Chamisa pledges to address Matabeleland grievances

MDC Alliance presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa has pledged to address several thorny issues that have remained unresolved in Matabeleland provinces since independence in 1980.


Addressing a rally in Dete on Saturday, Chamisa cited underdevelopment, devolution, Gukurahundi and deployment of non-Ndebele government officials in the province, as some of the issues that required urgent attention.

“It’s pointless to try to wash away Gukurahundi. The most logical thing is to acknowledge that the massacres left deep scars in survivors’ hearts and there is need to heal those psychological wounds through properly-structured healing processes,” he said.

“My government also promises to come up with a language policy that ensures that non-Ndebele-speaking people are not deployed in such areas as Matabeleland as that stifles development.”

Chamisa said his “government in waiting” was ready to roll out several developmental programmes to transform the province and put it on the same level with the rest of the country.

Speaking at the same rally, MDC Alliance spokesperson, Welshman Ncube dismissed the newly-formed opposition National Patriotic Front (NPF), as a nonentity, arguing no sane Zimbabwean would vote a political party linked to former President Robert Mugabe.

This came amid reports that Mugabe was the brains behind the Ambrose Mutinhiri-led NPF.

The NPF reportedly boasts of disgruntled Zanu PF members, particularly those belonging to the G40 faction.

In an interview on the sidelines of an MDC Alliance rally in Dete, Matabeleland North on Saturday, Ncube, who is also MDC leader, ruled out Mugabe’s NPF causing a major shock in the elections, saying Mugabe’s alleged involvement is enough to anger them to vote against the new political party.

Ncube said Mugabe caused so much misery during his 37-year rule and no sane Zimbabwean “would want to re-live that suffering in their lifetime”.

“The first premise is that this is a free country. In a democracy, everyone is at liberty to form and organise their own political party if they feel that the existing political parties don’t serve their interests or ideological inclinations.

“It’s a right guaranteed by the Constitution. If those who were in Zanu PF feel that they are unable to feel at home by joining any of the other existing parties and they want to create their own party as it where, let them be,” he said.

“We think it is wrong, for instance, for (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa to begin to speak as if Robert Mugabe and G40 have no right to organise themselves, as if action must be taken against them. It is fundamentally wrong to let the people judge them. The people of this country know what damage was done, what suffering Mugabe brought to this country, and I believe that they would meet the full wrath of the people at an election,” Ncube said.

The Mugabe-linked NPF joins several other opposition parties that have been formed, of late, to challenge Mnagwagwa’s Zanu PF.

Mnangagwa has said elections will be held in a few months’ time, although legally, they are only due at the tail-end of July to August 21.

“So, while we are surprised that they don’t realise that they did so much harm to this country, and think they can actually go back to the people and ask for their votes, that is quite surprising but it is their right, let them be, we are totally unconcerned about them,” Ncube said.

Zanu PF has reacted to Mugabe’s alleged re-entry into politics, with the youth league describing the 94-year-old former President, as the ruling party’s enemy.


  1. So is he saying Shonas cannot work in Matebeleland and Ndebeles cannot work in Mashona provinces? Is this not tribalism?

    1. A Shona can work in Matebeleland as long as he or she can speak the local language the same goes for a Ndebele who wants to work in Mashonaland, there is no tribalism there.

    2. Anthony Mazuru

      this guy is trying to create another rwanda where Tutsi and hutus can not work together he is dviding all languages dont vote for him nkomo said there are no shonas or Ndebeles all Zimbabweans folish leader

  2. Immature childish politicking. He doesn’t understand how government works and he does not know how nation building is done, or how Ndebele came to be the dominant language of the area through white colonialism. He is not aware that there are many languages that rightfully belong to that area and should take precedence over Ndebele, a recent arrival, and a colonial outfit, for that matter.
    This country is not shonalised as he says; it has a dazzling majority of its people classified as shona by colonial rulers. There are no parts of the country where the majority language should be proscribed. The man is not aware of the consequences of his insane utterances.

  3. Just stupid populism by an immature politician.

  4. Joins regionalists and tribalists in the area he was in as well as in parliament. Foolish politician who promises to have a bullet train running in ninety days of inauguration as president, without proving that he has the resources to do it, apart from zeal.
    Promised them heaven on earth, when he is not the administrator or owner of heaven.

    1. kkkkkk thats tomfoolery of you bro………he obviously doesn’t have the resources kkkkk infact it is not his resources he is pledging it is the policies that his party will implement kwete kungoti Zimbabwe is open for Business pasina zvobatika zvikuitwa.

      and seeing that you skipped school lemme educate you a bit kkkk…heaven on earth is just a metaphor which is not literally applicable…just like e.g I am so hungry I could eat a horse…this does not mean I want to eat a horse but its just a figure of speech expressing one’s hunger

  5. this boy should go to hell,what does he care about ndebele

    Engabodlala ngenqondo respect us ndebele start by respecting umama Khuphe.we won’t vote for you here in mat land

    1. dont say we….I think the correct word there is I….ngoba thina sizomvotela lojaha he has a vision ….no offence to mam’khuphe but if she thinks thina amandebele we will vote for her simply because she is one of us then she should think again……

  6. Chamisa munomborasika kutaura. Zvamuri kutaura zvafanana nemunhu anoti ari muJoburg handichadi muZimbo anozoshandira kuno. Skills gap inongoita kuti maZimbo awanikwe ariko. If there are people who would want to work there and they have there required skills it should be entirely upto them. It should not be determined by tribe. We need to be careful with some of the promises at rallies sir for people will judge by such statements.

    1. There is nothing wrong with what he said come to Bulawayo for instance in most gvt service providers elderly persons find it hard to communicate with the people in charge…..I mean does’nt it make sense that a 70year old ndebele speaking be served by a ndebele speaking aid

      1. Hypocritical Chief. A whole office system cannot fail to have someone who speaks Ndebele. The truth is that Ndebele was forced onto the local people by the colonial government between 1956 and 1964 and it should now taste the experience of being forced off position by the Tonga, Nambya, Kalanga, Karanga, Venda and others who more rightly belong to that region. If the current tribal hysteria and neurosis had been in existence, Mike Masocha Hove would have been defeated by Joshua Nkomo in the federal elections of December 1953.
        If local languages were so important, the education and other sectors in this country would not have been dominated for more than seventy years by European players who could only speak English or Afrikaans at most.

        1. truth be told the gap between the ndebele and the shona can be loosely likened to that of the rich and the poor in Zimbabwe….not because the former is not equally competent but because he/she doesn’t have a sekuru in higher offices….look at the chivhayos,chiyangwas e.t.c

  7. No no something is not right here,u think chamisa is saying all this to tarnish the image of MDC

    1) how am I a shona person supposed to react when I here a fellow Zimbabwean say this about me.

    2)there’s also the pathetic lie of him claiming to have been promised 15billion by USA only to have the story being denied by the USA gvt the following day

    3)exaggeration of bullet train,in the first term in office,4 way lanes etc

    something surely is not right.I m sure chamisa is really sabotaging mdc

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