Chamisa, Khupe in talks

MDC-T deputy president, Thokozani Khupe has reportedly agreed to meet her arch rival and party leader, Nelson Chamisa, to iron out their differences “for the betterment of the party” following an acrimonious fallout that threatened yet another split.


This comes a day after Chamisa, who is also MDC Alliance presidential candidate, told supporters at a campaign rally in Dete on Saturday that he was planning to knock on Khupe’s door in Bulawayo yesterday so that they could find each other ahead of this year’s general elections.

Khupe’s personal assistant, Witness Dube, confirmed the development yesterday, although he was skirt on details.

“Dr Khupe is a principled person, she does not believe in talks being held in the media and so, whatever is being discussed and worked upon, she believes it must be done in truth and honesty. Whatever talks that are being held, she expects that this must not be done in the media, hence, she will not say any word regarding that. She expects the same from fellow leaders,” Dube said, dismissing speculation linking her boss to the newly-formed National Patriotic Front (NPF).

Of late, Khupe had been linked to the Ambrose Mutinhiri-led NPF amid speculation that she had also privately met with former President Robert Mugabe to form a formidable force against Zanu PF presidential candidate, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“That is rubbish. I know fiction writing when I read it, that is what you are talking about. If you read throughout the story, you will be ashamed to be called a journalist with such fiction writers. It is hogwash. If you believe anything there, you can as well believe that the devil is in heaven. It’s rubbish,” she said through her aide.

The fallout between Khupe and Chamisa revolves around the party leadership and the MDC-T’s involvement in the MDC Alliance — a loose coalition of seven opposition parties.
Khupe insists she is legitimately entitled to take over as party leader following their death of leader Morgan Tsvangirai, but Chamisa has stood his ground saying his recent endorsement by the national council and national executive suffices.

She has also refused to recognise the MDC Alliance, arguing that the MDC-T does not require alliances in Matabeleland region where it commands majority rule. Khupe’s anti-alliance stance has thrown her on a collision course with most senior party officials, exposing her to a butt of verbal and physical assaults before and after Tsvangirai’s death.

The row degenerated into violent clashes at Tsvangirai’s funeral and also last weekend at the party’s Bulawayo offices, as Khupe and her allies tried to hold a meeting. This came hard on the heels of an MDC-T national council’s seven-day ultimatum for Khupe and her allies to return to the fold or face expulsion. The deadline elapsed last week, as Khupe and her allies defiantly stood their ground, and boycotted Chamisa’s rally in Matabeleland North province on Saturday.

She is backed by national chairman, Lovemore Moyo and national organising secretary, Abedinico Bhebhe and the now suspended national spokesman, Obert Gutu, among other senior party officials.

In his campaign speech, Chamisa said he was still prepared to engage them to resolve the dispute.

“It is important that all our parties should be united. I am aware that vice president Khupe is not here. She has got her complaints. We are now aware of her complaints. Madam Khupe and other leaders were given a position by the national council but the time for talks has elapsed,” he said.

“If you are a visionary leader, you should not promote divisions. If you are a visionary, go and try again to talk with her. So, I am taking my opportunity to be in Bulawayo to go to Khupe ‘s house tomorrow and knock at her door so that we can engage each other.”

Besides Khupe, Chamisa last month also faced a similar leadership challenge from deputy president, Elias Mudzuri, whom he later won to his side shortly before Tsvangirai’s burial in Buhera.

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  1. Way to go!

  2. There can never be power counterbalance whatsoever. Unless one accepts to the subordinate of the other, a split and a subsequent grand defeat are eminent. Keep up, well begun is half done.

  3. A problem shared is a problem solved, keep that spirit burning . we want zanu pf to go only.

  4. now chamisa will assume full power without any diversion as his appointment cannot be reversed, welcome back to the party khupe

  5. Khupe ukabva kuna Chamisa i bet my last tansport and food money that yo political career is finshed. Hauna vanhu hako Khupe pane ari kukunyepera. Relax follow Chamisa

  6. ngatibatanei tirige chiZanu pasi tisimudzire chishuvo chaSave…Dambu haana door,,hezvooooko!!

    1. alheit-nemoyowese

      magaro ako akaorra. why zanu ivo vari veMuDhoSvo vari kupisirana muzvidzimba zveuswa panhamo?

  7. Matebele Warrior

    Thank you for the team work guys , we want to destroy nand finish the “coup boys”


  9. Kare Kwaivanani

    Chishandisai henyu mazita enyu chaiwo cahiwo hama. Hazvichatyisa izvi!

  10. i think what mdc allience have to realize is that there is no greater advantage than an enemy that is confused and is racked by divisions…well done chamisa. lets bury these old corrupt politicians and move Zimbabwe forward….100 days for what????

  11. Comment…mose munopenga zzvenyu. Munoda kutonga ani wenyu. Hatidi kutongwa neMdc isu. U simply lack the maturity to rule this country. Garisikayi vapwere muchikunhuhwa madhodhi nemukaka kuda kuita zzvisi zvezera renyu

    1. point of correction to u morgan iti haudi kwete hatidi.

  12. If chamisa and his team knows that they can take the votes without khupe from matebeleland y can’t they go on and fire her instead of going to knock on her door kanoda kunyebera vanhu kuda kuzvishingisa zvenhema, ngakabvume chete kuti khupe is also important in the party

    1. baba vezvemweya

      If you want to rule Chamisa,you need Khupe ,its been good to learn that you want to reason with her, please stop demonising her…..Be a man and solve this internal rift and show true marks of Leader

  13. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimaivepi Mazivazvanguhatirarame Mhakayakora

    Comment…Pakati pevaviri ava, pane arikuita kunonzi, KUPUPA KWEAKAFA, KUBVIRA KWECHIPOKO CHISINGAPISI SORA. Aiwa, dzakateya, tichazvinzwa. Uye akavhurika, tozvirava.

  14. baba vezvemweya

    Chamisa,stop being nasty to Khupe,if you continue to demonise her, MDC will never win,united you stand and devided you fall. surprise the world and do the right thing.Go to her and reason together over and reason.Even God will be happy.

  15. For those who were at the MDC Congress Khupe was appointed by Morgan Tsvangirayi she was never elected its a lie. That time MDC had only a provision for one VP and Khupe knows that. Ask her who nominated her? MT hadnpicked her.

  16. chamisa chamisa chamisa no no no no Aiwa kwete bodo

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