Girl seeks $5 000 for eczema treatment in SA

THE family of a 13-year-old girl from Bulawayo’s Nkulumane 5 suburb, who is suffering from a condition believed to be severe eczema, is seeking financial assistance to the tune of $4 000 to undergo treatment and buy medication in South Africa.


Nontokozo Moyo, who lives with her unemployed parents, has been suffering from the skin condition since birth.

Sithule Moyo, mother to Nontokozo, told Southern Eye that her daughter had been in and out of hospital since she was two weeks old and has never fully recovered since then.

“From the time my daughter was two weeks old, she has never been fully well. She has been in and out of hospital and it’s very unfortunate that she has never managed to get a permanent solution to her illness,” she said.

“As it is, she is supposed to be in Form 1, but she has not been going to school because the sores are even under her feet, which makes it difficult for her to walk”
“Nontokozo has been in and out of Mpilo [Central] Hospital and she was recently referred to South Africa where she is supposed to be treated and given medication. We need $5 000 and we have to raised $1 000 .”

Sithule said she and Nontokozo’s father were both unemployed and had exhausted their funds in a bid to seek medical treatment for their daughter.

“My husband used to work in Botswana, but he was involved in an accident, which resulted to him leaving work. I was working at a local hospital, but I had to resign because of my daughter’s condition, no one can look after her. I had to leave work”

Sithule narrated how Nontokozos’ condition developed.

“When she was two weeks old, she used to scratch her skin continuously and eventually she developed a rash,” she said.

“From there she developed blisters all over her body and as you can see her skin just went bad. Every part of her body is affected and half the time she is in pain”
“As a family we are asking for help from well-wishers. Seeing my daughter like this every day is enough torture to me. She has a future ahead of her. All we need is for her to recover from this condition and lead a normal life”

Nontokozo said she misses going to school and mingling with other children without feeling out of place.

“I am always at home because of my condition. I miss going to school and hanging out with my friends without feeling out of place because people stare at me and it makes me very uncomfortable,” she said.

“I wish someone out there can render help to me so that I can lead a normal life.”

Well-wishers can contact Sithule on 0772 382 505


  1. Only-in-Zimbabwe

    I hope the celebrated “prophets” in our land can perform a real miracle on this poor girl

    1. My dear miracle ndiwe and a miracle is real.The bible says believe in your prophets and u shall prosper.Its up to you

      1. The girl needs proper treatment not delusional hope of a miracle

  2. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    I hope someone will take this urgent case to our First Lady, Mai Mnangagwa for assistance.

  3. Endai kwa Prophet Magaya imi aaaaa.That man is annointed to heal.Pa healing aiwa prophet Magaya vakazodzwa havo.Endai ikoko muone kuti mwari mukuru kudarika chirwere ichi

    1. True! hakuna tsananguro they will bring a testimony! I believe that some of the things happen so that the name of Jesus can be glorified. I am happy that all people have read about this condition. Tomorrow no one will say vakabhadharwa. Kune huchi kwaMagaya aiwa isu hatidi marwadzo!

  4. moyo endai kwaMagaya munobatsirwa

  5. Vanozviti vane mari batsitaraiwo mwana uyu pliz. Asi mari yenyu ndeyezvikwambo.

  6. The so called rich and famous, please help this child

  7. This is a good example that if those in authority (including the 94 year old who ruined the country ) could make the Health institutions work there would be no need for this family to ask for assistance Health is a one of the basics like education

  8. Try Kigelia Esteric. it does wonders for eczema like this. Go to Plus 2 Pharmacy in Byo along 9TH ave/ Cnr R.Mugabe

  9. Hi I really feel for this young girls. Please can the family try stearic/kigellia cream from Plus Two Pharmacy corner Robert Mugabe way/9th Avenue. It really helped me. My daughter developed eczema at 3 months and progressed to severe. I discovered the cream from another mum when my daughter was one. people would always blame me that I wasn’t looking after my daughter properly. She had oozy blisters, scars and darkening of skin. Tried paediatricians, dermatologists, doctors, medicines, natural remedies. I thank God he gave me a solution cause I understand how it feels to see your child suffering with not much you can do. Kigellia didn’t cure the eczema but with daily application the eczema goes away and so does the itching. A permanent solution is needed but this can help control it. Hope this helps.

  10. ngaaende kuPHD MIMISTRIES

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