Cranborne’s rich entertainment hub

The middle-density suburb of Cranborne Park in Harare is well-known for being home to Zimbabwean military bases 1 Commando and 2 Brigade regiments, as well as Cranborne Boys High School.


Only a few, however, know the suburb was also the home of some of the country’s finest entertainers, including the late great Safirio Madzikatire of the Mukadota fame. Madzikatire was popular for his legendary television drama, Mukadota Family.

Not only was he one of the best in the local film industry, Mukadota also excelled as a musicianwith hits such as Katarina and KwaHunyani.

Mukadota’s son, Elijah Madzikatire, better known as Bhero Mukadota still resides in Cranborne and also went on to carve his own niche as a script writer, actor and musician.

Emulating his father Elijah’s role in the comedy, Bhero Mukadota, elevated him to stardom. He also featured in a several local productions including the award-winning film, Everyone’s Child.

Elijah also produced hit songs such as Vana Munogumbura. Ads

Another Zimbabwean music guru from Cranborne was the late James Chimombe.

Chimombe’s music touched the hearts of many, as he sang about social issues.

Some of his songs that are still receiving airplay include Cecilia, Kudakwashe, Bindura and Uchandiramba.

The late Andy Brown is also another entertainment guru from Cranborne.

Brown, who was popular in the music industry as Muzukuru, was arguably the finest guitarist in the country at the height of his music career.
The late dreadlocked musician made numerous hit songs.

Although he got embroiled in the country’s political turmoil by singing music that supported the land reform programme, he remained loved by many Zimbabweans.

Zimbabwean superstar Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi, also stayed for a few years in the suburb before relocating to Norton.

The list of entertainment gurus who resided in Cranborne is endless as the likes of Nadine Brown, Dino Mudondo, Cynthia Mare, Adam Areketa and Rockford “Rocky” Josphats.

At the moment Elijah Madzikatire’s son, Solomon, who also resides in Cranborne, is busy working on his second album.

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