Don’t be part of the 99 Club

“HE who is content is rich,” once observed Lao Tzu. A story is told of a very rich king who lived in a certain village. He had a very luxurious life from the look of the things. He had a lot to spent and a lot spare. He was just filthy rich and that could not be disputed.


With all these possessions, he had an unhappy life. He lived a real life of sorrow and worry. He had no joy. Misery was his usual motto from sunrise to sunset. Such was life for him.

The beginning of change

However one day he met something different from his normal life. He met a simple peasant who seemed to own the whole world. He was just a happy pauper.
Though this poverty-stricken peasant had nothing, still his face was always beaming with joy all the time. He was always in a glittering mood. This indeed surprised the king. The king was impressed and he wanted to know why the peasant was always in such an inspired mood.

The joyful and highly delighted peasant then replied, “Your Majesty, I am a common man, but my family and I don’t need much, just warm food and a roof over our heads.”

So upon hearing this, the king thought of seeking clarification from one of his trusted advisors why was life like that.

This adviser then said: “Your Majesty, I believe that the man has not yet been made part of the 99 Club.”

The king wondered what this statement meant. Then the wiseman proceeded: “Your Majesty, to understand the 99 Club, you first need to place 99 gold coins in a bag and leave the bag on the man’s doorstep.”

Later on the peasant returned home. To his surprise, there was a gold bag on his doorstep.

He took the bag and realised that there were 99 gold pieces to his amazement. Wondering who could have remembered him in such a great golden way. He took the pieces and counted them. Indeed they were 99.

The beginning of disaster

He then thought of making them 100 pieces. He decided to go and look for work in order to get the money and buy the missing gold coin.

The cancer of uncontentment

From that moment on, that peasant’s life changed forever. He started overworking himself. And his life became horrible game. He started scolding his wife for not helping him find the hundredth coin.

As the king was observing he noticed the change and he had to ask his adviser.

What could have gone wrong. Why wasn’t the man happy and satisfied anymore?

The advisor replied, “Your Majesty, the man is now a member of the 99 Club.”

He continued: “The 99 Club are those people who have enough to be happy, but aren’t content because they are hunting for the hundredeth coin.”

The 99 club can’t be satisfied with want they have. They are always complaining.

Remember, “you can’t appreciate the warmth if you have never stayed in a cold environment,” once advised William Marion.

As you live never forget to count your blessings. You are blessed beyond measure. You are not an ordinary being. You are a super masterpiece. Never short charge yourself by failing to realise that you are just more than enough for your territory. It can be done.
Be blessed.

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