other side

It also has those who will occupy the grand stands, these are your supporters.

There are there to cheer you up.

They motivate and inspire you to the next level.

They help you pick up the chips when they are down.

However, this crowd may also be composed of those who are skilled in pulling you down.

They don’t always enjoy your success.

These are the people who always aim to tear you apart. They love to see you dead and buried.

Don’t focus on them, focus on what matters.

These people were placed in your life to strengthen you, to make you a better person and to inspire you with their negativity.

A hero’s life can’t be a life without resistance.

Resistance is good, for it makes you prove who you are.

It makes you show your true self.

Your potential is not in what you have done, achieved or accomplished.

No, it is still to be realised and discovered.

It’s a big secret. Its hidden treasure.

You are a gem that’s hid underneath the earth’s crust, that’s the summary of your potential.

The king and the widow

There is an inspiring Bible story of a fearless king who lived in a certain city.

It is said, “he feared not God neither did he regard man”.

So there was widow, who used to come to this cruel king saying, “avenge me of my adversary”.

The king could not do anything to assist for a long time.

This did not stop this widow from coming.

She kept on knocking at the door of this cruel king.

The king was later moved by the widow’s pleas and decided to change his mind.

So he said to himself: “Though I fear not God, nor regard man, yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she wearies me.”

The king was moved by the seriousness and commitment of this widow and he ended up her wishes.

This is how life works, it rewards only the persistent.

Thus, don’t tire too early.

Never be quick to turn your back.

Just push a little bit.

A little more effort and patience will open floodgates to your desires.

It may seem very far, yet it maybe near.

Remember: “For changes to be of any value, they have got to be lasting and consistent,” once advised Antony Robins.

Be consistent like that widow.

Nothing should stop you.

You can only stop if you accept to be stopped.

All the stoppages in life should not be permanent, but temporary!

You should see them as a breather, to help you realign your thoughts and get you back into the driving seat.

Once there, you can cruise like nobody’s business again.

It can be done. Be blessed.

Steve Nyambe is a motivational speaker and leadership coach. He can be contacted on +263 784 583 761 or his email:

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