Chamisa’s ‘Obama’ effect electrifies

THE question that confronts us today is not whether MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa will win the presidential race scheduled for around August 2018 but, by what margin? If I am to proffer a conservative estimate, I would say by not less than 60%.

By Brigadier General Agrippah Mutambara

There are many in Zanu PF, National People’s Party, Zapu, Alliance for the People’s Agenda, Zimbabwe Partners for Prosperity, National Patriotic Front and many other small parties that will cross the floor and vote for president Nelson Chamisa. His presidential campaign has produced what I might term ‘the Obama effect’. When there was universal belief and acceptance that a black person would never rule the United States; the youthful, charismatic, energetic and gifted orator Obama defied the odds and became the first black person ever to become the president of the US.

When the doubting Thomases proclaim that Zanu PF will never lose the 2018 elections, I say to them the Obama effect will be felt in Zimbabwe this year. The youthful, charismatic, energetic and gifted orator Chamisa will defy the odds and become the youngest president to rule Zimbabwe.

Anyone who has been on, or has been following President Chamisa’s campaign trail to date, can read the writing on the wall. This includes President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his ruling Zanu PF. The logical and noble thing for them to do is to throw in the towel and declare Nelson Chamisa the winner, uncontested. However, knowing their pig-headedness, I can almost certainly predict that they will opt for a humiliating first round technical knockout. Logic and nobility are not attributes associated with a crocodile.

The incoming Chamisa administration will usher a new and exciting era in Zimbabwean politics.

Fundamental changes in the architecture of Zimbabwean laws and governance culture will need to be crafted and implemented expeditiously if the new administration is to achieve the fulfilment of the ambitious programmes it has promised to deliver to the people of Zimbabwe.

For this to happen, Chamisa needs to be supported by a loyal, cooperative and committed Parliament and equally; by loyal, committed and honest councillors. Short of this, Chamisa’s dream will be a pipe dream and his vision will translate into unfulfilled promises.

If we are to share Chamisa’s vision and live his dream, we must not only ensure that he wins the presidential race convincingly, but also that the MDC Alliance commands an absolute majority in Parliament and councils. As an alliance we must be guided by the adage that “a chain is no stronger than its weakest link”.

We must implore our supporters not to regard any of the alliance partners as being weak and insignificant.

Together we are stronger. Hativhunduki uye Hatidududzi!

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  1. Tellyourneibourshshshshsh

    Together we are stronger. Hativhunduki uye Hatidududzi!

  2. Chamisa Hoyee,, If justice Chigumba doesn’t employ what Putin taught her about rigging, Victory is certain. Only a delusional person can vote for the snake that has injected vernom into the economy for the last 38 years

  3. zvino Garwe richakupukutayii makatemba naye neruuu wenyu iyeye

  4. You want parliamentarians to be loyal to an individual not the constitution or electorate? It makes sense, given that Chamisa’s rise has been controversial, non-constitutional and violent. By going for an elective congress, he’d have avoided all this.

    NB Obama was not anointed but fully supported by the Democrats (some after persuasion not coercion).
    The roots of democracy are in democratic not autocratic tendencies. No charisma can change that.

    1. If you understood the word constitution and knew the MDC constitution you would not have wasted your data typing such crap.

      1. I have a copy of the numerous versions of the MDC constitution floating around, eh @Samaritan, could you share your “understanding” on this platform instead of resorting to vulgar epithets.
        Whilst at it could you explain what you mean by “wasted your data”? How I use my data is none of your concern.

  5. vote Chamisa

  6. Haiwawo, Chamisa, Chamisa kuita sei?
    ED has my vote!!

    1. Voting for an additional 5 years of high unemployment, corruption, cashless and cash strapped gvt

  7. Zanu pf stupid people won’t change their useless vision,they shall be eaten by your demons

  8. Umkhonto ka Shaka

    Chamisa is the best deal

  9. I notice that most of you voters are throwing in prophecies about the outcome of the coming elections but do you ever wonder why ED appears cool about it, its because he has the results already. I have happened by a theory that would make you all go crazy with repugnance if you hear its details.

  10. huchi wegonera

    #EDhasmyvote……we the team Lacoste will do the talking in the ballot box, many of us are registered voters. Our rally style was to show the world our registration slips not being motor-mouth, the wisemen once proclaimed that a great talker is a great liar. Chamisa once spoke about Trump’s promise 15billion USD. Only the gullible will believe what he says.

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