Chombo’s punishing bail conditions further relaxed

Former Finance minister Ignatius Chombo, who is facing various allegations of corruption, fraud, criminal abuse of office and theft of trust property, yesterday had his bail reporting conditions further relaxed, and he now reports twice a week to police.


Before the latest variation, Chombo used to report three times a week.

Harare magistrate, Tilda Mazhande granted the variation after Chombo, through his lawyer, Lovemore Madhuku, argued the stringent bail conditions were inhibiting his farming activities.

The former minister had another docket merged with Rejoice Pazvakavambwa and Lazarus Chimba, where he is being accused of facilitating the transfer of council property into his name.

Former Zanu PF youth leader, Kudzanai Chipanga, who is being charged together with Chombo, Mathew Nleya and Innocent Hamandishe on criminal nuisance allegations after they were found wearing Zanu PF regalia had his bail reporting conditions also reduced from three times a day to twice a week.

Mazhande remanded the accused on all the dockets to April 6, pending finalisation of their investigation. ads Ads

The State alleges that on a day unknown to the prosecution in Harare between December 8 and 13, 2017, the quartet, acting in common purpose, connived to commit an act of criminal nuisance

It is alleged, well knowing that they had been expelled from Zanu PF, they took photographs of themselves, wearing the party’s regalia in the form of hats, with an embroidered Zanu PF flag, inscribed ED and Kutonga Kwaro.

The court heard that the four then posted the said photographs on social media. According to the State, this was an act seen by Zanu PF hierarchy as a nuisance to the party.

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  1. Pretty soon he will be cleared of any wrong doing and back in the cabinet after elections,, do not play with dangerous Zanu pf thugs.

  2. We have been down this path before, and it is just a self-fulfilling prophesy. History repeats itself. No one will ever be formally convicted by these guys, not even Mpofu. Just arrests and all that parliament drama, but as of now not even one corrupt person who was brought forth by ZACC is behind bars. THIS IS A FACT! Those who are behind bars are normal citizens like us, who are charged for expressing our freedom of speech. Yet, you talk of justice? New dispensation? The new Zimbabwe is coming.

    1. You can say that again Tendai

    2. Exactly,,if someone is not convicted he is innocent meaning the new dispensation is saying no one is guilty so far of corruption in Zimbabwe.

  3. First Class Citizen

    The rich and corrupt are above the law!

  4. It is easy to commit a crime in Zimbabwe but extremely difficult to be convicted especially if your lawyer knows all the judges. Chombo is not a fool like Kereke

  5. Mudhara Chombo muchiri kurangarira ‘Operation Murambatsvina’ here???? Makamira mira henyu,makazoita Operation yekupa vanhu twudzimba kuvhara ma1 yainzi ‘Hlalani Kuhle’ yakava a failure. iyezvino mave victim ye ‘Operation Restore Legacy’…muri vema Operation. Mudhara makarwadzisa vanhu paye ndinoshaya kuti maifungei

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