Chamisa invades Zanu PF strongholds

MDC-T leader, Nelson Chamisa will this weekend invade Zanu PF strongholds in Mashonaland Central and East provinces, as he ups the stakes ahead of the 2018 general elections.

BY Everson Mushava/Jairos Saunyama

This will be Chamisa’s first series of rallies in the traditional Zanu PF strongholds since he took over leadership of the opposition party, following the death of founding leader, Morgan Tsvangirai last month.

On Saturday, Chamisa is set to address an MDC Alliance rally in Murewa before proceeding to Nzvimbo growth point in Chiweshe, Mashonaland Central, the following day.

The provinces used to be regarded as no-go areas for opposition politics during the era of former President Robert Mugabe. Chamisa’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka confirmed the rallies.

“We are going rural and the MDC Alliance has from now on, heavily tilted its campaign towards the rural areas,” he said.

“On Saturday, we will be in Murewa and proceed to Chiweshe. We will scour every village and every ward. We are talking of a presidential candidate (Chamisa), who grew up in Gutu and when he is in the rural areas, he will be in his domain.” ads Ads

Chamisa has held several successful rallies after the death of Tsvangirai except for Plumtree, which was poorly attended, but the alliance partners attributed the low turnout to rains, although some observers blamed it to the fallout between Chamisa and MDC-T vice president, Thokozani Khupe.

The Mashonaland provinces, especially Mashonaland East’s Uzumba-Maramba Pfungwe, often report shockingly high electoral figures for Zanu PF.

This comes as police in Marondera have finally granted the MDC Alliance permission to hold its rally at Rudhaka Stadium on Saturday after they had initially blocked it, citing President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s alleged visit to the town on the same date.

The MDC Alliance, however, moved the rally to Murewa.

MDC-T Mashonaland East deputy organising secretary, Boniface Tagwirei, confirmed the development, which he said had been overtaken by events, as they had moved the rally to Murewa.

“I received a letter from the district police commander informing us that we could go ahead with the rally at Rudhaka Stadium, as per our application. It is too late now since we have settled for Murewa. We cannot change that now, they initially blocked our rally, saying Mnangagwa was coming, but they are now saying we can go ahead. We will hold the Marondera rally some other time, as for Saturday we are heading to Murewa,” he said.

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  1. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    We are behind you our dear leaders , all our hopes of a new Zimbabwe are pinned on you

    1. Well done Chamisa.You are the man of the moment.

      Gore rino hazvikone

  2. Keep that pace……tinosvika chete

  3. the Chamisa Circus goes to Mash-East,it should provide us with some amusement and nothing more… it is very important in these times to have a sense of im sure Mash East will welcome this stand-up comedian…but let us not get our hopes high..this motley troupe together with its ringleader will not win presidential elections.

    1. so who will win

      1. Pane benzi rakati ranzwa mupopfita waMwari achiti magwana kunenge kwava nemaguta iro rikaseka richiti hanzigoneke. Rikanzi zuva ramangwana uchariona asi hapana chauchadya. Zvikaitika seizvozvo.

        1. TRUE!!!

    2. Mthulisi…….a person is entitled to his/her opinion, sometimes if you see your opinion opposing everyone else’ s opinion on a matter / discussion hmmm just know something is wrong with either u or yo comment. This Chamisa guy did nothing wrong. if u dont like him just keep it to your self and opinion. Chamisa has done nothing wrong, so back OFF!

    3. Why do u hate the young president was emerson elected by pipo and who are u to judge are u God

    4. Why do u hate chamisa mthulisi are u God why do u judge the young president was emerson elected by pipo

  4. l’m truly impressed by the rapid improvement in maturity & leadership qualities this young man is going thru with each rally, he’s on fire & only jealous envious people can deny the truth

  5. Comment…chamisa ndizvo famba nebasa chikomana kwete zvana khupe vakatengwa nezanu pf

  6. we are behind you NC

  7. tendai chaminuka

    To hold a rally is not to invade and does that not guarantee a vote.As Zanu (p.f) and it will tell you that they held full capacity rallies in the urban areas but the results aifadza vavengi.MDC-T is detached from the rural vote nekuti muchatanga kutaura zvebullet tarin from Harare to Kotwa via Mrewa.Haaaaaaa #EDHASMYVOTE

  8. I personally salute ED for his violent free and fair Presidential election and i personally advice him to accept the Presidential result after election.
    If u and your leutenants do that haaaa u will both earn my respect forever.
    Go Chamisa Go

  9. Ex zanu suppoter

    Comment…chamisa chamisa chamisa free us our president in waiting,everyway you go people say chamisa our president take us foward is your time my boy free us

  10. My message to Chamisa is this, MaKhupe is now a ZanuPf puppet and beware about the confusion impending during voting time beacuse I can foresee ballot papers being printed, MDC Alliance and MDCT for MaKhupe like what happened with Welshman Ncube with MDC and MDCT thereby counfusing some voters, beware guys. I warned you

  11. tafara zishiri

    Mr mnangagwa , I really want to thank you for giving Mr chamisa an opportunity to taste a presidential election defeat and he will be out of parliament just like the late cde Tsvangirai May his soul rest in peace.

