Chamisa invades Khupe’s territory

MDC-T Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa is set to invade his nemesis, Thokozani Khupe’s territory with a star campaign rally at White City Stadium in Bulawayo on April 7.


The coalition’s Bulawayo provincial spokesperson Felix Magalela Sibanda yesterday said the rally is meant to overshadow Khupe’s recent rally which attracted a paltry 600 followers.

Sibanda said the gathering would be the “mother” of rallies in the history of Bulawayo.

“Bulawayo and its neighbouring Matabeleland North and South are citadels of the MDC and no one in his/her rightful mind can doubt that. We have never lost an election in Bulawayo and we promise anyone that come 2018 elections, we are sweeping all 12 constituencies and 29 council wards,” he said.

“The MDC-T and MDC Alliance are not built on individuals, but firm and sound values. This, therefore, means that Khupe and her cabal are not the MDC and not the party. It is on record that Khupe is no more an MDC member nor its VP,” Sibanda said.

“A line was drawn on the 23rd instance by the national council and that sealed her political fate. Yes, people are allowed to dream, but those dreams are just perceptions.

Zimbabweans, particularly, Bulawayo inhabitants are quite sure of what they want and will never be diverted by power-hungry individuals who are self-centred.”

“As a democratic party, our doors are still open for abused, misdirected and misinformed party members by Khupe to reconsider and come and take their positions in the MDC family, not to be sacrificed to dubious and bogus political formations bent on dividing the party. Khupe and her henchmen must be advised not to hijack our innocent members to Zanu PF to serve their political ambitions.”

Sibanda recently said Khupe’s Bulawayo rally had a rented crowd from fringe political parties and civic groups, claiming the MDC Alliance was not moved by that.

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  1. we will be there in our thousands to meet our future and energetic leader.

  2. Mhamha Khupe makawanza dzungu, this id the end of your political carreer, your were misinformed, Chamisa zvinhu anodiwa nevanhu, you were supposed,to rally behind the energetic, charismatic youngman.

    2018 Chamisa paState House.

  3. Mdct Chamisa fan

    Khupe akagara achirwara nepfungwa kare Morgan achipo. Musiyei akadaro but shura raachaona musi wa7 richamuendesa kumwedzi gore rose non stop. Mirai muone shura paBlues. Chamisa woye. Ichooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

  4. We are coming in our thousands. U Ma Khuphe kasisamfuni. Kahambe ko Mujuru ayedla imali. Afterall, that is why she is in politics.

  5. This lady was a problem even before Tsvangirai died. She is an agent of Zanu PF who doesnt know it. The way she cried at Tsvangiral funeral was just a show off,she never loved Tsvangirai. She disobeyed him for a least a year. And then she cries at his funeral like he loved him . She is too emotional l have never like hair

  6. the electorate will always be charmed, albeit deceived, by eloquence, charisma and what not…. african politics sucks!!!

  7. hezvokoooooooo

  8. But Chamisa must make sure Shonas dont dominate as Bulawayo Candidates because Khupe might capitalise on tht

  9. Who said White City stadium is Khupe stronghold?? (or Bulawayo)?? What a Misleading assumption this headline. Newsday we trust your integrity don’t betray our Trust please.

  10. Khupee really lost it. See how Chamisa has delayed appointing deputy so far, just to wait for her to come to your senses.
    And she cannot even address a rally alone nana poor Obert avo.

  11. This is sad…Any division will benefit the status quo.

  12. Ndebele Ndebele

    We all know the MDC issue was a fight against Ndebeles. Playing the tribal card and using a supportless Welshman to achieve that end. You really take the people of Matabele for fools i see. They will surprise you this year. LIZAVOTELWA NGAMASHONA AKINI

  13. Khupe Is Bought

    Its a pity to see Khupe fall after her sacrifice for 18 years simply because she thinks she is entitled to lead the Movement after Morgan. Haungomuke wazvigadza kuti ndini ndavapo kunge MUDZIMU/AMANDLOZI. Khupe, you are a bitter leader and that’s not good for this country. This country will move forward with consensus not greed. Its no secret Khupe was bought under ZANU-PF ticket. Her agenda is to divide MDC-T Votes which in any way will not work because I’m sure you are starting to realise that you don’t have the numbers Madam. ITS COLD OUTSIDE THE CHAMISA LED MDC-T. In our thousands surely we will show you Khupe on the 7th of April because now we know there no longer ‘NOISE’ in the cockpit.

  14. @baba tshima

    clearly u are not ndebele but a shona trying to decieve people to think all ndebeles are behind chamisa and against khuphe

  15. We (Matabeleland) are tired of being used as Shona scapegoats. MDC doesnt even have a support base in their Mashonaland yet they want us to be secondary. Come Elections i will not vote for selfish leaders with tribalistic tendencies disguised as national interest.

  16. Khupe will no longer come back in the political game


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