Huge investment made in Chinhoyi 7

A CO-PRODUCER of the local movie, Chinhoyi 7, which is set to premier at Ster Kinekor Borrowdale, Tawanda Sarireni, on Monday said Zimbabwe had the potential to produce world-class films if the industry was well-funded.


The 120-minute long film about the Chinhoyi battle was commissioned by Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga, then Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander and it was shot using hight-tech equipment for effect.

“One of the problems with the local movie industry is that it hasn’t been supported financially. That can be seen by the quality of movies being produced. It’s not like people are not talented but they are not getting enough funding. Government should fund the industry,” Sarireni said.

“This is a world standard movie shot using 4k Red Dragon cameras. You won’t find them here. Our editing equipment and software are not up to standard. South Africa, for some reason, has equipment that’s why we went there.”

Sarireni said it took them a while to produce the film, as they sought to meet international standards.

“It’s a big movie shot here in 2014 at different sites. Editing such a movie takes a lot, that’s why you find all great movies take a minimum of seven years. I think we did very well. It’s been four years now,” he said.

Sarireni said they had personnel from seven different countries working on the movie, including a special effects make-up artist from Japan, an actor each from Britain, Canada and Nigeria.

Renowned British filmmaker Julian Shaw acted as Ian Smith, Canadian television actress, Cynthia Stone (Smith’s wife), American folk musician, Greg Brown (one of the captains in the Rhodesian army), Fungisai Mashavave-Zvakavapano (Smith’s maid) Albert Nyathi (Joshua Nkomo), Moses Matanda (one of the seven comrades) and Eddy Sandifolo (commander of the seven fighters).

Sarireni was pleased with Nyathi and Mashavave-Zvakavapano’s performance in their respective roles.

“Nyathi and Mashavave performed exceptionally well in their roles, people just need to come and see this other side. These guys are made for Hollywood,” he said.

ZDF gave the military concept to the film by providing 100 soldiers and funded it. The Zimbabwe Republic Police Support Unit provided 25 officers and other actors were from the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services.


  1. cde tonzikutota zvamauya zvanaka

    also our marketing is so very poor most people only got to noe abt it just now. look at Black Panther people were waiting for its release way before it was due but its not a local film. so i feel not enough justice is being done by the marketing teams of these local films. well done guys i think its going to be the first of so many great movies coming

  2. WillkayzbeatzTv

    Comment…I agree with u cde,the marketing is indeed poor,they shld have marketed it way back, however I wld like to applaud Moses’s efforts! Its a step in the right direction

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