Doctors’ issue referred to Mnangagwa

HEALTH minister David Parirenyatwa yesterday said the issue of the striking government doctors had now been referred to the President’s Office after negotiations between the Health Services Board and Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors’ Association ended in a deadlock.


Parirenyatwa, in a ministerial statement issued in both Houses, appealed to government to prioritise the health sector, saying patients were bearing the brunt of the month-long industrial action.

“We have now reached a critical stage, but this has now escalated to higher offices and we hope that this impasse can be solved soon,” he said.

“As a ministry, we believe that the real victim is the patient and we need to prioritise the health sector and try and ring-fence health so that it is accorded the priority it deserves.”

He also disclosed that the doctor-patient ratio in the country stood at 1: 250 000, which he said was unsustainable.

Parirenyatwa said more doctors were withdrawing their services demanding that their on-call allowances be increased from the current $360 per month to $1 500, among other allowances.

He said some of the contentious issues included payment of outstanding locums, regrading of doctors, long working hours and vehicle loans, among others.

Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba said government must increase the $10 million vehicle loan scheme offered to all health personnel to $100 million.

In the Senate, Chief Fortune Charumbira pleaded with government to urgently improve the doctors’ working conditions.

“For example, the training of magistrates and doctors differs, yet magistrates got Ford Ranger vehicles and doctors are walking, yet their training is intensive. I really think that our health sector professionals are underpaid. They should be remunerated well,” he said.

Parirenyatwa declined to disclose the doctors’ salary levels, saying he needed to go and check the figures.


  1. Why negotiating with Doctors if you didnt know their present salaries? What were you negotiating then?

    1. Taura hako. What a confused leader.He will get surprised to know that doctors and nurses are being an insult by the so called new dispensation. Your government Mr man is dispensing hunger among us.

  2. The truth is slowly coming out at last. The threats to hold back salaries did not work, health professionals are underpaid, hospitals remain closed and patients are dying. Completely useless chiefs (and others) have govt-issued cars whilst people who save lives (whilst risking theirs) do not.
    Early in my management career I was warned against using the word “try”, it is self-defeating. I see Dr Pari has used it – making him an ineffective manager, in my view.

  3. Nyatsimba Mutota

    ZANU PF government will pay huge salaries to pple who they know will help them stay in power. ZANU just dont care if pple die, they would rather reserve that money for their political games. ZANU PF is a curse to our beloved country.

    1. hebo apo wataura hurumende ndoproblem apa.

  4. Alexio Mhanduwe

    I feel that there is great need for change of guard at the health Ministry. Replacement of all administrators from the Minister, Perm Sec, Directors, etc is ideal. Please we do not need to continue gambling with people’s lives anymore. Ndapota hangu hupenyu hauna replacement.

  5. Yes you are right. There are also certain phrases one should never utter when occupying a decision making position such as : “…it’s difficult…” “…I don’t know….”..I’m not the one who said or did it…” otherwise in properly run systems one gets fired immediately if found guilty of such mediocrity. Yet in Zimbabwe it’s normal throughout the entire current Government system and private corporate organizations.As recent as some few weeks ago, Godwin Matanga the Commissioner General of Police made similar utterances in respect of some diamond mine enquiry before a parliamentary portfolio committee which is full of people who are supposed to know best but they and the generality of Zimbabweans found it acceptable.

  6. ASLONG as David Parirenyatwa is minister this nonsense will continue.he never communicates with these doctors only to threaten them when they strike.100 days is over lets see some action.people are dying

  7. Government system is not good to the nation.They called on for levy on all airtime bought per$1 at 5% for health purposes,were is the money going to? They want their power to be felt on the expense of the poor mass. Let us change the way of doing things.

  8. with all due respect Doctors are not the only professionals who are underpaid. there are also civil engineers and architects etc in govt who are earning far less than these doctors .even in private sectors things are not rose as they appear from outside.there are people who have actuarial science degrees, others have masters in risk management but are being paid 700 per month by banks and insurance companies.

    it is the environment which is not condusive for business to pay attractive salaries

  9. Misheck Chiduku

    That zealot called Fortune Charumbira speaks with a forked tongue.The Chiefs were given cars recently and he has the guts to talk about cars given out to magistrates.What about the cars that were given to chiefs,what were they meant for please tell us Mr Chief.I no longer have any iota of respect for these chiefs for they are a menace to their communities,with a holier than thou attitude.Imagine traditional leaders being an extension of Zanu pf just like they did with the Rhodesian authorities before attainment of independence.If professional people like doctors are not given cars then it boggles the mind why chiefs are given priority ahead all civil servants.

  10. Kana zvedu tozoti Pasi pasi neZanupf tonzi tinotaurasa.Zanupf cares for no-one. High deathrates are recorded whenever doctors strike and now it’s about 2 weeks can he tell us how many people have died.Please Mr Parirenyatwa it will be good for all of us if you leave that office what is happening shows that you are complete failure.

  11. parirenyatwa n zanu pf go peacefully or u shall go violently

    1. you wish

  12. “He also disclosed that the doctor-patient ratio in the country stood at 1: 250 000, which he said was unsustainable…”??? With that ratio it implies there are just 60 doctors for a 15 million strong population, that cant be true or is it a typo??

  13. Guys I digress a bit, do not blame the chiefs. for example if you have $20. and its the last money in your house would you buy pizza for the day’s supper to spoil your kids or you buy a pack of mealie meal that will last you to the next pay day then you spoil your kids once off with a pizza supper and also buy more mealie meal to get you to the next pay day. A responsible Dad will act wise. So the father is the GVT the chiefs are the kids, no kid will ever deny a pizza supper irrespective of the money in the house its the duty of the father to tell the kids not today but tomorrow when the pockets are ok will do pizza supper.

  14. I am not a statistician but the doctor to patient ratio 0f 1:250 000, is kinda exaggerated, misleading and very wrong. The Minister seems to do gues work and is way out of touch with reality.Shows some insincerity on his part.

  15. David Parirenyatwa arrogant minister who has bungled big time
    He no longer has support fr om anyone
    Look at the level of.corruption in tne appointment.of National AIDS Council board members and how he fired tne liked of mutumbara and all who where against tne contruction of the $5m new NAC building and.gross abuse of taxe payer’s money
    The guy must now resign

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