Dramatic demagogues, their senile antics and our struggles

Have you ever been angry? Ever felt upset, like crazy mad unhappy? Well, I do not know about you, but yes, I have felt all the emotions that anger could possibly stir up.

By Grace Ruvimbo Chirenje

In the last few days, I have watched in horror as the almost sensible state of Zimbabwe became threatened with a reality that still has me wide-eyed with a sense of disgust.

Did you manage to watch that viral SABC video on social media? The one that was stating the coup that was not a coup as a coup and also the externalisation list?

Well, all I want as a growing black African woman socialised Zimbabwean is to make sure that Zimbabwe does not continue to deteriorate and be degraded as we watch.

Now we are forced to sit here and watch this externalisation list and take it as a true reflection of truth, oh no!
Why do these old, senile, black patriarchs want to take our votes for grated in such a manner?

Why do we as a people continue to allow ourselves to be thus abused?

Haiboo, no, this is just ridiculous. We choose to take up responsibility especially as young people and women to redefine the trajectory of Zimbabwe — yes, iwe neni tine basa (you and me have work to do). It begins today!

The coup that was not a coup

Frankly, we do not care anymore as a people, it happened, we analysed and now are coming to grips with the way those 100 days that seem to have yielded nothing more than more analysis. Sigh!

What is critical for us to note in this new dispensation is that after 37 gruesome years of whatever it is you and me went through, the former President Robert Mugabe is no longer at the helm of power in Zimbabwe.

However, looking at the current state of affairs, I agree with the school of thought that laughed off the current transition and likened it to a human being merely removing their underwear, turning it inside out then claiming that they have a fresh pair of knickers on.

The reality is that the coup that was not a coup might have been celebrated too early.

I am sure those who got kissed, loved and embraced benefited more than the citizens who expressed such positive emotions.

It has been completely crazy ridiculous to see the way things are turning out.

Yes, I am hopeful and not a bearer of negativity, but truth be told, we need to be more serious to begin working on a new dispensation.

Those who fought the war of liberation might need to reconsider their role in the current context — maybe it is not about being in power but advising.

Check in time is urgent, but what is worrying is that this is not seemingly the case at all with these Cremora launching scarfed men and interviews being made on the coup. Sad!

Oh nooo!

After the 100 days, the pain was just so inexplicable. Many still fail to come to terms with the reality of lives.

Yes, we do appreciate the international re-engagement and all the efforts currently being undertaken.

We also of course appreciate the scarf because I am trying so hard to remain positive and say it could be some deep patriotic symbolism.

However, in spite of all this, the ordinary citizens still struggle to make ends meet.

The poverty levels have not yet improved in any way and the struggle of the Zimbabweans is more real than anticipated.

I will not bore you with the sad realities we all face at the moment, but will surely confirm that there is very urgent need to at least provide the basic social services for the good of all Zimbabweans.

It is very possible. Sharing sentiments on whether the coup was a coup and the process that we do not need right now or even the dubious list of “externalised” funds.

What we need to focus on are solutions that will facilitate for a transformation of our narrative as a country.

We are a people well endowed with an intellectual capacity admired by many, but our very lives need to start reflecting thus.

That time is right now!

The time is right now that the government understands fully what externalisation actually means legally and stop this Mickey Mouse antics like we are in some cartoon TV series.

Having Mugabe playing his senile antics isn’t helping either!

We as citizens need to realise that the destiny and future of Zimbabwe is our responsibility and we need to step out to register to vote then go vote and later defend our vote too.

We do know how electoral democracy functions in Zimbabwe so we tread with caution as always.

Looking forward

So as we keep creating the hype on social media and all the spaces we so love to share and make an analysis on the coup and the list of “externalised” funds, it is also important that the leaders that be begin a process of supporting the people of Zimbabwe to heal, grow and move on.

A wise young brother of mine once said that the people who lead us are a wounded people from the liberation struggle and they perpetuate the woundedness they face, hence preside too over a wounded people, and thus a wounded nation. We urgently need healing people!

Now is the time that as citizens we demand that government stops all this drama and actually address the issues that affect us as Zimbabweans.

If I could have a wish granted, it would be to see women and young people amplify the revolution for a more progressive Zimbabwe.

I get excited seeing women like embattled MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe and National People’s Party leader and former Vice-President Joice Mujuru carrying their load for the nation amidst the controversies and dynamics.

It is high time we each take up our small corner of this struggle for liberation from oppressiveness and fight the good fight.

Nothing is impossible under the sun and I am confident that Zimbabwe will be once again the bread basket of Africa, demagogues or no demagogues, no one can stop an idea whose time has finally come.

We will get there Zimbabweans. Aluta continua — lets do this!

Grace Ruvimbo Chirenje is a Zimbabwean development practitioner. Follow her on social media for a conversation on Twitter: @graceruvimbo; Facebook: Grace Chirenje; Instagram: @graceruvimbo


  1. What a load of bullcrap! What on earth is development practitioner?

  2. Pfuurayi Vamwevatongewo

    Grace, dear, what we went through in the 37 years of Mugabe’s or ZANU PF rule is rape of the worst kind and ED was holding us down gleefully as RGM raped us and enjoyed it all. Are you chickening out on saying it? And like a good apprentice of the old fox, ED is going to rape us also, just watch this space.

  3. At the risk of public outrage I’d like to say that the Zimbabwe “liberation struggle” is a curse not a blessing. It’s practitioners are dishonest, backstabbers, looters, liars, cheats, hypocrites, thieves etc who have absolutely nothing to offer the country except to take, take and take. If it was a blessing we wouldn’t have suffered for this long….

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