Failure to address Gukurahundi ticking time bomb: DOP

Build Zimbabwe Alliance (BZA) leader, Noah Manyika and his Democratic Opposition Party (DOP) counterpart, Harry Wilson have described the government’s failure to address Gukurahundi as a ticking time bomb, warning the victims’ anger is slowly boiling over with disastrous consequences.


Wilson and Manyika recently said the protests and disruption of the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission hearings explained the victims’ growing frustrations over governments’ failure to find redress to the emotive issue.

“My take on this sensitive matter and having lost family in the massacre — killing is crime — we ask the question why justice has not been served in this genocidal crime.

As a region and as victims we strongly feel the government cannot start by going to the finishing line without proper recourse being followed,” Wilson said.

The government is sitting on a powder keg, and sooner, rather than later, the people’s anger will boil over with disastrous consequences because how can we genuinely achieve unity and forgive if government, especially the President would come out in the open and publicly apologises and acknowledge all wrong doings.”

The NPRC recently rolled out public hearings to address past human rights abuses, and issue of the 1980s mass killings was topical in Bulawayo, Matabeleland North and South.

In Bulawayo and Matabeleland North, the NPRC hearings were, however, disrupted by activists, who called on the government to release the Chihambakwe commission of inquiry report, which contains findings of an investigation into Gukurahundi.

Protests have also been held against President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the last being at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF), where he was attending a prayer meeting organised by various churches.

Mnangagwa was recently cornered during his visit to Switzerland to publicly apologise, but he did not, saying the NPRC and traditional leaders are dealing with the issue.

“I believe that in a democracy, the pain of the people or groupings must be respected and people must have a right to express their pain in whatever form without fear or favour. It (protests and NPRC meeting disruptions) shows the frustration of the people in this province,” Manyika said

“If you dismiss the pain of the people, you will have these protests, calls for secession and the like and the will keep playing out, and with time, you will have a situation where it will get out of hand, and it will if there is no redress.”

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  1. at this rate, we will eventually go all the way back to lobengula. we have also forgotten chimoio and nyadzonia and are willing to embrace the perpetrators of those heinous massacres – because they are white. Zimbabweans should learn not to base the present and future totally on history.

  2. Thats a fact

  3. Thats crap does this guy even know what instigated gukurahundi that is what many must understand first and bob and nkomo talked about this as there were the main players and what we see now are roups of people who want financial benefit out of it and that is whats wrong.

  4. Elisha thats how you jump into these things and show how idiotic you are.over and over again you jump and be defensive.the point is that this is not about individuals between mugabe and nkomo,its about the nations(victims)stop being short minded and be responsible and if you have nothing to say shut up.the government must admit that wrongs were done and these commissions are therefore trying to correct these wrongs.if you and the government perpetrators(ED.Mugabe.Shiri,,,,etc) dont believe there was nothing wrong,why waist time with these inquiries,just because there are elections.why not release the several reports that are there should get sight of chihambagwe report and all your idiocy would end mani bastered

    1. Again you are missing the delicate point here, the instigator of the uprising is known by these politicians no wonder why there do not want to talk much about it and again the appropriate response by the government of the day against taken dissidents and those who were habouring them who wanted to unsit a democratically elected government cannot be questioned, these commissions are there to appease those who are not in the know how but the issue will just die a natural death, remember Ed is even on record to say at the end of the day there will determine whether it was appropriate or inappropriate to take the measures which they did to foil those who had illegally taken arms some with assistance of villagers in selected areas of that region. Attention seeking by those wanting to make a quick buck we say NO NO.

  5. Gukurahundi issue was harsh but the problem is that a lot of politicians want to exploit the unfortunate situation…The irony of the matter is that most of the Zapu guys who were direct victims are present and are not using the Gukurahundi issue for gaining political milage. It seems like whenever a politician wants to gain Matebeleland vote they parrot Gukurahundi……Matebeleland people need industries, roads, schools etc.

    1. very true anyone who wants to gain the favour of matebeleland will talk about gukurahundi who will talk about the dissidents , who is going to apologise on behalf of Lobengula for selling out our country to the white man. The country that Lobengula sold was liberated by the GUN and anyone who want to reverse the liberation struggle should start by compensating the whole country beacuse Lobengula gave the whiteman a justification to colonise other zimbabwean territories. we are sick & tired of this card. Who will talk about the shona people murdered in bulawayo during those days. Anyone who wants to use gukurahundi to isolate matebelend is deemed to fail. Leaders in matebeleland should sober up & sit down and at least embrace the efforts of this current government otherwise when a new government comes into power they may not entertain this topic. REMEMBER GUKURAHUNDI IS NOT ONE SIDED, IF JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL WE ALSO WANT TO HEAR THE EVILS COMMITTED BY THE DISSIDENTS .

  6. What instigated Gukurahundi is Mugabe’s love for power. He wanted a one party state, therefore ZAPU had to be eliminated. The Unity Accord of 1987 clearly states in its first opening paragraphs that ZAPU agrees that Zimbabwe shall be a one party State. This is why ZANU PF is so secretive about Gukurahundi – why the secrecy if you are the innocent party? This is why they refused with the Chihambakwe and other reports. Those who look elsewhere for answers trying to blame the people of Matebeleland or ex ZIPRA are just tribalists full of Ndebele hatred. That is all. Why look for complicated answers when the obvious answers are starring you in the face?

