Faith healer takes Sakubva by storm

Part of the crowd that attended the show

A POPULAR Mutare-based prophet, Madzibaba Skynage Marwakuona, is drawing crowds to his healing sessions in the sprawling suburb of Sakubva despite doubts about some of his spiritual power.


NewsDay Weekender visited Marwaukona’s shrine on Thursday and saw scores of people from across the country with different ailments and spiritual problems seeking his assistance.

Among the congregants was Emenjilda Muganu, who testified that she gave birth at the shrine last year.

“My son is now seven-months-old and is called Eminagy. I had some challenges during pregnancy and the prophet helped me,” he said.

Another man, Misheck Mupupura, claimed Marwakuona helped him secure a job after 15 years of searching.

“He gave me water to bath for three days. He told me that I had some spiritual problems that were attacking me. I spent almost 15 years at home doing nothing, but now I am working,” he claimed.

Marwakuona has increasingly been under scrutiny over where he was getting his healing powers.

He told NewsDay Weekender that his strength came from praying and fasting, adding he was not worried about those who hated him “Haters always spread lies about me, but as a prophet you always expect that. Remember that Jesus had some challenges if you read the Bible and that is what I am going. I will continue to help people so that their problems are solved,” he said.

Last year he hogged the limelight when he reportedly exorcised a Chikanga teenage witch, who hissed and slithered like a snake after she was allegedly initiated by her Chipinge-based granny, who allegedly owned six hyenas, five snakes, one wild cat and five owls.

Marwakuona has also reportedly exorcised several suspected witches who usually “crash land” in his suburb.

Marwakuona denied that he was after money, saying most people who seek assistance from him always come back with gifts to thank him. “I am not surprised that some people question my powers. It’s because of the huge congregation that is swarming my shrine on a daily basis. They do not go back home the same day. I exorcise several infirmities in Jesus’ name. I have never asked for money but people come with gifts after I have helped them, everyday I deal with issues dealing with marriages,” he said. “The spirit of divorce is wreaking havoc in our country and with faith, God is going to solve the situation.”

Marwakuona said he will visit South Africa after he was invited by Zimbabweans who needed his help.

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