Chamisa plots anti-Mnangagwa protests


OPPOSITION MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa (pictured) has threatened massive streets protests if President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government fails to implement 10 electoral reforms demanded by the MDC Alliance ahead of this year’s general elections.


Chamisa made the threats when he launched the alliance’s Plan and Environment for a Credible Election in Zimbabwe (Peace) document which outlines the coalition’s 10 electoral demands in Harare yesterday.

He said Mnangagwa has been given a window to reform the electoral ground, but appears reluctant to level the playing field.

Chamisa said he would soon mobilise activists to take to the streets if the reforms are not implemented before elections set for July this year.

“This election is going to produce one outcome, and this is victory for the MDC Alliance, we are not going to allow them (Mnangagwa and his government) to reverse the will of the people,” Chamisa said.

“In fact, we have given them a window to reform. If they don’t, we are going on the streets. We are going to mobilise the people and this is not going to be an MDC Alliance issue, but a people’s issue because the issue of resolving governance crisis, social-economic and political question is tied to the issue of free and fair elections.

“We will tell the people that in order to unlock the jam in the country, we have to hold free and fair elections and this is when we count on you (the people) and Mr Mnangagwa, we are going to be your guest soon if those issues are not resolved.”

Since he came into power last November, Mnangagwa had been spared protests by opposition activists who believed he was committed to his reform pledge.

Last year, opposition parties under the National Election Reform Agenda held nationwide protests that ended up violent as they demanded former President Robert Mugabe to step down for refusing to reform the electoral roadmap.

Before launching the Peace document, Chamisa and his MDC Alliance partners met an eight-member European Union electoral preparatory team to apprise them on the electoral environment.

Chamisa who is MDC-T and MDC Alliance presidential candidate told the EU team that he had written to Mnangagwa to implement electoral reforms and level the political playing field to enable the country to hold free and fair elections.

Among other demands, the Peace document denounces the militarisation of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, demands the setting up of a credible and audited biometric voters’ roll, that all stakeholders must agree on the identity of the company that will print the ballot papers as well as audit the quality of the ballot itself, media reforms, alignment of laws and repeal of repressive laws such as the Public Order and Security Act and Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
The MDC is also demanding an immediate end to the abuse of traditional leaders to play a partisan role, allowing of international observers well before the election date, permission for diaporans to vote, among others.

Chamisa also raised concern over the mysterious departure of former chairperson Justice Rita Makarau and her successor Justice Priscilla Chigumba’s recent controversial trip to Russia in the company of Zanu PF politburo member Christopher Mutsvangwa.

“It is a serious and vicious assault on the integrity and autonomy of ZEC that the electoral management body’s new chairperson had undertaken a trip to Russia with a politburo member of Zanu PF and advisor to one of the candidates in the forthcoming election,” Chamisa said.

Meanwhile, acting Information minister Simon Khaya Moyo said Mnangagwa would soon meet leaders of different political parties to discuss different electoral issues, including access to the media.

He made the remarks while addressing legislators in the National Assembly yesterday.

Buhera West legislator Oliver Mandipaka had asked Moyo to explain policies that government had put in place to guarantee journalists’ safety in their line of duty, especially at campaign rallies.

“It was recently announced that the President will meet all leaders of political parties, and this is where we want to ensure that all people will have access to the media,” Moyo said.

“I want to also believe that when the time comes whoever wins will be cognisant that he or she is responsible for media or other freedoms.We want to be certain that we abide by what has been pronounced by the President, and let us sing from the hymn book of non-violence,” he said.

Magwegwe MP Anele Ndebele then quizzed Moyo why his ministry only issued radio licences to State-linked entities.

”Recently the ZBC got another radio licence to open a new radio station (Khulumani FM) in Bulawayo and it is yet another Zanu PF mouthpiece,” Ndebele said.
But, Moyo said no political party owned radio stations in Zimbabwe, and challenged the MP to prove the claims.


  1. Sorry Chamisa the only street protests which were worth anybody’s time were the anti-Mugabe protests and anything now is a mere hallucination

      • Chamisa thinks everyone will vote for him not knowing kuti tiripowo takawanda tinotoda ED, why kuzoda kutanga kutaura kuti the elections will have one result, why despute outcome ye election isati yatombova nedate zvaro, its because deep down Chamisa know he does’dnt stand a chance. Pese pavadyiwa tabirwa nxaaa.

