Family appeals for $9 500 donation

A FAMILY from Bulawayo’s Mzilikazi suburb, whose daughter underwent heart surgery in India early this year, is appealing for donations amounting to $9 500 to clear outstanding medical bills.


Amanda Ruvimbo Nyahwa (11), a Grade 4 pupil at Mzilikazi Primary School, was in India early this year after her parents raised $15 000 for the heart operation.
However, while in India, Amanda’s mother Naume Nyahwa said the doctors told her that there was need to conduct a throat surgery before the heart operation, hence they required an extra $10 000.

“While we were in India, the doctors told us that she had threads that were blocking her throat, so they needed to operate on it before conducting the heart surgery,” she said.

“As a result, since we had not budgeted for throat surgery, the operation was done on credit. They, therefore, charged us $10 000 which we did not have. My husband managed to pay $500, hence the balance of $9 500. We are appealing for donations from well-wishers, corporates, non-governmental organisations, individuals, government institutions, churches and other organisations to help us clear the bill,” she said.

Nyahwa said her husband was not gainfully employed.

“I also lost my job due to my daughter’s health situation. The other thing is that we raised part of the money to go to India through a loan. So the bank is deducting its money from my husband’s bank account and we are only left with $97 for our day-to-day needs,” she said.

Nyahwa said the operation on her daughter was successful and thanked individuals and organisations that came to their aid.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who assisted us. May God bless you all,” she said.

Nyahwa said her daughter, who is now a prefect, was now doing well at school.

She encouraged mothers with children facing health challenges or disabilities to stand by them. Nyahwa, together with other people around the country, have launched a campaign dubbed GoFundMe, for Amanda’s outstanding medical bills.

Well-wishers can deposit donations into Barclays Bank Bulawayo Main branch account number 23071150313 or Ecocash 0775 191 461.

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  1. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    It’s time government engaged India doctors and established surgeries that carryout specialised surgical operations of this nature in the country.Had the operation been carried out at Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Hospital, which is lying idle,the bill might had been half of what had been paid so far.The government through the Ministry of Health should pay off the outstanding bill to Indian Doctors.Health service provision is not discretionary, but a constitutional mandate of the central and local government authorities.

    1. Well said,, Wish her a speedy recovery

  2. True this is where the govt needs to come in the family tried its best govt needs to show ubuntu pay the balance and save the young life quickly .

  3. fonerai vaMagaya vanobatsira mufunge

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