Chamisa thanks ‘alternative govt’

MDC-T president, Nelson Chamisa yesterday commended the government for “properly” handling the funeral of his predecessor, the late Morgan Tsvangirai.
Chamisa made the remarks in Parliament, where he described himself as “the anointed successor” and labelled Zanu PF as the alternative government to the MDC-T, attracting jeers from ruling party MPs.


“The death of the former Prime Minister and MDC-T leader happened suddenly and the manner in which it was handled by the alternative government to the MDC-T, which I am now leading was done well,” he said.

“I would like to thank Parliament and the government for handling the funeral in a non-partisan manner, with every political party acknowledging that Tsvangirai did work for the country.

“We saw President Emmerson Mnangagwa, his deputy, Constantino Chiwenga and Zanu PF secretary for information, Simon Khaya Moyo, rendering their assistance to bring his body back home and also providing helicopters.”

Chamisa said the unity shown during Tsvangirai’s funeral must continue.

“As a leader, who was given the baton in the MDC-T, we hope that, as we move forward, we can differ in ideology, but work peacefully together,” he said to the applause of his party members.

But Mazowe South MP Fortune Chasi (Zanu PF) stood up to attack the MDC-T’s violent behaviour exhibited during Tsvangirai’s funeral.

“I think everyone in the country acknowledged that Tsvangirai was a leader of good note, but the story will not be complete without making reference to the violence that ensured. It will be remiss of this House if we do not abhor the treatment, which was given to some leaders of the opposition, in particular party deputy president, Thokozani Khupe and the violence that later took place in Bulawayo,” Chasi said before Speaker of the National Assembly, Jacob Mudenda interjected and ordered MPs to behave.

“We are here to build a peaceful nation, so I accept the expression of gratitude by Chamisa and Chasi’s observations,” he said.

Later, Zvishavane Ngezi MP John Holder (Zanu PF) asked Higher Education minister Among Murwira to explain the action he would take to quell disturbances, which he alleged were being plotted by the Zimbabwe National Students’ Union (Zinasu) to ensure Chamisa wins the elections.

Murwira said he had not received any official information from Zinasu about the issue.

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  1. Comment…chamisa our future president,after this year election our president chamisa would make us proud weather dark or blue everyone would vote for change,chamisa for president

  2. Comment…chamisa for president lets vote for change

  3. Foolish boy. What do you mean tsvangson died ‘suddenly’. Do you know how somebody dies suddenly? There would have been no need for three acting presidents at various times and sometimes two at the same time if tsvangson had been healthy during the months towards his demise. By the way all the three vice presidents claim to have been anointed, thus the debacle at the mdc-t. Grow up wena mfana mani.

    1. Point of correction, Thoko never claimed that she was anointed, she was VOTED IN BY CONGRESS something this wannabe is scared of!! Only the othe two were constantly outdoing each other visiting a sick man as if to speed up his death.

  4. Tell them Mdhara Chasi ! Violence of this nature makes outsiders think Zim is made up of fools. We are not fools you uninformed supporters of political parties! We are tired of political immaturity.

  5. anointed leadership is the opposite of democracy

  6. Childish Tjamisa.

  7. Without underestimating Chamisa’s political prowess, l keep warning him to tread carefully. His reckless remarks (alternative govt), imply that he is demeaning his competitors. For your information, you are competing with experienced politicians with the advantage of incumbency and their silence in electoral matters is a secret weapon and should not be misconstrued as a leniency within their idiosyncrasy. Silent waters run deep. As an underdog in the presidential race, you have to make moderate moves lest you end up as your own enemy by words and deeds.

    1. So what is wrong with that? Do not be superficial in your evaluation as you ought to read between the lines to be able to understand that Chamisa idhara. Yes, it is an alternative. Actually, he chose his words carefully, as he used that word ‘alternative’ as a euphemism to ‘illegitimate’ as ZANU is not supposed to be ruling. They were long since beaten on the ballot box in 2008! This is a fact! Hatikwatiswi, and we will call a spade a spade.

  8. I smell youthful arrogance and an overzealous egoism both usually come before a massive fall!

  9. looks and sounds more like chamisa is campaigning for ZANU,if u really analyse the words very well

    this young boy surely should be a ZANU stooge

    1. Your Name Required

      Asingazivi kuti Zanu PF ndewe munhu wese ndiani ko.

  10. Your Name Required

    Chamisa too much pride mhani argh! dzungu itai shoma, your blue lies are shunning away voters. Be humble, you not yet a President of Zimbabwe never will you win this 2018 election.

  11. Chamisa too young for the top graft. I listened to him talk in parliament aobut Tsvangirai, i could see milk on his nose from his words. kkkkkkkkkk!

  12. Comment…mfana Cham ane dzungu

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