  2. chitova wake up and smell the coffee. as a lawyer i thought you understand kuti reforms need to be effected on time such that they be properly communicated and the implementation agencies be formed, given their mandates and be allowed to function and flourish. anything implemented in three months will be mere lip service. you may go on and stage the demos to create awareness of the non-implementation of the reforms as well as galvanise our support.

  3. Protests will bring more harm than good. Handiti President vachasangana nemi here motaura zvichemo zvenyu. ED is a listning man after all.

    • We know kuti the few of you are sent by Zanu PF to disturb the right cause. Why can Pres ED meet with the other opposition? Why the delay? Ini ve Zanu Pf you know kuti this time njuga dzakarema

  4. Mr Chamisa can go ahead with his planned protests,of course with his supporters but remember there is no longer any time for those reforms and elections will go ahead with or without him and his party.People must not be fooled that only his party’s participation in the forthcoming elections will give legitimacy to the whole electoral process.

    • Inini ndichatovhotera harahwa dzacho imwi makatadza kubvisa Mugabe mega since 2008 nhasi mavakutaurisa sezvinonzi ndimi makaunza freedom yacho. In any case if you start to be ungrateful and abuse your newly found freedom be reminded that it can be take away anytime and hapana zvamunozoita futi kunze kwetyper pano.

      • Vavakuda kumborobwa, apapose tangatakanyarara, basop, be reminded kuti Zanu pf is still Zanu pf kana modazve violence mazvokuda mavanga enyora. Kana musingadi mutambo wema election you are free not to take partt until you are ready but in the mean time life goes on with or without youimi vana Jerry

  5. The people’s President Adv. Chamisa said the MDC-T and the MDC Alliance had prepared comprehensive list of demands that would ensure a free, fair and credible election in Zimbabwe. He said the demands were enshrined in the MDC Alliance’s Plan and Environment and Credible Election (PEACE) that will be launched in Harare today

  6. He said he had also written to president Mnangagwa and was willing to engage him on the issues but on an equal footing since Mr. Mnangagwa was also a candidate.

    The people’s President raised the issue of the independence of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, against the disturbing background of the curious and unexplained resignation of both the chairperson and the chief elections officer of the electoral management body.

    He said it was a serious and vicious assault on the integrity and autonomy of ZEC that the electoral management body’s new chairperson had undertaken a trip to Russia with a politburo member of Zanu PF and advisor to one of the candidates in the forthcoming election.

  7. Mosimudza musoro zvino nenyaya yemareforms? It is clear as day kuti maimirira ka kuti RGM abviswe nokuti ndiye wamaitya.Does not need rocket science kuti hapana chiri credible chichaitwa 3 months before elections. Disingenuous grandstanding! The harmonized elections train will most certainly leave without your alliance! You did not have the audacity to measure up to Jonathan Moyo when he made a bold statement about reforms then, which same statement he has repeated specifically to your formation in the most recent days.

    • either u just rose from the dead or you chose to be ignorant, Why was NERA formed during Mugabe time? All protests which resulted in the burning of ZBC car where they not for these reforms? Please spare us from your ignorance

    • Vanhu ve Zanu PF hamogone kuvaka nyika. Hazvizi zvenyu izvi. You have failed the Zimbabweans. You are failures

  8. This a clear demonstration that Chamisa thinks MDC Alliance will win even after the so called reforms and yet this is a pipe dream. Issue of reforms were outstanding prior the GNU but I am surprised where were these MDC Alliance lawyers and why they did not press for these reforms 10 years from now boggles the mind. All observers are there, why not implement smart winning strategies to win this year’s elections. Use of traditional myopic strategies will not get Chamisa to state house. Once observers have a position on the outcome of the elections, MDC Alliance will not get any sympathizers world over. MDC Alliance should just up their game and stop being cry babies because the world is watching. Given Chamisa rogue youths, any protests will have disastrous and regrettable results. This national politics not student politics, Chamisa should show that he is now 40 years and hence need to take off the blinkers associated with him this far.

