Gweru to enforce anti-litter by-laws

Gweru City Council has set up plans to enforce anti-littering by-laws as part of the local authority’s solid waste management, a senior council official has said.
By Stephen Chadenga

Council health services director, Sam Sekenhamo said council had drawn plans to curb illegal dumping in the city to be enforced by the end of the year.

“We have several strategies for 2018 in dealing with solid waste management,” Sekenhamo said at a recent community engagement for solid waste management.

“Council is going to come up with a raft of measures and these include enforcing anti-litter by-laws and refuse removal by laws. We also have plans to purchase 30 skip bins, one refuse compactor truck, one self-tipping trailer and one tractor by the end of the year.”

Sekenhamo said council would also come up with an integrated solid waste management plan, school competitions and community engagement in solid waste.

Over the years, most councils across the country council have been struggling to enforce anti-littering by-laws with people not paying fines for illegal

Residents, however, blame council for failing to collect refuse on time, a situation they say forces them to dump litter in undesignated areas.

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