ED pledges to remove business restrictions

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has pledged to change the face of the Zimbabwean economy by dealing with red tape in government to lure foreign investors.


Speaking at the Africa CEO’s Forum in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, yesterday, Mnangagwa said he was ready to remove all restrictions that affect investment in Zimbabwe.

“My government will strive to eliminate all investment restrictions,” he said in his opening remarks.

Mnangagwa pledged to return Zimbabwe back to the “league of nations”.

“Zimbabwe’s attendance here resonates with our current quest to engage and re-engage with the family of nations following years of isolation due to the illegal economic sanctions imposed on us. This platform provides me and my delegation with an opportunity to network with key decision makers from a broad spectrum of business, industry and commerce, from Africa and beyond guided by our mantra that Zimbabwe is now open for business,” he said.

Mnangagwa said he was ready to interact with the international community to ensure that Zimbabwe leap frogs from years of stagnation.

“We stand ready to share our knowledge and experiences, new technologies and innovations as well as other aspects of best global practice… Zimbabwe is open for business and I invite you to come and invest in Zimbabwe, together, we can build our great continent, together, we can change our world. Let us be listening presidents,” he said.
Mnangagwa shared the opening platform with President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana, the host President Alassane Ouattara and the president of the Africa CEO Forum Amir Ben Yahmed who delivered their speeches.

Since taking over the reins in November last year through a military-backed transition, Mnangagwa has been singing the Zimbabwe is open for business hymn to rebuild the economy decimated by years of policy inconsistencies.

The Africa CEO’s Forum is an influential annual forum for public-private dialogue on the continent.

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  1. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    He is not fit to be President because he came in through a Coup

    1. That is why we are going for elections fool.

    2. simbarashe shoko

      putseki duzvi. all of you stupid opposition were ululating clapping hands during operation restore legacy hoping to get power on a silver platter. Zanu will win left right and center. muchida musingadi.

    3. If you are a child born out of wedlock, are you not a child? How people come in may not be important. Chamisa came through the back door but he is leading! What troubles me that you were celebrating the day Mugabe was removed. Today you play cheap politics. Did you want the country to have a leadership vacuum?

  2. Mr President the biggest economic obstacle is the Bond Note. You cannot preach that Zimbabwe is open for business without laying the appropriate ground work for Business. Its unfortunate you are being misled by those around you especially the Finance minister, on the state of the economy. Address the economic fundamentals first and then declare Zimbabwe to be open for business. Don’t you see the liquidity crisis? Other than that it remains mere rhetoric.

    1. Only the the misleadable are misled. It’s always honourable to admit you are a fool than to blame everyone else for “fooling” you.

  3. No! you cannot just remove ‘restrictions’ just for the sake of it. It seems like his thrust will leave ZIm more vulnerable than it will benefit by being ‘open for business’… In anycase, however open for business he may claim, the Bond Note, Liquidity Crisis et al are not helping his thrust.

  4. simba i second you these pple they dont think outside the box

  5. its more than 100 days of talking

  6. Simba is very very correct. Vanhu makamanya kunopururudza musingazive maisa mbavha dziya mumba menyu chaimo. Tichamama hatisati. Zimboz are very stupid EDiots. Instead of removing the whole regime people sang, giving praises to the army and the black devil who always wear the shittiest scuff I have ever seen.

  7. Well done Mr President, continue with your business mantra as we continue to stir our country out of this economic mess…….our harvest is coming this is seeding time.

    To all Zimbabweans at large we do not have room for being spectators worse still being armchair critics…….join the bandwagon and market our image. Ask those in the opposition camp they will tell you that ZANU PF is a tried and tested revolutionary party that will continue to run the affairs of this great nation. …..even our lunatic professor Jonathan Moyo knows that….his pathetic plan of trying to destroy it from within went up in smoke when the Junta took over.

    Let’s support our government and build our country


  8. Charity begins at home Mr President. Please start by removing business restriction and red tape within our Councils ( i have had bad experience with Goromonzi Rural Council) to ease establishment of businesses.
    The officers there including the CEO make it difficult for us to use the little resources we have to establish businesses. To get licences is a mission. They treat us like impediments when we go to their offices yet they are there to serve. How does the Nation grow when decision making meetings are postponed for months on end…when paperwork is left unattended for weeks on end because officer after officer ” are either at school or attending ” courses on how to enable business establishment””??…results of which do not show as their performance does not improve…attitudes towards clients are bad. Please Mr President Munangagwa, fix that for us first …before you want Zimbabwe to be a member of external organisations.

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