Fans throw Mai Patai lifeline

GOSPEL songbird Respina Patai has been thrown a lifeline by fans who pooled resources together to rescue her music career which was on the wane due to a number of challenges.


Popularly known as Mai Patai at the height of her music career during which she released the album Rumbidzwai — which carried the smash hit Mazambara over 10 years ago — she is set to launch a new album tomorrow at Gweru Cathedral Hall.

The new eight-track album is titled Punish the Devil.

Mai Patai told NewsDay Life & Style, that the encouragement from her fans across the country significantly contributed to her return.

“I salute the fans for their unwavering support and initiatives they brought to help me revitalise my career after such a long break. Being quiet for almost a decade is not that easy and to still have such loyal fans that can stand by you is something that must be appreciated,” she said.

“This album is inspired by my personal experiences. There are things I encountered in life that made me decide to pen some of the songs on this album. The title is self-explanatory as I am urging people to pray constantly because only prayer can help you overcome the devil.”

Mai Patai paid gratitude to her husband, Ephraim, for the support as he took a fringe role as a backing vocalist on the album alongside the Voice of Prophecy band.

“As per our custom we worked together with Baba Patai as you know that when one of us does a solo project we back one another and in this case, it is my project and Baba Patai is supporting me,” she said.

Mai Patai said the launch will be a two-in-one event as she will also unveil the DVD for the album Makanaka which she recorded in 2010 adding that fellow gospel musician Mathias Mhere and Midlands State University band will also entertain guests at the launch.

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