Jerera villagers hail Potraz outreach programme

THE Postal Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) at the weekend electrified the Masvingo community during a road show at Jerera Growth Point where members of the public expressed different views on the performance of various telecommunications service providers.


Villagers who spoke to NewsDay hailed Potraz for reaching out to them to make them aware of their rights.

“We learnt that it is possible to get redress when aggrieved by our service providers. People here thought it was not possible to get our grievances acted upon,” Pelagia Madzana (58) from Siyawareva village said.

Adam Machisa (18) from Madzivire village said he managed to interact with many people at a jam-packed road show.

“I have seen so many thrilling performances from many people. We rarely get such kind of treat. I am an aspiring Zim dancehall artist and I managed to learn few things from the performances.

“It’s almost four kilometres to come here and it was worth it. Potraz has taught us a lot. I feel there is a way to register our displeasure with our service providers. I can say this is a combination of learning and pleasure,” he said.

Freedom Sibiya from Jerera said: “I learnt that if my airtime disappears from my phone account and if there is no redress, I can report that. We have had many cases where people just have their airtime credit disappear.”

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  1. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Hezvo, POTRAZ kufadza vanhu neroadshows pane kufadza vanhu nekuisa basestations neinternet cables. Nhayi veduwe. Varikukwidzana nani? ZESA ichaitawo, kana kuti vanotoita
    Imika musatambisa mari muchidaro. Zvinobatsireyi nebasa ramunoita izvozvo? Cherayi tunnels dzekuisa cables
    makambani obhadhara kuisa cables. Kwete zveroadshows ndezvana Proton, Bakers Inn, Lobels nevamwewo.

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