    1. This is a totally lost contribution for your information those days democracy was still very very vibrant with every party securing votes of its region from the ndabaningis to the nkomos of this world, the zipra guys were irked by the fact that there had failed to win a second round of elections and there had seen that there were going nowhere and through support from obscure partners there hatched the plan to unsit the Zanu government hence the consequences of trying to remove a democratically elected government, this is similar to the situation which obtain in Angola were Savimba was refusing to recognise Dos Santos and Mozambique was the same there continued waging dissident warfare with the dream that one day there would be in power.

      1. Umkhonto ka Shaka

        You are an idiotic Eliasha,the second round of elections were held in 1985 and Gukurahundi began in 1982 trying to intimidate Ndebeles into voting for Zanu pf in 1985 which they lost resoundingly again in Matabeleand and more brutality was unleashed to Ndebele people.

        1. it reached its climax in the mid 80s and that was after election results and the government decided to come down heavy on the perpetrators and the accomplices that was our time and we are not devoid of detail

      2. You elisha are talking nonsense – you are driven by tribalism and Ndebele hatred; that is all. You need to be factual. Mugabe signed up with the North Koreans to train Gukurahundis in 1980, a few months after he became Prime Minister. This shows this was a long term planned thing. How do you sign up to train a non-statutory unconstitutional force, that reports directly only to you as Prime Minister, when there is no war? If you are planning for a future war, how do you know there will be a war in future; unless you intend to start one yourself? Since when have you seen an even better armed and trained people as ZIPRA was, agreeing to demobilisation and integration into a regular military ZNA, only to turn around later and fight a now stronger consolidated government, when they no longer have the lethal military hardware they had at the beginning before demobilisation? Common sense should tell you that, if unseating the government had been their intention right from the beginning, they would have refused to be demobilised and to hand in their better ZIPRA weaponry. Then why did they hand them in in the first place? Why did they agree to be demobilsed? They should have just absconded with their ZIPRA weapons to the bush. And why was Joshua Nkomo, their so-called Commander not arrested? If ZANU PF are innocent and never cooked up false stories about Gukurahundi, why did they hide and refuse with the Chihambakwe reports? Why not allow the reports so that the public can read, see and judge for themselves who was planning what and who was wrong? Why have they been suppressing any talk of Gukurahundi in the last 37 years? Why allow wild and misleading speculation when the matters are known and can be proven? It is not as if the perpetrators and those who decided on Gokurahundi are all dead – they are still alive and can prove to the nation that indeed ZIPRA were after unseating the Government of the day – but they won’t do that, why? Obviously you are not intelligent enough for such an analysis!

        1. i am sorry winky promoter you do not need to go to school to know that armed groups of people operating in a country targeting anybody not necessarily soldiers and performing duties not assigned by government of the day, are dissident and need to be eliminated using any form of power . like it or hate it we talk about this today as Mugabe managed to exterminate this scourge which had befallen the nation using whatever power and that is what matters for now. Eneter round we now have mafikezulus who want to make money out of it and we say NO and the commission will close it and surely there will close it and many people will cry fowl play.

          1. I thought I was engaging someone with a brain to do some analysis. Shame – I wasted my time!!

  7. as long as it is zanu forget

  8. All genuine issues are being attended to by the appointed commissioners under vp Mohad,the local chiefs & the identified victims(the affected families).who else is this Noar Manyika & Harry Wilson? mere opportunists I think! Whatever was in the chihambakwe report comes to the same thing-innocent civilians were killed& it needs some reconciliation & gvt & the local chiefs are attending at it.If there are n differences among the delegated participants they shall report back to the president

  9. Gukurahundi was not about one party state.Disgruntled EX Zipra members took up arms against a legitimate government.Stop the victim mentality.Why is is Joshua Nkomo and ZAPU sought amnesty for dissidents?Why is it PF ZAPU members got ministerial positions after the Peace Accord was signed the issue of power was not only ZANU PF and Mugabe,s problem it was also PF ZAPU problem.Those who feel that army was not supposed be deployed must tell us why were dissidents killing only Shonas.Are former dissidents members Heroes or Villians amon their folks in Matebeleland?

    1. Umkhonto ka Shaka

      Did these so called dissidents kill shonas in Mashonaland that forced Mugabe,chiwenga,mnangagwa,shiri to retaliate by sending an army to kill all ndebeles.Its like you are saying if a shona man rapes a ndebele lady, all ndebeles would react by killing all shonas before their sight. No you hunt the for fugitive until you arrest him and arraign him before the courts.

  10. Eliasha u r very correct

  11. Comment…It’s true what happened in Matabeleland was very bad. But what exactly caused gukurahundi? Werent there dissidents in Matabeleland? If they were there what was their mission, who sent them? If they terrorised people, how best could the government respond to such terrorist activities? According to Oskido, Mugabe is the main culprit, why blame ED when the pple who operated in Matabeleland reported straight to RGM?

  12. Elisha, lobengula and others you are so thinly minded and shows how ignorant and driven by the hatred of the ndebele people and you fucken reading history with your back side.gukurahundi was planned in 1980 before elections to make zimbabwe one party state because bob wanted to rule for a life time using a regional politics which is now back firing big are just idiots mashona zinja zithuvi

  13. Don’t talk of subject you do not have information. We don’t want tribalistic statements. Why talk about the happenings in the southern region and leaving out the atrocities committed by the dissidents in Mashonaland East, West, Central and Midlands Did Gayigusu terrorize people in matabeleland,what about indevhu ziya dhabula amakomitshi to only but a few. What was the best response that the government could have done after unearthing arsenal of war. Today some people cry of lack of development in the southern region,who burnt and destroyed equipment that was deployed to that area in the 80s. Was it gukurahundi.hmmmm.

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