Dzamara family tears into new dispensation

MISSING activist, Itai Dzamara’s family has accused the government of failing to co-operate in locating their relative three years after his alleged abduction by suspected State security agents.


Dzamara was allegedly abducted on March 9, 2015 and has not been accounted for, although the government had pledged to co-operate in looking for him.

Itai’s brother, Patson, yesterday told NewsDay that the new government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa had failed to make good promises to assist the family locate the missing activist.

“Of course, the custodians of the so-called new government are doing their best to present a different face to the public and to the international community,” he said.
“But we know that a leopard does not change its spots. Many people have been killed. For example, last week, two vendors were killed by the police because of an issue to do with the transport system. So, we’re still dealing with the same draconian system.

“Despite the fact that we are now in a period that’s being touted as a new era, where Mugabe’s former Vice-President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, took power and is trying by all means to put forth a democratic image, the reality is that nothing meaningful has changed. Mnangagwa is failing to address the issue of Itai’s disappearance.”
The family is now demanding an independent commission of inquiry to be set up to investigate the matter.


  1. My bet is the current new era aristocrats are behind Itai’s disappearance hence nothing positive will be done. Forget any investigations because they know what happened and where his remains are. As correctly stated a leopard will never shed its spots, remember they are the ones who propped despot Robert Murderer Mugabe for 37 years, if the truth can be told, it is these guys who used to plan and execute all the atrocities against the innocent people of Zimbabwe. Look at their body languages, you can easily see that they feel untouchable because they have shed blood like an abattoir, and theirs is a political human abattoir.

    1. Time up Military Junta

      indeed it was always part of their grand plan to eliminate anyone who would pose a threat to their ambition to takeover power from Mugabe like they finally did in November, and Itai fall into that category. you are right their body language betrays them always. you only need to gain access into their inner circles , where they recklessly beat their chests as master planners. they are taking everyone for fools including the international investors. they stole everything from chiadzwa through their chineese friends and global networks of plunder and they think by taking over the reigns of power they will get away with it. look at obert mpofu’s arrogance when he was interviewd by the parliamentary committee. mnangagwa, chiwenga, mohadi and mpofu must at some time be brought to book to account for what happened to chiadzwa diamond money. the fact that God used them to rid Zimbabwe of Mugabe and his equally evil schemes does not mean that they are clean. their time is also up also.

  2. Dear Patson as much as i agree and feel the pain of missing a family member,i think expecting ED to personnaly solve this problem is asking to much,look the guys from the west are making noise about gukurahundi,the economy needs fixing a lot is happening why dont you seek for a private meeting with the relavant authorities to meet ED and ask for a solution,i believe our new President will approach this issue with caution and may summon his team to do a follow up with Bob because its Bob who made pipo disappear.President ED is for the pipo lets work with him.

    1. Mupagamuri-Chomuruvati

      ED is the one who made people disappear to appease Bob. Stop wanking in the streets!

      1. sick mind

    2. you are drunk with the Love for ED. Lets talk reality. there is nothing you can accuse Bob for abusive Governance that you can spare ED from.

  3. Mupagamuri-Chomuravati, i think you shud assist because you seem to know what took place. Mugabe was evil to the extend of wanting to eliminate ED himself, any opposition to his rule was met with fire. The Dzamara family should try to seT up a meeting with the govt and pave a way forward without exposing the issue to political vultures who will exploit the issue for political milage.

    1. if the ED Dispensation has the audacity and temerity to erase G/Hundi victims’ history at Bhalagwe, do you think they can move an inch towards regarding the single Dzamara as important. i wont be surprised in the future when they argue that there was never a person answering to that name in Zimbabwe. Mudede will just press ‘Delete Itai Dzamara’, thus all. He will become an ‘unperson’ Read the book ‘1984’ by George Orwell, to understand where i am coming from.

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