  9. Zanu Pf Demands before Elections are a follows:

    1. No Intimidation of Our supporters through serious threat of more Sanctions. Why the opposition went to US to ask for extension of sanctions. And why America heed their request. This is to intimidate the electorate
    2. Removal of Studio 7 broadcasting in zimbabwe
    3. Pouring of USD money into zimbabwean banks by UN so as to level playing field. If People are hungry, the electoral environment favors opposition.
    4. 10 Billion must be given to infrastructure development to level electoral environment that favors opposition.
    5. The opposition must accept defeat. How can they say any election they lost is not the outcome. in a game the outcome is not known before fulltime. How can MDC be so 100 % sure that they would win this election.
    6. Opposition must stop intimidating our voter by promising violent protest in the event of losing elections.
    7. The opposition must not try to divide the nation along tribal lines.
    8. Opposition must not intimidate public media journalists
    9. Media must report objectively about every participant.
    10.Members of opposition should refrain from violence, Disbnding The VANGUARD. what is the purpose and use of the vanguard, beating and intimidating electorate, warning Zanupf is not like Khupe. Zanupf youths are more than prepared to defend themeselves.

    • Uri we Zanu PF iwe. You have failed and you will always fail. Failure is your Identity. And we the Zimbabweans know that, you can’t fool us

  10. shows honourable Chamisa is a serious political midget whose unilateral wet dreams can threaten the lives and well being of the people he want to stand for.serious this PEACE DOCUMENT has to be taken to ZEC, gvt and zanu pf also have an input so you cannot rush to threaten protests and marches before you get any it an order or plainly a show of uninformed arrogance on his party.remember Ed is the president for now and probably A LONG TIME.The bull fighter makes people believe he is more powerful than the bull,but you and me knows the bull is far more superior than the fighter and his red cloth.we cheer the fighter but deep down we know the bull is not after intertaiment

    • Zimbabwe needs quick fix and you the Zanu PF can’t fix it. You know how to do everything to stay in power which you can’t even deliver the change Zimbabwe is looking for. If you are a young person and you think like old Zanu PF. Then you are old too because we young people don’t think like that

  11. Remember mugabe said the people who marched and removed him last year were MDC people so if they march again this year for reforms the march will be effective like last year. Why is ED afraid of leveling the playing ground? Already he has failed to instill confidence and hope to Zim thats why doctors are striking, nurses striked and next teachers will be on the streets. Better things are only in the Herald and ZBC

  12. Remember mugabe said the people who marched and removed him last year were MDC people so if they march again this year for reforms the march will be effective like last year.

  13. Nhai Nerisoni if you say the elections are going to produce one outcome which is an MDC Alliance win pachine democracy here ipapo and are levelling the playing field yourself.Inga that 10 vehicle motorcade yatokupinda mubrain chaimo wakutozviona uchitonga through inducing fear into the electorate yekuti muchazviona.Threatening violence.Makare pataikura taiti tikanzwa kuti munhu aida zvekurwa zveachirova zvekuti atendeuka ave kunamata taifunga kuti kana kurova kwacho haachatogoni not knowing kuti that person has actually decided to work for the good of the community yekwaMuneri paAraiti.Musarota veduwee

  14. My mind was also boggled when i saw the new ZEC chairperson posing for pictures with Christopher Mtsvangwa. Cry my beloved Zimbabwe, the elections are already rigged in favor of ZANU PF

    • @Godwin my mind was boggled when Chigumba made a ruling allowing activists to march through the streets of Harare against the wish of the previous G40 government.Chamisa must be taken aback coz these may have been his traits in that all those times we saw him close to ED in parliament during the Mugabe Era he was busy selling out MDC-T secrets to Zanu p.f.Tsvangirai was fighting a losing battle then

  15. Chamisa as a lawyer still has a lot to learn about the law making process because he used to boycott the process in the august house. Chamisa as a Presidential candidate needs to quickly mature and stop behaving like a political commissar. This is a clear call for him to be realistic. Right now all the Presidential Candidates are winners but they will lose these votes before the election day. Wamba Diya Wamba should be realistic and start to convince my old folks here in UMP that he possesses what they need to convince them against putting an X paMasvingo. So far he hasn’t offered anything except his age.

