ED as disappointing as Mugabe: Sheffra Dzamara

THE wife of the missing activist, Itai Dzamara, Sheffra, yesterday said it has been a painful three years of waiting for the return of her husband, whose whereabouts remain unknown, saying this was taking a toll on their children.


This came as numerous organisations accused the government of not doing enough to put a lid to the case, despite a court order for authorities to do everything possible to investigate the matter.

In an interview yesterday at a remembrance event for Dzamara, Sheffra said President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration was as disappointing as his predecessor, Robert Mugabe’s in bringing closure to the Dzamara issue.

“It’s painful to go for three years without knowing my husband’s whereabouts, with the government being silent on the matter,” she said.

“I have minor children, who continuously ask when their father will return home.

“They know what happened to him, but they kept asking and I don’t have answers, this is painful.

“I was hopeful [because of] the new government, but as it stands, it is mum on the issue and 100 days have lapsed without any clue. It is becoming clear to me that the government’s attitude is similar to the previous one.”

Dzamara’s brother, Patson said the police have not been updating the family on their investigations, as ordered by the courts.

“That has not been happening, in the initial stages, yes, but like we said, that was just a decoy for them to comply with the High Court ruling and be seen, as if they are doing something,” he said.

“However, as we went along, they stopped and, as of now, I can reveal that its almost over a year since they got in touch.”

Various organisations converged at Africa Unity Square in Harare yesterday and condemned the government’s opacity.

They implored the government to protect human rights defenders.

Amnesty International boss, Cousin Zilala said the government made a commitment at the Geneva human rights conference in 2016 that they will up their search.

“At the time, Mnangagwa was still deputy, but now he is in charge and it’s over 100 days now in power,” he said.

“We have not seen a sign that the government is committing itself to searching and finding Itai Dzamara and we are saying the government must show its commitment to safeguard human rights.”

Zilala said this was a bad omen for holding free and credible election.

“If you maintain a culture of impunity, human rights violations will always follow you,” he explained.

“It will never end.

“This call will never end until he is found and as AI (Amnesty International) we are consistent when it comes to human rights violations.

“As long as there is no closure, we will continue demanding for Itai Dzamara from the government.”

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  1. Comment…hatimbo vhoteri hurumende yakadai isina hanya nevanhu havarwadziwi sei mhuri ya dzamara ichitambudzika vanozivana mugabe na mnangagwa

  2. its painfull to lose someone close to you like that but with all due respect i think the dzamara issue is now being overplayed. there are also hundreds of people who lost their lives in 2000 and 2008 polls, why are you also not making noise for them. at the moment there more critical issues to attend to as a nation because bringing back dzamara (alive Or dead) will not bring jobs to the unemployed or provide food in the pending drought etc

  3. mandebele Lusaba

    Comment…@anonymous so u suggest the keep quite. they never forbade anybody to air their complaints or they did?

  4. I think the Dzamara family is barking at the wrong tree here, the people who knew alot about this issue is the CIO.Why are they not suing the Intellegence Ministry and their bosses who were there during Dzamara”s disappearance, I also suspect most of the so called G40 members have information regarding this case.

  5. Is Itayi dzamara the first person to dissapear in Zimbabwe

  6. Before you involve your self in serious one man activism i believe you also need strong spiritual covering because if many people who are complaining now had love or believed in him they were supposed to provide security for this guy. Bad people will always be out there to make people hate each other but to blame the Government for the missing adult hey???, before you embark on any stupid missions its advisable to weigh the risk involved, consider your family ( children & wife) considering the pain of the wife its obvious this man is or was selfish. Many embark on such missions to get money from so called human rights organisations. Unless you have some strong spritual covering i would not advise anyone to do such type of activism in AFRICA.

  7. From my opinion i think the Dzamara issue is being blown out of propotion,yeah though we sympathise with you mama it seems you are interested in getting publicity instead of mourning your missing husband

  8. Dzamara has come symbolize every individual who suffered a similiar fate at the hands of the Zanu PF government, I think it important for those who are pointing out this issue if being blown out of proportion to recognize that.

  9. Maam, don’t go to newspapers. Why not approach Mr Government?

  10. Jepta you’re insane and stupid.

  11. People should not expect anything new from the current administration. This are the same people who presided the untold suffering the Zimbabweans have endured over the past 37 years. Open up your eyes people. Don’t be fooled. We are dealing with heartless cunning politicians who can do anything to just hold onto power for their self interest. These people have no clue at all. Just listen to their speeches. There’s nothing to write home about. It’s the same old story. Old, clueless, selfish, liars. What really has been achieved so far to talk about beside the persecution of opponents and removal of the rogue police from G5 roads. Wait and see. We ain’t seen anything yet. Take note

  12. This story is really one for a witchdoctor a good example of a childrens story.
    Listen to how stupid it is, the CIO came and introduced themselves to those present prior to kidnaping him. Seriously this the end of the story it would never happen in any country in the world. Then as this journalist told us this we demand government release him when they find who really took him being covered up effectively by journalistic propaganda. This is the real problem with stories kike this it covers up the real criminals and makes it hard for police and investigators.

  13. this itai dzamara issue is becoming boring.
    first y do people think he was abducted by the government
    second if it is ed who was behind his abduction y do they think he wl say it
    the truth of the matter is his abduction was carried out by a secret organisation and noone knows them except for themselves

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