Chamisa to make key appointments

Nelson Chamisa,

MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa is set to make key appointments of two deputy presidents, national chairperson, organising secretary and party spokesperson in an effort to stabilise and prepare the main opposition party for the upcoming harmonised elections.


Although the expected appointments were likely to open floodgates of serious jostling, Chamisa was widely expected to reward those who stood by him as he settled as substantive president following the death of founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai last month.

Party deputy president Thokozani Khupe, who was elected at the opposition’s 2014 congress was fired last week along with organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe and spokesperson Obert Gutu.

The trio had failed to recognise Chamisa’s ascendency to the helm of the party.

National chairman Lovemore Moyo also resigned from the party last week, accusing the leadership of losing direction and deviating from the founding principles.

In an interview yesterday, acting party chairman, Morgen Komichi (pictured), said Chamisa was empowered by the party’s constitution to make the appointments.

“Our party constitution has got a clause in which the president has the prerogative or the powers to appoint a member of the standing committee and this is the same clause that was used by now late president Morgan Tsvangirai to appoint Chamisa and Mudzuri to become the two extra vice-presidents of the party,” Komichi said.

“Remember, this was challenged in the courts and the court ruled in favour of president Tsvangirai and it was found that it was legitimate and within the constitution that he could do that.

“Therefore, the incumbent has got the powers and prerogative to appoint and replace Madam Khupe and appoint a vice-president for the post he held before his elevation,” he said.

Komichi said the appointments must be made as soon as possible and in a manner that strengthens Matabeleland province from where Khupe, Bhebhe and Moyo hail from.
“The president has to put a programme for the date and time to do that, but I am sure it will be very soon because we need leadership in Matabeleland and those key positions,” he said.

“Remember the party has lost a vice-president, the national chairman has resigned on his own accord, the organising secretary was expelled from the party by the national council and the same with the secretary for information. We have a number of vacancies in the party and we need those vacancies to be filled and they will be filled by appointment,” he said.

Chamisa was also expected to unveil interactive social media platforms to share ideas and his vision to reach out to a wider audience and drum up support ahead of this year’s harmonised polls.

According to his spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka, Chamisa will today launch a weekly series dubbed Road to Victory (R2V): Nelson Chamisa on Tuesday.

“The series will be a personal weekly message that focuses on the president’s vision, thought leadership, policies and ideas that will underpin the new Zimbabwe under his leadership,” he said.

“The series will also give insights and highlights of the journey, the ups and downs, the ins and outs as the people of Zimbabwe brace to make history by voting for real change and total transformation in the forthcoming polls,” he added.

The MDC-T leader will also launch e-rallies, a digital platform that will enable those who cannot make it to his rallies to engage him on policy and other issues.

“This will be in the form of a video posted on his interactive online platforms where he will be engaging Zimbabweans on a multiplicity of issues. Through these innovative platforms, president Chamisa will ensure that he continues to engage fellow citizens on diverse issues affecting our beloved motherland, Zimbabwe,” Tamborinyoka said.


  1. Comment…Chamisa chamisa when are you coming in Kezi we are waiting for you,sikulindile wemfo wakithi kuzozonke indawo zakithi sithi silinde wena kkkkkkk

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    • It’s true; We are inviting the Zanu PF supporters to vote for Chamisa for the coming election. Even in soccer betting people put their money even against their teams when they are playing with great teams least they risk loosing their money. In this game Zanu PF can’t match with Chamisa and MDC because the Chamisa guys are just best at what they do. This is an obvious win to team MDC. Zanu PF bet your vote on CHAMISA. DON’T RISK IT ON ZANU PF YOU KNOW CAN’T DELIVER

  3. The current economy as well as efforts to turn it around, cannot afford a bloated government if he goes ahead and appoint 2 VPs that will be mistake N01.. a lot out there will see no difference with zanu.

    • Hasisiri mufana uyu. Atova munhu mukuru. 40 years hadzisi dzokutamba. Inongova baby face chete but he is now grown up.

  4. This is true leadership My President, hope the two VPs u will appoint will be all from Matebeland Province, We are standing by you Advt Chamisa. ED is nothing but just a foolish old man who thinks at 76 he can get more 5 years of endangering our future.

  5. Why 2 VP`s, not neccessary at all, please do not repeat this mistalke again, just have one VP and avoid nyonganyonga

  6. matove nehupfumi here kubva kuna chamisa wacho?zvepamuromo nekunyebera vanhu pamarally.

