ICC suspends Zim match fixer for 20 years

Rajan Nayar, a domestic cricket official in Zimbabwe, has been suspended from all cricketing activities for 20 years by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for attempting to improperly influence an international match.

By cricinfo

The incident had taken place in October last year when Nayar approached Zimbabwe captain Graeme Cremer and offered $30 000 to engage in corrupt activity. Cremer “immediately” reported the approach to the ICC, which began an investigation into the matter.

Nayar, serving as treasurer and marketing director of Harare Metropolitan Cricket Association (HMCA) at the time, accepted all the charges against him. The suspension will be backdated to the start of his provisional suspension on 16 January, 2018.

Alex Marshall, general manager with the ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit, said: “I welcome the result of the investigation and the substantial sanction imposed upon Nayar. It is important that the seriousness of his offences was reflected in the length of the ban.

“I would like to place on record my thanks to Graeme Cremer, who has acted with the utmost professionalism throughout this process. Immediately after he received the approach from Nayar he reported it to the ICC and we were able to get an investigation underway swiftly. Graeme has been involved and updated throughout the investigation and has played a critical role in ensuring that corruption has no place in our sport.”

Cremer himself expressed surprise that a well-known official had acted in such a manner. “I was appalled to be approached by someone so closely connected to the game and there was no doubt in my mind that I had to report it as soon as I could. We receive education around this which you never expect to have to use, but it certainly helped when it came to knowing what to do.”

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  1. Any possibility that the Zimbabwe vs UAE match in the ICC WC Qualifiers was ” improperly influenced”? Just asking.

  2. That match was definitely fixed. Investigations into that match should be carried out.

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