Chamisa endorsed as presidential candidate

THE MDC Alliance principals met in Harare yesterday and endorsed MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa as their presidential candidate in the forthcoming general elections.

Everson Mushava

Chamisa replaced his former boss, Morgan Tsvangirai, who died two weeks ago after a long battle with colon cancer and was buried last Tuesday at his rural home in Humanikwa village, Buhera.

The former ICT minister was also on Thursday endorsed by the MDC-T as the substantive leader by the party’s national council.

The meeting followed weeks of bickering succession squabbles. Announcing the MDC Alliance decision after a meeting of the alliance principals, the grouping’s spokesperson Welshman Ncube (MDC leader) the decision to appoint Chamisa as the presidential candidate was unanimous.

“We believe he has all the credentials, young as he is, he has all the experience. Don’t be fooled by his age, he is a seasoned politician and has been in politics all his adult life,” Ncube said.

In his acceptance speech, Chamisa said he would give Zanu PF a good run in the next elections which the opposition was sure to win.

“I am ready, we are ready and I assure you this will be an election of a lifetime, an election to end queues at banks, unemployment, and all your problems,” he said.

Chamisa said the first 100 days of the alliance rule will be marked with reopening of factories and not only opening the country for business, but scrutiny, accountability and transparency.

Referring to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s “Zimbabwe is open for business mantra”, Chamisa said the call should not be a mere slogan that is not supported by accountability, transparency and public scrutiny.

“This election is about generations, ideas, and the future versus the past. Mr Mnangagwa is a good ambassador of the past and we want to usher him to the future and this is why we are in this election,” Chamisa said.

“I hope that as we go into the election, you can see the kind of the digital faces you have, against the analogue faces who are already in government, it is going to be an exciting contest, isn’t it?

“It’s a clear contest between the past and the future, the iPad generation versus the mbira generation, and that makes it an exciting election and an election is about choice and we hope that you are going to be able to choose the leadership that you truly deserve.”

Chamisa also said the alliance would ensure reforms were implemented before the elections.

“The key issue is the printing of the ballot papers, we are aware through our intelligence sources that Zanu PF has been paying a company called Pedstock based in Israel, that is linked to Nikuv and we are investigating why they have been paying them using resources from the State,” he said.

He said the alliance had an anti-rigging team, but was quick to state that apathy by voters was the biggest rigging instrument that the grouping was addressing.

People Democratic Party leader Tendai Biti said they were quite sure Chamisa was the right candidate for the alliance, which he described as a social democratic contract.

Agrippa Mutambara, the leader of the Zimbabwe People First said although Mugabe was no longer in this election, his system remained intact and they would be all out to battle against its repression.

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  1. I hope that as we go into the election, you can see the kind of the digital faces you have, against the analogue faces who are already in government, it is going to be an exciting contest, isn’t it? “It’s a clear contest between the past and the future, the iPad generation versus the mbira generation, and that makes it an exciting election and an election is about choice and we hope that you are going to be able to choose the leadership that you truly deserve.” I like that

    1. I am pro-change, albeit who will lead the change, but however, technology ought not to be at the center stage. POINT OF FACT: Chamisa was born before Ipads were there and by the time he passes on, there will be newer technology, kusisina maIpad, most probably. However, it is a fact that he was born kune mbira and the mbiras will live on for centuries, much as they have subdued the test of time, as they date back centuries ago. We do not need short-lived change, but a total reformation. Leadership is not measured using the techno-yardsticks, much as Jesus or Abraham Lincoln never used technology. It is never going to be exiting, much as I need change, but I guess we need to respect each other, young or old. The common denominator, albeit the leader, ought to be genuine socio-economic transformation, where-from we ought to benchmark leadership.

    2. That’s the most childish saying I have heard in a long time. His speech was fine until……….

  2. endorsed or elected?

