Chiwenga’s wife mocks Grace

VICE-PRESIDENT Constantino Chiwenga’s wife, Marry has mocked former First Lady Grace Mugabe for insulting other people, unlike the new First Lady, Auxillia Mnangagwa, whom she described as “people’s queen”


Marry fired pot shots at Grace while officiating at the donation of goods by the First Lady to children’s homes through her Angel of Hope Foundation at Magamba Hall in Warren Park in Harare on Tuesday.

She was standing in for Auxillia , who was attending a Pan African Parliament meeting, where she is the chairperson.

“ Auxillia Mnangagwa is the people’s queen. She is not a selfish first lady. To me this is a first of its kind that the first lady delegates her task to someone to be done in her absence,” Marry said.

“She (Auxillia) has shown that she is a respectful mother, who does not go around insulting people, much more the elders. In her addresses, I have never heard her saying Stop It! Gone are the days of a mother, who would insult people.”

Interestingly, Marry’s speech was written on a letterhead written Office of the Second Lady of Zimbabwe, which bore the court of arms of the government of Zimbabwe, which set social media ablaze, as users questioned the existence of such an office.

In a speech read on her behalf by Marry, Auxillia called for a collaborative effort on projects to rehabilitate vulnerable children in different communities, saying children are the future that will shape tomorrow.

“I am overwhelmed to see my vision and my dream of giving a hand to vulnerable communities becoming a reality,” Auxillia said.

“It breaks my heart to see young girls on the street, asking for small change and sexscapades. Let’s help each other to address such issues and come up with useful programmes to rehabilitate our off springs.”

Auxillia said the launch of the Angel of Hope Foundation last month was a concrete step towards reaching out on a wider scale and in a sustainable manner to all marginalised Zimbabweans.

Among the donations by Mnangagwa were textbooks, blankets, chickens accompanied with requisites feeds, which will enable the children’s homes to embark on chicken rearing projects.


  1. Thank you Marry but i think its about time that you consider entering politics because very soon Grace will be addressing NPF rallies and doing what she knows best thats scolding her opponents and its going to get dirty hence need for a lady to neutralize her.

    1. trials n tribulation

      kkkk grace will not get media coverage. the mugabes taught us good hey

  2. faraiNyausopo

    Thank you Mary but Iwouldnt advise you to get deep into politics .Siyana nazvo.Iwe bika sadza regamba redu chete.

    1. True True mantain your composure remain resolute help Amai Mnangagwa with dignity i think leave the name grace out, you two do your own good thing which is admirable because i admire our ED and our General and i admire you and Mrs ED .Kepp it up I love the new Presidium family .ko rope in Mrs Mohadi ka its time she comes out of her shell.Love you

      1. @ Pied Piper, Mr Mohadi is very single and searching!!

  3. nutty dreadlock

    Honestly speakin i didnt think you where the dirty tact politician who thrives on highlighting other peoples inmperfections.What i will tell you is that once on top tommorrow down,Who thought Grace Mugabe would fall from grace as she has.Remember be good to the people on your way up the ladder cause you meet them on your way down

  4. Yeah, you are right, mwanangu Mary; Mrs Mnangagwa vane hunhu and she has first-lady(FL) qualities asi pakuzoti ndi’Queen’ aiwa, ahewa, nyangwe, tsvoo, bodo, apo waakurasika mwanangu! Just call her people’s FL; I’m she’s cool with that.

    1. straight forwardness

      Remember that every being has two sides comprised of a bad and a good one,small brains normally discuss other people’s affairs, Mai Chiwengaaa what good have you done yourself to better the nation that surpasses the little that Grace has done, can you argue that she has done no little good at all don’t be fooled by that paper boat that you are sailing in.

  5. Mary.Try to be yourself not compare others.You are still very young politically. You need to observe and choose your words carefully and tactfully. Politics is a very dirty game and tables can turn very quickly. Good luck in whatever you do.Support and respect always come when you humble yourself.

  6. I think the first lady is trying too hard to please in a very short space of time, it will take much more for time for us to see her true character & be able to judge if the ‘queen’ title is truly deserved

  7. Umkhonto ka Shaka

    You are all mistresses, izimpatha zabantu. Grace, Auxillia and Mary are all second wives to their respective husbands. You had been small houses before, seeing out other people’s husbands.


  9. But Marry you are giving your husband skin bleaching creams, do you think you deserve any respect, typical of a harlot.

  10. pamberi nekubatana tichipa kune vasina thats how we shape our future and become a better people

  11. trials n tribulation

    Kamwe kaGrace in the making aka. Already created office of the 2nd 1st lady. heish these titles……

  12. Madam Marry avoid making political comments in public,you will be quoted wrongly. Always in public answer the questions,who,why,when and what. This way you evade controversy. Wish you well.

  13. Ita zvenzwara nebvudzi zvawajaira mwanangu. Izvi hamuna mazuva muri muoffice of the second lady. Your gvt is not legal. Usatatuka ungazobatanidzirwa mangwana

  14. shilling chinheya

    Izvi zvepolitics dai wasiana nazvo teedzera zvaiitwa naSally Mugabe uve amai vanoremekedzwa because soon mukadzi waChamisa akazoita first lady hanty unenge wangofanana naGrace wauri kushora nhasi! USATUKE MVUU USATI WABIRA MHIRI KWERWIZI UNORUMWA!

  15. MaZimbabweans akithi kuyima

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