  7. we hear aspiring candidates for key positions now need to pump out $1000 what is going on chamisa with this thing chawakasiirwa na morgan

  8. The appointments are key before the elections and he must put people who are tried and tested to carry the struggle forward.

  9. He was illigally elected, he is illegally electing, this mickey mouse party is for kids really. Why not use congress?. Those he will elect are his stooges I bet. They ll be there for money nothing else. Voters are you looking at this?

    • Even kucongress kwacho, kunongo pinda stooges. Just rubber stamping decisions. Why wasting resources by going to a congress to rubber stamp decisions already made????
      I saw it several times kuZANU, no genuine congress

  10. maxweel tell them again machinja aya vanoda kudzidziswa kuti uku ndokunonzi kunyepera they dont hav anything to offer chamakamboitirawo muri yezimbambwe kuti munogona kusimudza nyika chii zero zero u over promis and under deliver ngaaunze mari yacho muma bank tobva taziva kuti yes anozvigona not kungotaura chete. do somthing chinooneka not promises

  11. Newsday do not take sides in this dispute. You cannot say MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa, you should be fair and say Nelson Chamisa the leader of the breakaway faction of MDC-T or leader of one faction of MDC-T. Khupe is leading the other faction of MDC-T.

  12. Comment…Chamisa our natonal anthem lets sing Go Chamisa Go x20 our golden boy halala our president in waiting Chamisa take us forward x 3 our next president,becauz everyone will vote your on august even Mugabe also even some senoir zanu pf will vote for you boy we know,Chamisa Chamisa woye

  13. Comment…bekezelani wemadoda sekuseduze phambili siyayidudula sihamba nenqokonqoko engu Chamisa Chamisa indoda esamukatsho bomvu,hayi umdodovu wekhehla ongu ED niwutsheleni uzekithi e Kezi sifuna ikhehla elizovuka ekuseni niqhube inkomo ziye dibheni,sesihamba nabancane hay 76yrs yooo khohlwa go Chamisa go

  14. Trevor thanxs for this…He was illigally elected, he is illegally electing, this mickey mouse party is for kids really. Why not use congress?. Those he will elect are his stooges I bet. They ll be there for money nothing else. Voters are you looking at this? Zvazoshamisa kuMDC-T kana ZANU yacho ndizvozvo saka hapana chashamisa apa enda kunorara.

  15. Zanu pf stupid fools are easier to read on and physical to see,please you people have the good atittude to change life situation when zanu pf useles projects are failing the masses please.

  16. If all attempts to raise the red flag on the opposition split have failed, Khupe’s replacement should consider tribal, regional and gender balance. Without fear of contradiction, Matebeleland votes will determine the winner of the Presidential election. Whereas Khupe will fight to consolidate them for herself, Chamisa’s team must work overtime to appeal this block. Allowing her to segregate the votes will boost Zanu PF or cause a runoff between Chamisa and Mnangagwa where she will castigate her nemesis to the advantage of the incumbent. Let us advise Chamisa accordingly as we keep deliberating on how to avert the overhanging tussle

  17. ED knows this political terrain very well. I don’t Chamisa standing any chance this coming election. With a divided Matebeleland vote, ZANU-PF is guaranteed a crashing victory. MDC doesn’t have a seat in Mat South and only few seats in Mat-North and with a dived Bulawayo some seats are coming to ZANU-PF. EDpfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Chamisa tsaaaaaaaaaa

  18. another dictator in making.zvinofanirwa kuitwa ne congress zvavakuitwa neshamwari dzake dzaano disguizar kuti national counsel.aya ndo ma one chaiwo.everything must be changed afer 12months not this vice mdchamisa there is no costitutionslism

  19. Mapfumo once sang “ASINGADE HAADE MUSIYEI NOKUTI HAADE HAKE” if anyone chickens out so be it. Ndabaningi and Muzorewa left but the revolution did not die. So Khupe and few friends Bye Bye.
    We already Await true MDC rally in Byo can’t wait to welcome the rejuvenated team!!

  20. Chamisa Nelson is Leader of the MDC alliance not MDC T Party. Khupe is acting President of the MDC T Party untill Congress. Ukada kuita mweya wekutora party kuiisa muhomwe inokupisa kusvika waibudisa.machinja tarirai muone. MDC inongomwauka inongomwauka Zanu PF ichingoinda ichingoinda.

  21. Chamisa Nelson is Leader of the MDC alliance not MDC T Party and DrThokozani Khupe is acting President of the MDC T Party untill Congress. Chamisa stole from Khupe now everyone is seeing the true colors of the oreta.

  22. You think ruling the country is bhonyeponye? Zanu till amen. No council to install you as president of the country here boy

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