    1. hazvina basa izvozvo

    2. FYI The party constitution allows for various ways of ascendancy to leadership – Election is but one of them!!! Question is, what exactly is your point MArx

  3. Nikuv right? So Nikuv was the culprit, President Nelson Mandela Chamisa please mutibatsire ipapo coz taishaiwa kuti chii tadyiwa nguva dzese. Ziso pabhora ipapo you have my vote Cyclone Nelson.

  4. These guys call themselves democrats yet they are endorsing an unconstitutional & fraudulent MDC person as leader, Khupe is the legal & constitutional leader of MDC T elected at the 2014 congress. what this means is these guys are willing to forgo proper processes as long as it suits their agenda. Do not cry foul once ED starts playing the same game because you started it.

    1. you obviously don’t know what their constitution says otherwise you wouldn’t be saying that. The National Council is the highest decision making body after the Congress. In the event of a Congress not being possible or even in between Congresses many times it has been used to make important decisions. Their constitution doesn’t stipulate whether an elected or appointed VP takes over, so Khupe’s argument will not stand coz past 2 to 3 yrs they accepted that all 3 were VPs. She has lost and she needs to be patient enough to fight at their next congress

    2. Ko ED vakasarudzwa sei?

    3. Ko ED vakasarudzwa sei?

  5. tinogobirira futi,zanu pf takangwara kudarika kamdc aka,inga wani mukoma vedu mugabe vakango taura vakati tsvangirai haufi wakatonga nyika akaitonga here.takadzidza,zvese tinoita, we have 100 ways dzekuti tirambe tichitoga,so far tanngoshandisa 2 ways chete,come election muchandiudza, zvikanetsa masoja ndeedu,toona yekutamba

  6. Munoti tingatotya vanachamisa ava vanoti chimbambaira chikangodhuuka hacho chega panext door anozviitira weti nedhodho mumanapukeni nekutya muti agangatozova commader in chief we defence force of Zimbabwe aaaah. dai matoisa henyu mudzuri

  7. MR Chamisa , if you want to win, first win the hearts of people, both Shona and Ndebele people. When campaigning show that you are mature by not using hate speech towards opposition.
    We want to see what you are promising us which Mnangangwa is not doing,push for the removal of sanctions, push for opening of industries, push for a new city, push for more tangible investment , free education, and so on.

  8. Nelson then stick to 2 VPs thus Khupe as first vice and the not so switched on Mudzuri as second VP and your immediate team will be complete.

    1. But khupe haasikuda zvee. She is living in Lala land where she still wants to lead but a decision has been made by the decision making body, she needs to accept and fight on another day or year in this case, she just needs to be patient about it

      1. for now its taken by chamisa and madam will have to fight another day

  9. Do u hope Chamisa will actually win only with the half urban youths & some isolated elements in the rural areas.Lets only wait & see!I don’t think his pretense at the digital age, will get him n where.Thinks the electorate are fools enough to ever imagine they may not attain digital technology without Chamisa presidency-he is a fool!Itz obvious all people are going into digital world whether under Ngwena or Chamisa.The people will actually elect n one & go into the digital world even if Chamisa presidency fails

    1. anyone who talks of technology is not mature enough .what is digital to an electorate chamisa is getting carried away by age not reality

  10. Let us not hide our faces in the sand. Just as Mnangagwa’s govt’s foundation and legitimacy that is contestable, Chamisa’s
    it as an underdog. You can only know their prowess after their win in an election. These are the same ‘Zanu PF monkeys’ that Tsvangirai has long been fighting only that the forest has changed. Their circumloquacious explanation of the army’s inclusion in the electoral commission is a sign of what they are capable of doing. Unless we unmask our faces, stop preaching water as we take wine, we have already given the current regime a lifeline.


  11. I mean Chamisa’s candidature without clearance from his two co -principals stands on a false foundation. He should not misconstrue the leniency of the current leadership and take them as underdogs.

