Chamisa to expose ED-linked firms

OPPOSITION leader and MDC Alliance presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa has threatened to confront President Emmerson Mnangagwa to discuss the Zanu PF leader’s alleged links to various blue-chip companies and demanded that the latter publicly declare his interest in those firms.


Addressing an MDC Alliance campaign rally at Murewa Growth Point on Saturday, Chamisa said: “Mnangagwa recently released a list of companies accused of externalising foreign currency, but these were companies that had acquitted their imports and paid all dues to the government.

“(People’s Democratic Party leader, Tendai) Biti you must teach these people the law.

“But you should not worry, I have a list of companies that Mnangagwa is associated with.

“I am going to meet him and ask how he could be associated with these businesses, when he has always been in government,” he said.

Chamisa yesterday reiterated that he had a list of companies connected to Mnangagwa.

“We want accountable leadership,” he said.

“We have the names of companies that Mnangagwa is associated with. We want to know the extent of his association. Some of these companies include banks, as well as some in gold production and oil industry.”

Chamisa also threatened to demand early elections if Zanu PF continued to abuse social safety nets meant to benefit the rural poor following reports that only ruling party supporters were benefitting from government-sourced food aid and agricultural inputs.

“I was in meetings with chiefs and other traditional leaders in Mutawatawa (Mutoko district) and was told that food as well as agricultural inputs like seed are being distributed on a partisan basis,” he continued.

“If you are MDC, you do not benefit from these things.

“But these are not Zanu PF benefits to the people.

“These inputs were bought using taxpayers’ money.

“For the record, most of the people, who pay taxes are MDC supporters.

“If this continues, we might be left with no option but to demand an early election so that we can dispense with Mnangagwa and his faction. We would want to get it over and done with.”

Contacted for comment, Zanu spokesperson and acting Information minister Simon Khaya Moyo professed ignorance over issues raised by Chamisa.

“I have no idea which companies are connected to the President or those in which he has interests,” he said. “If he (Chamisa) is going to see the President, then I suppose he will.

“We really have nothing to say and will wait to hear what he wants.

“I do not make arrangements for presidential meetings, that is done by (presidential spokesperson, George) Charamba.”

Efforts to contact Charamba were fruitless yesterday.

Chamisa added that he was also disturbed by reports that Mnangagwa had deployed soldiers to campaign for Zanu PF in the rural areas.
“We hear they are there terrorising villagers across the country.

“But we know this is a Zanu PF tactic to penetrate and abuse villagers.

“It is the army and we demand that our soldiers must never be abused for political ends.

“They must go back to the barracks.

“Once we get into power in September, we will make sure our security services are well looked after.

“Our traditional leaders must be nowhere near politics,” he said.

Mnangagwa last week released a list of companies and individuals that allegedly externalised money, but this was roundly dismissed as a damp squib.

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  1. Kuvukura.

  2. we know them it will be second hand information youngest in charge

    1. The ones that you know are not enough! They are more than what you think.

  3. Full of sound and fury……one moment this upstart is threatening to boycott and before one figures out what he’s really up to, he’s demanding early elections!! Have you read and understood the national constitution, Mr Motormouth Lawyer?

    1. I like that, “Full of sound and fury……signifying nothing”, Macbeth quote. Chamisa’s utterances leaves one wondering and asking the proverbial “where is the beef” question.Chamisa’s youth and inexperience is the Albatross hanging on the M.D.C. Alliance’s collective neck.
      While Zimbabweans were celebrating Mugabe’s ouster Chamisa ran to Washington D.C. to campaign for more sanctions.
      The question is, who is on Zimbabweans side?

  4. Reckless young Chamisa.

  5. Iwe magonyeti wakamatenga sei,makore mashoma shoma iwaya.

  6. Murape, you are a useless and visionless zanu pf stoge abused. You always go against the truth because you are a CIO agent who is always paid USD 5000 so as to terrorize and victimize people who does not support your party’s evil works.Down with you.

    1. To say down with someone because they have different view is primitive. This Chamisa of yours talks too much just like Grace Mugabe manje achagadzirirwa size manje manje. He is becoming big headed and confrontational provoking ED at every instance yet he forgets that they failed to remove Robert Mugabe all these years. Kunyarara hakusi kupusa and kutaurisa hakusi kungwara.

  7. confidence is good… although too much of it can become one’s undoing…..

  8. No Chamisa is getting it wrong here, externalising money is different from having proper registered companies. Chamisa should concentrate on how MDC is going to win rather than attacking ED each time he addresses a rally.

  9. Chamisa magonyeti ako ane contract Gushungo dairies wani.Kuziva zvevamwe doesnt mean kuti zvako hazvizivikanwi.Biti you got a house close to Monte Cassino in Fourways.
    Chamisa like MT unotaurisa,maimboti hamudi elections kusvika kwaitwa ma reforms,now maakuada chirudzi.Mukarakashwa moti rigging pano,nepano.

  10. Uyu mfana anonzi Nerisoni haana brain.He is forgetting that what he is doing right now has always been MDC’s undoing in all elections – i.e talking bull instead of bread and butter issues pama rally. he should learn from RG who attacked ED left right and centre including suspected poisoning and 10 interface rallies garwe riri zii zvaro only to strike at the right moment and RG was history. Usawanze yep yep mfaname State house kure

  11. Chamisa is unstoppable, go chamisa go

  12. chamisa ndizvo

  13. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Anditi vakuru vakuru vose veHurumende vakataura huwandu hwehupfumi wavo? Ko MP neKanzuraz vakaitawo zvimwezvo here? Aaaa! Ichokwadi here kuti Nerisoni ane magonyeti anotoshanda kwaGushungo?
    Hezvoka Nerisoni, dotinyepayi Mhanduwe. Makaawanawo seyi?

  14. Comment…Thats the major quantary of exotic multiparty African political culture ; how to campaign with African or ubuntu dignity and court African political beauty. I perceive ED is markedly still ahead of the pack in that regard. Assuming ED volunteered to clean up outrageously untidy national traditional poltical pace. Up until for mysterious reason he suddenly stops doing so then someone could find material agenda against ED. Otherwise like ordinary mortal paster I have never heard ED claiming to be perfect being nor implictly vowing not to ‘clean own body’ after the common knowledge urgent massive laborious national assignment. Until ED goes off orbit in essential focus his correct focus merits endorsement of honorable patriots. Nation however benefits more when popular poltical leadership unveil their essence thru generous garb than otherwise.

  15. Comment…It is not political news to identify what ED has NOT YET achieved in 4 months. But maybe the identification of ED’s improper agenda.

  16. Comment…VaChamisa vanoda kuoneswa zvakajeka maitire evakuru kubva pachinyakare kusvika pari nhasi. Vachifamba rwendo vanowanzotanga nokugesesa vana vozopedzisira ivo. Chero mukuzofamba rwendo rwacho sezvatirikuita;- vana mberi. Saka ngatibvumei kugezeswa navakuru vedu, kunyange tisati tavaona pavangura ivo. Zvimwe chete namufundisi prophet Chamisa, ngatigashirei shoko ravo dzvene ravativigira tisinganyanyo dzimbi kana nekuonekwa kweshoko racho pamararamire aVaChamisa, kana pamitambo yese yemasikati kana yehusiku yaVaChamisa. Kana tichida kuponeswa. Clean Zimbabwe Democracy is not an event, but heroic journey characterised by the ultimate heroic rising of persevering fallen fallibles. Mark ED’s heroic rising.

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