Cops assaulted during shebeen raid

A suspected Bulawayo shebeen operator recently ran amok, biting two police officers deployed to arrest her for operating illegally.


This was heard when Loveness Mutisi (35) appeared before Bulawayo magistrate, Nyaradzo Ringisayi charged with assault and resisting arrest.

Mutisi denied the charge on Tuesday and the magistrate remanded her out of custody to March 19 for continuation of trial.

The court heard that on January 6 at 8pm, police officers Bigboy Benjamin Rambi and Spanias Zhaime both of Ross Camp in Bulawayo raided Mutisi’s house at number 24 Charlotte Crescent Sauerstown, Bulawayo, to arrest her for operating a shebeen. When Rambi tried to handcuff her, Mutisi resisted and grabbed him and bit his left breast.
Zhaime also tried to cuff Mutisi, but she resisted and bit his right hand. The two police officers later reported the matter to fellow police officers, leading to the shebeen queen’s arrest. They were then referred to a hospital for treatment.

In her defence, Mutisi said she committed the offence while defending herself from an unlawful arrest and unlawful attack by the officers.

“The police told me they wanted to search my place of residence and did not produce any search warrant. When I asked them to produce it, they started assaulting me,” she submitted.

Mutisi said they then tried to handcuff her without telling her the crime she had committed and described the act as unlawful since she was not aware why they wanted to arrest her.

She also claimed that she informed them about an injury she had sustained on her arm in an accident, but they ignored that and further inflicted pain on her hand.

Mutisi said the police officers’ report was meant to counter the report she filed on the day with the officer in charge Sauerstown Police Station after the assault.

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  1. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    The problem with our police officers is that they don’t feel that a person would be under arrest unless she or he is handcuffed.The unfortunate aspect of this scenario is that the readers are not told why the police officers arrived at a decision to hand cuff this lady.Did she refuse when she was politely requested to accompany the police to the station when told that she was under arrest for illegally operating a beer outlet?

  2. The poor woman is trying to make ends meet by running a shebeen! There are a lot of criminals roaming around the street, some of which even share drinks with the cops.

  3. This goes back to the level of training our cops are getting, it is sub-standard. I propose basic police training must be 1 year to include subjects such as human and citizens rights. It is obvious they are not taught such things.

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