  12. We can do all this and talking this and this nothing wl cm cz nyaya yese iriparigging ED


  14. Zanu-PF is not smart it never was and this time there will be nothing for them but jeolous. If you hear anyone saying Chamisa haafe aka leader nyika ino zivai kuti ane mweya wechi dictator. This is an evil spirit in the hearts of such people. We say NO NO TO SUCH A spirit

    1. wy are you so myopic ,democracy is about giving pple the choice to vote for their prefered candidate so if i dont like student politics ,kutamba nematoy nekuteerera sasi dzemahwindi wosvora.Itai mushe mhani vanhu vemdc.the only problem is you think your dream govt wil give u heaven on earth without realising that you got to work for everything.ED is on the ground round the clock to fix the country and your headboy is busy showing off his badges as of there will be some godfather who will provide all that he is dreaming.Dont fool yourselves guys zanu is now purified and will win convincingly. #ED HAS MY VOTE

      1. Age is nothing bt just a number our liberation struggle waz fot by young people and who told u that being old means u reason Zim is in ths mes al coz of people lyk who fear the unknown,dai kukura kuriko kunoita tibudirire them Zim shuld hav been th richest in th world

        1. Tellyourneibourshshshshsh

          Iyezvino tirikuenda kuZITF ndiyani anoruka mazwi nekunyora Presintential Speech?

      2. Tellyourneibourshshshshsh


      3. Tellyourneibourshshshshsh

        Country in Africa
        Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in southern Africa known for its dramatic landscape and diverse wildlife, much of it within parks, reserves and safari areas. On the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls make a thundering 108m drop into narrow Batoka Gorge, where there’s white-water rafting and bungee-jumping. Downstream are Matusadona and Mana Pools national parks, home to hippos, rhinos and birdlife.
        Capital: Harare
        Founded: November 11, 1965
        President: Emmerson Mnangagwa
        Government: Republic, Unitary state, Presidential system, Military junta, Semi-presidential system
        Currencies: South African rand, United States Dollar, Indian rupee

      4. Tellyourneibourshshshshsh

        April 18, 1980 ndiyani akange ave ne75yrs old dzekuberekwa /37ys experience in politicts to be elected as a zimbabwean president ?THINK & GROW RICH

  15. Zim Resident yo comment is on spot,Go Nelson Madhibha Chamisa.

    1. my problem with chamisa is that he hallucinates too much.. or else he takes the electorate for fools… in midlands he promised to change the capital city to chinhoyi bullet train in five years.. pliz stop taking our educated citizens for granted nxaaa

  16. chamiasa our President we rally behind come rain come thunder

  17. I wish Chamisa well in his efforts but he possesses Mugabe traits which l fear may derail his grand plan.l do not know so would want him explain why he has decided to take the seat by dubious strategies when he appear to have so much support. Why not get it constitutionally and democratically. He rightfully preaches to tow MDC and Tsvangirai’s iconic democracy but acts otherwise. It boggles real democratic minds. Congress as l see it would have become a better entry than any other for him. Hama chakachenjedza ndechakatanga. The boy chooses the MUGABE plan and even creates a fear factor for anyone who see things differently, men, already before he is even elected president. tikazomusarudza tikahoti akoniwa ngaachibva, anobva iyeyu?

    1. Muzim akasarudzwa zvakanaka ndiyani

  18. Comment…@fra why do you change Chamisas words to suit your cause….in Gweru Chamisa said Gweru only becomes Zims admin capital and even went ont to say uchanzwa mumwe avekuti hanzi naChamisa Gweru ichaitwa capital city.he meant people like you who hate for no cause.If he promises people a bullet train then who are you to say he cant do it.Zanu pf had 37years to get better but election after election they made promises they never kept.i would rather try the new Presidnt in waiting than the tried ones who only woke up after being expelled from their posts in gvt.please wake up and reason c.arefully


    Chamisa Nelson is a dictator ask MDC employees who work with him when he was organising secretasry. This man- Chamisa is very ruthlessy he doesnot not want to hear dissenting voices. Take a moment and ask yourself why he was defeated for the post of SG during elective congress..

  20. Sibusisiwe Gwanda

    #Chamisa has my vote

  21. Kuwiriranakwanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Chirimumhanzu, Mberengwa, Mutoko, Uzumba, Maramba, Pfungwe, Hurungwe, Mhondoro neDarwin akatosvika here? Vezvematongerwo enyika, musatakura vanhu kuenda kumisangano musingazovadzorera kumisha kwavo. Isuwo vanhu ngatidzidzewo. Kwete kungogaro chema pose paitwa sarudzo. Vanhu ngatiende kumisangano kwatinozogona kudzoka kana nedzaAdam.

  22. CHAMISA!!!

  23. I dont think chamisa is good to b a leader mugabe number 2

  24. Tellyourneibourshshshshsh


  25. Tasha Ruponeso


  26. Newsday type of Journalism is nonsensical. I,m happy that he is going to have a reality check in those ZANU-PF strongholds. I can bet my last cent that Chamisa will never attract or penetrate the rural areas. Morgan was more brave and a fighter than this little boy but he tried and failed to dislodge ZANU-PF from the rural electorate for 19 years and i bet the same predicament is awaiting the little boy.

  27. Go go go Chamisa go zanu is no longer existing la coste is not zanu . The world is watching any thuggery action by la coste it will dim our elections not free and fair .

  28. Comment…Watch out the Russians !!!!!! If they could hack into American Trump election what more in little Zim??????????

  29. Real Change Luver

    I am 75 years old now, i think we shld allow these young people to take this nation forward with other young world leaders. Mupei chimuti chake mwana uyu ( Neroson), he has energy and i tell you he can compete with european leaders on important matters.

  30. Neroson nera vanhu ava

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