Donate to charity: First Lady

FIRST Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa has called on public and private organisations to stop pampering her with goodies on her birthday celebrations, but channel the donations towards charity.


“I have noticed that there was an attempt without my consent to run supplements over my birthday in newspapers. I was neither consulted and am not part of it. My entire life, I have never aspired to such public displays and do not wish to start now,” she said.

“We launched the Angel of Hope Foundation to inspire hope and ensure that we give under-privileged children a fighting chance. This is what my life’s passion is about and not praise-singing.

“Those who have money to buy expensive newspaper space should not do so in my name. I challenge them to donate to charity and make a difference in someone’s life.”
Auxilia, who turns 55 on March 25, said she had no interest in building a cult around herself to the point that people worshipped and turned her into a demigod.

“It’s the office of the First Lady that is important as a voice of advocacy on important national issues and not me, I am merely part of the office and would be happy to use it to benefit the needy instead of building a cult status around myself,” she said.

“I am not a member of any political party. I am First Lady for everyone and it’s important for the people to know that anyone who wants to join hands with my office to make Zimbabwe a better place let’s do it. This is the only country we have and it’s us who make it better.”

Information, Media and Broadcasting Services principal director Regis Chikowore, in a statement, said: “Her office, therefore, wishes to clarify for the benefit of unsuspecting members of the public that the views of the First Lady about commemorating her birthday using this format were never canvassed.

“Therefore, she dissociates herself from this reprehensible publicity stunt which was carried out in her name for reasons best known by the sponsors of this unsolicited advertisement.”

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  1. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Tarava neudu maziso, tikazvinzwira. Nekudaro, toteerera zvataugwa nekuita sezvataudzwa.

  2. Wow, well said First Lady, I salute your honesty,vision and ability to inform the public the difference between your office and your person. I hope those who have been oppressed for decades will wake up from their slumber and learn the difference between respecting you and worshiping you.

    1. but then she LIED when she said she is not a member of any political party.

      1. the office of the 1st lady is not partisan, not the person.

  3. Well said Mai Munangagwa, however there is no office called office of the first lady its not an occupation neither is it a government position. Even your so called charitable visits to hospitalls etc is abuse of state resources.

  4. Mrs Auxillia Mnangagwa, please accept my humble and sincere congratulations on your birthday.Thank you for your honesty and integrity. A truly motherly attitude and sense of responsibility.Totally the opposite of You Know Who!!

  5. tibvireipo iwe nemurume wako nebato renyu maivepi mazuva ese aya

  6. Is Zimbabwe the only country to ever have first ladies? Why are they always in the news? I bet no one can tell me offhand who is Putin’s wife. Or who is Xi’s wife. I think it’s high time someone reminded Zimbabwean first ladies that a woman’s place is in the kitchen – as they don’t seem to know their place, much like Imelda Marcos.

  7. Comment… since she is the first lady there is nothing illegal calling her office ‘the office of the first lady’.

  8. Respect usually comes without solicitation. Excellency this one and excellency that other one and excellency almost all and sundry needs to stop and the nation will still respect any self respecting first lady. There is an ‘excellency’ craze otherwise. We now hear of second ladies,sounding close to second hand!

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