Forestry Commission urges citizens to plant trees

The Forestry Commission has called on the public to plant trees to counter effects of climate change that has altered the country’s weather patterns.
Speaking at a climate change sensitisation workshop organised by Bambanani Community Development Initiates (BCDI), Forestry Commission extension officer Nokuthaba Nyathi said Zimbabweans should conserve trees and do away with deforestation


“Deforestation has been one of the greatest causes of climate change because the general populace claim that they will be needing firewood since there will not be electricity. As Forestry Commission, we urge people to desist from that and replace every tree they cut,” she said
“Government has since funded a command agro-forestry programme, where people are encouraged to plant trees in order to reduce the effects of climate change.”

She said global temperatures had increased by 1.5 degrees Celsius because people were not conserving trees.

“We have to come together and reduce the effects of climate change because it will affect our future generations. We may not see the effects now, but the effects need to be reduced,” Nyathi said.

She urged Magwegwe residents to avoid streambank cultivation, as it destroyed water sources through siltation.

“Bulawayo City Council should not be blamed if they cut your maize that is planted along streams because vegetation along streams should be protected,” she said

Nyathi said people should desist from starting veld fires which destroyed forests.

Bulawayo United Progressive Residents’ Association vice-chairperson Isben Moyo said the Forestry Commission should educate community members on the challenges posed by climate change through awareness campaigns.

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  1. The best news I have heard today, it is more than important to plant trees and prevent deforestation. Than you!!!

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