Chikavhu writes on forgiveness

AN Australia-based Zimbabwean author, Mustafa Chikavhu, recently launched a book titled Forgiveness: Why is it Difficult and Why Should I? which he said was based on his personal life experiences.


Chikavhu told NewsDay Life & Style from his base in Brisbane last week that the struggles he faced as he grew up and his passion to help others in the same situation motivated him to write the book on forgiveness.

“In my introduction, I relate a story about how I ill-treated and abused a certain young orphan back in 2008 in Marlborough and years later, things turned out bad for me and good for him but he never held it against me,” he said.

Chikavhu said he then found himself in a similar situation after he was ill-treated.

“I have been through a lot of tough situations in my life, which required me to let go and I thank God because I conquered and felt I should write a book to help others,” he said.

Chikavhu said the book, which will be launched in Zimbabwe soon, details the benefits of forgiveness and explores reasons why many people struggle to forgive.

“The book comes with an understanding that people are wired differently and, therefore, forgive at different levels,” he said.

“It tells why people struggle to forgive and clarifies why one should conquer those difficulties to live a healthier life because bitterness itself is like taking a rat poison and expecting someone else to die.”

Chikafu is also a motivational speaker and a professional director of ceremonies.

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