End of the road for Chiyangwa

CHAOS is imminent at Zifa, with the football governing body facing a leadership crisis that threatens doom for the local game following yesterday’s resignation of two of the federation’s board members, Piraishe Mabhena and Felton Kamambo.


The resignations by the pair have left Zifa with only three executive members in president, Philip Chiyangwa, his vice, Omega Sibanda and board member (finance), Philemon Machana, short of the required quorum to run the body.

The executive was operating with five members, following the death of Edzai Kasinauyo last year, while the Premier Soccer League (PSL) and women football seats in the board, were yet been filled.

Chiyangwa was said to be hatching a plan to appoint PSL boss, Keni Mubaiwa and women’s football chairperson, Rosemary Kanonge to avert the “embarrassment and keep his job”.

According to the Zifa constitution, when 50% of the posts in the executive committee become vacant, the general secretary, (Joseph Mamutse) automatically takes over the reins and arranges for elections within two months.

The constitution allows the general secretary to invoke article 32.10, which says: “If more than 50% of the positions should become vacant, the general secretary shall convene an extraordinary congress within two months in order to elect a replacement for the remaining term of mandate under the supervision of the electoral committee according to Zifa electoral code.”

Yesterday’s developments effectively mean that Chiyangwa ceases to be the Zifa president.

He came into power at a congress held on December 5, 2015, which followed the decision to recall the entire executive committee then led by Cuthbert Dube.

The resignation means that more than 50% of the posts in the executive committee have become vacant.

Chiyangwa and his executive’s term expired yesterday, but the Harare businessman had been trying to hold on to power, claiming he still has 22 months to go.

But yesterday’s developments leave him constitutionally exposed and with very little options for him to manoeuvre.

Mabhena, in his resignation letter, seen by NewsDaySport, said he had decided to step down because the executive’s term of office had expired.

“We can’t flout simple corporate governance like that. One of the key duties of us as leaders was to call for elections and we didn’t do that. For a lack of a better word, we slept on duty. That is dereliction of duty. We can’t be seen to be ducking elections, that is unconstitutional. Let’s do the right thing,” he said in a later interview.

Mabhena said they had tried to engage Chiyangwa to “do the right thing”, but was met with fierce resistance. “He has his own ways of doing things,” he said.

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  1. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    This was seen coming.The football fraternity allowed itself to be manipulated by political developments of the day and allowed the election of a Zanu pf deployee,Philip Chiyangwa.Then football became the biggest casualty.Hopefully this provided a big lesson for the country’s footballing community.

  2. You see Chiyangwa is very cunning to avoid Operation Restore Rigasi he will try and rope in Kenny Mubaiwa Good father-in-law(my sekuruz) (sic) to our beloved General and avoid being removed as a criminal himself around our ZIFA.Plz Chiyangwa Go before we do the Houdini like your sekuru matibiri

  3. its sad when people are manipulated to get someone into football top post.Its clear chiyangwa was not the best man for the job and that trevor Carlisle juul was.even people like whyte makina from chinhoyi spoke in support of chiyangwa,but then makina only played division two football in chinhoyi and is a nobody in football.Football has suffered and this mantra of giving positions to people because they have money should be stopped.Look how he has ruffled feathers with the psl wanting to dictate to the league which unlike chiyangwas zifa,is professionally run.Look at chiyangwas interference in highlanders matters,and his trying to reverse etoupas red card to favour dynamos.Keni Mubaiwa is another one who should be as far away from football s top posts.

  4. Akuda kurambira pachigararo kunge Sekuru vake………Mboko yemunhu.

  5. From the on-set of Chiyangwa’s ascendancy to the football position, every rightful-minded football supporter, was aware that an idiotic imbecile had robbed the most supported entertainment. This guy, is the worst ever football administrator with narcissist behavioural features that this country has ever witnessed in this modern century. One time he is a confused politician, the other time, he is football referee, other time, he is a business tycoon, the other a divorcee, a lawyer, a supporter of a particular soccer team, promotes certain individuals to high positions in the mother football body, eish!!!!

  6. Good riddance!

    1. Steady on there mate! the man has vast resources which he is known to use whenever he want a problem to go away!

  7. guys dzeku Newsday, dzidzisaiwo ana Petros Kausiyo nevamwe vake kunyora chokwadi, vasiyane nekuda ku justifier failure yaChiyangwa

  8. Under his former mentor, deposed tyrant RG Mugabe, the ZIFA boss could have got away through the culture of impunity that then prevailed. It’s a different story in the current f”eel good” dispensation where the government want to appear to be toeing democratic norms. But of course there might still be the “brown envelope” option through which laws can be bend while opinions and decisions are miraculously changed!

  9. During the era of deposed tyrant RG Mugabe, the ZIFA boss might have got away with this problem. But things have changed under the current dispensation. Today things are done differently because of the government’s desperate desire to look good, which as a situation, seriously exposes those who had gotten used to flouting laws or the constitution with impunity. The again, there is the “brown envelope” option by which laws are easily bent and opinions or situations are miraculously changed!

  10. Lets critically analyse Chiyangwa`s term of office failures and achievements. lets highlight and discuss them

    1. Form a blog, this is not the subject matter here

  11. Hapana hapana. Chiyangwa achasara achi runner zifa ari ega na junta extension. He might as well start considering putting on boots and kick his own ball

  12. Thunder Fire Thieves

    Chiyangwa is a thief period. He should concentrate on that.

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