Doctors spurn Mnangagwa…demand Parirenyatwa’s head

STRIKING medical doctors have rejected a request by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to return to their workstations, while their demands are being looked at.


In a stinging statement yesterday, the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors’ Association (ZHDA) passed a no confidence vote in Health minister David Parirenyatwa accusing of negotiating in bad faith.

“Negotiations are being done in bad faith, with gross misrepresentation of facts by the ministry and minister. The reason why we have reached this critical point is that we accepted promises before from the same minister and ministry since 2014 and these continue to be broken.

“The ministry continues to threaten our members in an attempt to coerce them back to work. If they were genuinely working on these issues, why then threaten members,” the statement said.

The doctors demanded that Mnangagwa put his promises in writing.

“In view of these issues raised, members would like to thank His Excellency, the President for his intervention. He is a man of his word and we believe that he will act with the urgency he has always shown. We would also like to express lack of confidence in the minister and ministry and, as such, we feel that we will be shortchanged like before, as all communication go through the ministry.

“Members have, therefore, resolved to remain on strike until a solution has been tabled on paper and goes through the proper legal channels. We believe a commitment on paper should not take long. We also await action in providing the materials to use in our hospitals,” ZHDA said.

The strike by doctors, which started on March 1, has paralysed most public hospitals.

“ZHDA has brought this to the attention of members and these are some of the concerns raised. The Health ministry has dragged its feet since January 23 this year to fix our issues and has shown no urgency even during the strike (sic). They do not value ordinary citizens’ life and have lied to the Press and public several times,” the statement read in part.

This is the first public sector strike since Mnangagwa took over as President in November last year.

Zimbabwe’s health delivery system has not been spared the ravages of the economic meltdown of the last 20 years, with patients reportedly dying of ailments that ordinarily would have been treated.


  1. there are on zero pay this month

    1. 329 & 0 pay no different

  2. nehanda nyakasikana

    I sympathize with Minister Parirenyatwa because the ministry is poorly funded but what i don’t understand about him is why he has hang on that job for such a long time doing nothing

  3. the problem of thinking that politicians are better than the populace, these people feel they are special because we give them undue praise. We sing for them for doing their jobs which they are failing. Who sings for you? Stop being owned, belonging to some party? What do you benefit by labelled a certain party member? I personally don’t and will never be owned by some party, I have better things to do, I watch their campaigns,analyse and vote for who-ever has a vision and abides by the law without forcing or manipulating, whether they win or not has no bearing to my life. These people demand respect, they don’t give it nor do they care. Vote with integrity, don’t just add numbers.

  4. 1) Doctors are very right. they sacrifuce their entire lives to treat accountants, engineers, politicians etc who make millions monthly and they are sent home with 1.50/hr ($12/day x 26 days)
    2) Parirenyatwa is not the God of Medicine in Zim, he has stuck to that seat like they put super glue on his bum. These problems of bad-faith have been prevailing since 1980
    3) Why preach that zim is improving when its time to solve people’s bread and butter issue the true depth of the government’s pockets is hung out like dirty underway.
    Summary. am sure for now just sending parirenytwa packing whilst the president looks for solutions may just get these hard-working professionals back at work.

  5. At some point we need to talk about people dying in hospitals because Doctors want more money.

    How much would you pay to get your parents or child back, because doctors were striking. These are the real consequences of Doctors not in hospital, striking.

    If people’s lives don’t matter to them, then why are they doctors then? For money ONLY? What about the oath they take; does it mean nothing?

    My concern is this strike has gone on for too long. How many more people need to die for doctors to go back to work?

    The narrative has to change!

    1. its the responsibility of the ministry of health to ensure that zimbabweans access health care at all levels. doctors are employees who have families to support parents (who paid their fees) to look after, have bills to pay. it will only take a serious and competent ministry to take doctors back to work

    2. @john…so u would rather have the doctors kill the patients in procedure rooms due to inadequate equipment,accessories ,so that they their certificate of practice revoked?????because as long as they practice government wont act ,it will be saying things are alright

  6. I agree with John, Doctors take an oath. But I also understand the deeper problems too.
    GOVERNMENT has to take instant action and suspend the Minister who has done nothing for YEARS!! Probably half of tge Health munistry should go too – they have not spoken up about the Minister or about the non functioning departments I would be ashamed if I worked there and did not speak up.
    On the Doctors I would be saying they should be striking for better conditions in hospitals FIRST and only then on their personal issues!

  7. I am a pensioner returning to Zimbabwe in good health as I have been lucky enough to live in a country with a good health system.
    I am going to have to ensure that I buy a lot of basic medical supplies to bring with me such as bandages, paracetemol, syringes and needles, antiseptic sprays, just in case of a sudden emergency.
    The people of Zimbabwe have the RIGHT to be able to buy all these things in a pharmacy or to have them available in all hospitals or remote villages!

  8. Parirenyatwa over stayed in that ministry better to be pensioned ,mamwe ma ministry haade kuitwa zve poltics

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