Ethnicity will fuel conflict in Zim: Bhebhe

MDC-T organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe has urged local party leaders against fomenting ethnic tensions, saying this had the potential of degenerating into a civil war.


Bhebhe made the remarks on Friday at a peace-building meeting organised by Bulawayo-based pressure group, Ibhetshu LikaZulu.

“We should do away with ethnicity because if we continue following in the footsteps of former President Robert Mugabe, who was the perpetrator of ethnicity, we will never manage to bring Zimbabweans together. It may take 36 years multiplied by two to unite Shona and Ndebele people if tribal statements continue to come from politicians,” he said.

Bhebhe called on Zimbabweans to accept each other, regardless of their ethnic backgrounds.

“Ethnicity should not be used as a mobilising tool because it has failed to bring unity within Zimbabwe, and as long as the issue that Ndebele cannot rule still continues, there is no way a proper nation can be built. Whatever the government is doing they should not separate people according to ethnicity,” he said.

Bhebhe said people from different ethnic and tribal backgrounds should instead join hands in pushing for devolution of power.

“Defending devolution is the way to start because centralisation does not give everyone the power and thus we can build a nation if we begin with devolution of power. We can demonstrate as Matabeleland that we can still make change through the votes that we will do when we vote,” he said. Speaking at the same occasion, Centre for Public Engagement director Samukele Hadebe said: “Perceptions that Ndebele people are the minority should be defeated because these perceptions affect us in a devastating manner and re-enforcing these perceptions is not part of building the society.”


  1. Umkhonto ka Shaka

    What is formenting these ethnicity and tribal tensions is the way how our political trajectory has always been modelled. For instance we cannot have two vice-presidents in Zimbabwe, what are they for and for whose benefit. If its Shona President and Shona Vice President let it be so, it means when other tribes are elected in their parties they will still enjoy the same constituency because of the policies of the party not the demographs of tribal and ethnical populousness.

  2. Don’t you think this piece should have had a different heading?

  3. bhebhe dofo remunhu

    1. You may not agree with him but that is the very truth my brother. I feel sorry for your kind of thinking.

  4. Well said before the right audience of a tribalistic Ibhetshu Likazulu which aims to re-establish a colonial kingship of the settler raiding Ngunis. One wonders what it would be in the end, if the Rozvi also demand the reinstatement of their mambos. Where would the Khumalo king and Mthwakazi Republic Party rule?

  5. Bhebhe should b congratulated for raising this important point.I always thought Tsvangirai lost a very big opportunity to show leadership to set our nation in a correct paths when he failed to put a ndebele person to the helm of his party when he had the chance & instead chose to fraudulently manipulated Khupe to install Chamisa, a junior person to the presidency of the party.Tsvangirai; Chamisa& their henchmen conspired in a flagrant failure of leadership setting the nation in a dangerous path-humiliating Khupe a learned ndebele woman to be challenged by her juniors.We want visionary leaders who drive our nation towards a clear progressive future.The treatment of khupe at MDC remains unfair & dangerous for our nation & is a pointer Chamisa remains a bad leader come august or july election.Must come back to the table & do the right thing to unite the nation

  6. Incorrect …..Khupe rejected the MDC -T position on the Alliance , so she removed herself from the MDC – T. She’s free to go it alone ….good luck!!!!!!!

  7. Itz clear MDC-Chamisa is anti-women,anti-ndebele,& manipulative, as itz clear with the Khupe case.I urge all women of good sense to weaponize women’s numbers &take the war to Chamisa & reject him at the ballot in solidarity with Khupe.Itz of course in the interests of our nation since it shows women in zimbabwe don’t go with race,tribes or ethnicity.This will b the first masses’ step to correct this Tsvangirai-Chamisa anomaly.I challenge all well placed women in our country to lead & take this war to the ballot.If women go racial they will always b discriminated along the same lines & don’t move in solidarity & never reach india

  8. women must come out in their numbers & vote against Chamisa come july or august.women must fight a war to emancipate themselves,must not tolerate this chamisa nonsense;must defeat segregation

    1. Since when have you seen women uniting against men? Women have themselves to blame. I dont know whether its nature; the way they are created – they just dont like each other. This has been so, since time immemorial. They are too emotional and they like men too much to even think of issues like uniting as women.Look at the way they liked Zuma despite his rape trial. A woman will tell you, what will another woman do for me, apart from trying to get my man?

  9. Addmore Gudo uri weZanuPF kubva kudhara saka ungafarire Chamisa sei ..Taura nyaya yako mushe usahwande nemunwe

  10. It is ill advised and for people in leadership positions to fane tribalism, why has it been that Bhebhe always castigate tribalism even if the challenges that are talking place can be between a Shona to a Shona or Ndebele to a Ndebele….why can we not deal with the objectives with the issues at hand.

    Let’s not pull the tribe card when it’s has nothing to do with it. Bhebhe is one person whom I deem to be dangerous…what devil war is he trying to talk about…that what he wants…to use tribe card in seeking polical milage.

    It’s imminent that he is pushing for a split for the party, well he should know that a divided opposition is a grand victory to ZANU PF…

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