  16. Stop!! not stop it.Young man Chamisa do me a favour please.Campaign vigorously dont divert and worst your energy trying to mumble about reforms its a bit late to sorst your energy.Campaign young man sell yourself we love you i have been with MDC from day 1 but am going back to Zanu because zizi risina nyanga rakabviswa just want to support the current new dispensation but MDC remain in place for checks and balances on ED.There is change lets not undo what ED has achieved and continues to do so.Love MDC-t and Zanu Pf.

  17. Its only fools who cannot see what chamisa is saying and seeing.Wake up , its always painful to support Zanu because daily you have to lie to keep your supper on the table.
    Shame on you

    • No one will bring food on your table unless if you work it. Mugabe left but you are still struggling why? You should work in order to thrive and that is not brought by the politicians we vote for especially in these Third World Countries. ED and Chamisa are both working to feed their families first, being our leaders is something else. Zimbabwe is a very poor Third World Country and these politicians should not just hallucinate to get the votes but they should be realistic.

  18. Hapana hapana va ED vari kutsvaga nzira dzeku rigger nadzo. Vano zviziva kuti vakaita run on the same plain field ne MDC vanodyiwa.

    • Iwe Gerald asi hauna zvokuita here chinguri wabviro typer. Dai zvainzi kuwanda kwema posts ndiwo mavhoti acho pamwe maihwina manje unfortunately you only amount a single vote Kkkkkk.


  20. Without fear of contradiction, ED and Mugabe are two sides of the same coin judging them by their take in the coming election. Just as Mugabe remained adamant on electoral reforms, ED has no intention of implementing the same either. The fight for electoral reforms should go on relentlessly instead of participating in a predetermined election, an exercise in futility.

  21. Isu tangomirira kuvhotera vaMnangagwa nebato redu reZanu pf musi wacho wekuvhota. Panevamwe varikutoti tsvagira nyaya dzakawanda wanda dzisineyi nesu but vanongo vukura vachingovukura. Todakuhwinha zvinemutsindo imwi vana chamisa whether you participate or not nyangwe mukaramwa isu hatiregi kudya sadza kana rapakugwa

  22. zvaana chamisa izvi ngatisiyanei nazvo hatingarambi tongochinja ma president tichitadza kuita development va mugabe vaingoita zve politics pasina developement saka hatichadi zvepolitics toda kuti va mnamgagwa vapiwe nguva yavo voita vopeddza kana chamisa achizouyawo oitawo zvevanhu mu road taramba enda wega chamisa

  23. Go go chamisa go. Do not hesitate to hold the bull by its horns like what ED and chiwengwa did to mugabe in November. History repeats it self, now its your turn to hold ED and his zanu pf by their horns vajaira ku rigger for so longer. This time take all the advantage of all the international election observers they invited themselves. Zvidhara zvese ngazvichizorora like mugabe kkk

  24. Josphat Zvinavashe im sure you struggle with the Queen’s language hence your comment shows your lack of understanting.

  25. munei ko nhai ed zvamatiitira.hatidye ur mantra and bullsht ,imi chingoporai mdc idzose ma us dlrz imi hamuzvigone. Isu mayouth tinokuzivai kubvira kudhara namugabe wenyu.chamisa 2018 president

  26. any1 who says pamberi na ed still support zanu, its either mupengo or is benefiting frm it, u kno mbavha, or both. ed is the nigga who participated in murdering more than 20 000 innocent civilians, children n women, defenceless, he n bob ne zanu fucked the economy, nw he tells me zim is open fo business, so that he continues to steal.vanu vezanu pfungwa dzakafa kare, vry vry stupid n dangerous

  27. dofo rakaita sa ed na constantino kiriniki chiwenga vakavuraya nyika fo 38 yrs nw wotonzwa rimwe duzvi richiti tipwotoro tipwotoro, pamberi nembavha,mhondi, neuvori haaa fokofu mhani, chamisa has all votes. zanu yavakutozviwetera harahwa dzoshaiswa hope na chamisa, kwanzi ipwere nxaaaaa majaira zanu inoti youth leader ane 60yrs kurwara chaiko

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