  12. Zim needs to be serious on the type of leadership it needs. Surely this is close to a circus ?

  13. Zim need to be serious on the type of leadership it needs. This sounds more a circus ? to some of us!

  14. I attend many mdc rallies with my friends not because we are members, but to hear what they will be saying. So don’t fool yourself by thinking that everyone who attends the rally is mdc member. Count your chocks after complete hatch. #EDhasmyvote#

  15. Comment…mdc will never rule this country,,,, it is even difficulty for them to win an election though winning does not guarantee ruling in their case

  16. chamisa you think you are more digitalised than the zanu family,,, lol,,, why then do you purpotably effectively “get rigged” in elections with the same technology,,,, it is actually you in analogue my nigga,, you are both psychologically, technically, socially, moraly, physically, culturally, ideologically, mentally, and intellectually flaccid and ailing,,,, huya tirime donje kuno nxaaaa

  17. All these bucking dogs above are afraid of the reality around the conner. The honeymoon is over like G40 you are finished as well. VaChamisa mapinda

  18. people still think kuti zviri kuitika izvi zvichine chekuita nenjere dzenyama .aiwa isu tinofamba pamweya tinoti vanhu voterayi CHAMISA .MUSINGADI MUCHIDA VACHAMISA TAKAVASARUDZA KUTI VATUNGAMIRE KWETE MDC CHETE .NYIKA INO NDIVO VANENGE VACHIITONGA KUBVA MUNASEPTEMBER WE GORE RINO 2018.This is our time ,imi muchingoti hee nhingi nangana pwetere pwetere ndivo vachatonga zvakapera kudhara izvozvo.HAMUDEWO ZVINYOWANI MAKAITA SEIKO MAZIMBA.#TAG CHAMISA HAS MY VOTE…………

  19. African is need of leaders who have more experience in handling issues that have to with the economy. Chamisa, ED, Mujuru and many other candidates are career politicians with little if any experience in handling economic projects successfully.

    The danger is in that these popular politicians will act on their primal instinct of politics ahead of rational economic decisions and actions, this we so with the land reform programme under Mugabe, the recent purchasing of vehicles for chiefs and many other things that can be cited.

    The opposition has done a remarkable job in terms of fighting for democracy but that won’t necessarily translate into sound economic policies and implementation. They have proved more to be effective opposition politicians than drivers of economic progress. This can be noted in some of their economic ideologies and ‘solutions’, for a party to seem to rely more on outside help than can be drawn from the locals is detrimental to a generation that seeks more self reliance and mutually benefical partnerships as opposed to handouts($15b claim by Chamisa et al).

    No doubg these elections will be interesting, one can only hope that the votes will be based on experience and wisdom in economic matters more that on popularity and rhetoric.

  20. Chamisa’s statement on digital versus analogue sounds like a line from Winky Ds song. It comes out as immature and disrespectful of the millions of ‘analogue’ voters in Zimbabwe. Be that as it may, ED had a an easy victory against a sickly Tsvangirai. But with a young, clean, capable and popular Chamisa, ED’s goose is well and trully cooked. With Tsvangirai’s death, the pendulum has swung back into the united opposition’s favour. Young people both Zanu PF, MDC and non alligned will resonate better with a younger candidate than a past retirement age ED. I feel sorry for ED, he has really tried his best to clean up his image but, he simply never saw this one coming. Worse still, the millitary’s capture of both government and its institutions is causing further turbulence in Zanu PF and nation at large. We observe the uncharectoristic weekly promotions in ZNA and AFZ which seem unreasonable in our current economic environment. Add to that , the now obvious ‘bhora musango’ strtegy from the resurrected G40. I do not see ED winning this one fairly, not at. Finally, who in their right senses want a stuttering ‘miritary man’ Chiwenga presidency in ten years time? What with her Gracelike wife Mary in tow….

  21. Congrats

  22. Our true leader

  23. ED has my vote – going to NELSON CHAMISA. MDC T needs to change their approach, and invest their energy in winning the rural vote.

    It is my considered view this is possible, if they can train political activists and embed these with surrogate families. They will need to campaign smart, most political activists you meet talk 2much / and make way 2little sense.

    Activists are brand ambassadors – they must know their product well.

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