ED reads riot act over govt obsolete websites

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday rapped several government departments, parastatals and ministries for hosting obsolete websites, which have not been updated in over five years.


Speaking during the official launch of the Zimbabwe National Policy for Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Mnangagwa called for an immediate relook at the websites, saying they were not reflective of his government’s new thrust.

“I encourage our government ministries and parastatals to spruce up their websites and make them more interactive, responsive and reflective of the current impetus under the new dispensation. Let us all in our image, actions and service culture reflect that it’s a new era and that Zimbabwe is open for business,” he said.

Mnangagwa said undated websites carrying obsolete phone numbers drove away potential investors.

“ICT modernisation will create a conducive environment that will attract investment from both local and global players and increase our competitiveness as a country,” he said.

The President said government would soon migrate to e-governance era, where ministries and departments become paperless to ensure effective and optimum

ICT minister Supa Mandiwanzira pledged to use the Universal Services Fund managed by the Postal, Telecommunications and Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe to boost the country’s innovation hubs.

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  1. Mr President we nolonger want to queue at passport offices and other gvt offices business should be done at home online. We want to be able to submit passport application forms and supporting documents as well as make the payment online without having to suffer the dehumanizing queues at your gvt offices. It boggles the mind when Registrar general ask for supporting documents like ID bcertificate etc and be turned away for not having them yet they are the custodians of the national registry with all that information at their finger tips

  2. Death By Corruption

    This Fund is already being looted by Supa Thief Mandiwanzira as we speak. Just watch. No meaningful funds will be dispersed to anyone not linked to this criminal, Supa and his sidekicks. How ED can keep such a shameless thief’s dirty fingers in charge of these large amounts of unaccounted for money is baffling. For this reason, I’m telling everyone I know to punish ED and ZANU PF at the polls. I will not vote for ZANU PF or Mnangagwa as long as this thief Supa is part of that outfit. For me to do so would be to endorse the thievery and corruption. If ED wont listen, he will hear our voice at the polls.

    I would vote for a dog before I vote for a Supa-compromised ED or ZANU PF.

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