Chamisa dares ED to TV debate

MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday challenged President Emmerson Mnangagwa to a presidential debate, claiming he would expose the President’s lack of appreciation for critical issues.


Addressing MDC-T aspiring local government and parliamentary candidates at the party headquarters in Harare, Chamisa said Mnangagwa had no chance against him on a debate platform and would have to seek back-up from his deputy, Kembo Mohadi.

“I am saying Mnangagwa, let’s go for a debate on issues,” he said, claiming he was way ahead of his competition.

“I do not want Mnangagwa on his own because he is incapable. I want him to be helped by Mohadi and if that fails, maybe (Buhera South legislator Joseph) Chinotimba can help.”

A number of African nations have introduced live TV debates for presidential candidates, among them Rwanda, Kenya, Liberia and the unrecognised nation of Somaliland.

The late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai on several occasions challenged Mnangagwa’s predecessor, Robert Mugabe for a television debate, but the offer was never taken. Ads

Zanu PF spokesman Simon Khaya Moyo was unavailable to comment on the challenge, with an aide who answered his mobile phone saying he was in a meeting with Mnangagwa.

Chamisa urged aspiring party candidates to be non-violent during elections. The party approved a 20% quota for youth candidates.

Chamisa also accused the ruling party of engineering violence at MDC-T events to tarnish the opposition party’s image.

He accused the ruling Zanu PF of trying to cause disturbances in MDC-T so that the party would be labelled violent.

This comes after successive ugly scenes of violence pitting Chamisa’s supporters against vice-president Thokozani Khupe’s.

The violence, threatening to split the party, has created a rift between Chamisa and party leaders mainly from Matabeleland.

“I am worried as your leader, as a leader of the party of excellence, that there are tendencies of Zanu PF trying to creep into our midst.

“It is not our culture. MDC-T is populated by democrats, doves and peace ambassadors,” Chamisa said, chronicling the number of attack on party supporters since its formation.

“I am surprised when Zanu PF tries to present itself as holier than thou. We know what they are doing.

“We have security reports. They are planting their people, some come wearing MDC-T T-shirts, while others try to influence our members to engage in violence.

“They are agents provocateurs for the purpose of labelling our party a violent one.”

He called for peace and discipline in the party.

“We celebrate an osmosis of ideas. Let ideas move from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration, we are in a democratic discourse, not to interact with stones when you differ with them.

“We don’t chose the migration of reasoning of the brain to that of muscle each time you are defeated on a debate.

“We don’t want that,” Chamisa said.

He said people were excited about his candidature and investors were waiting to do business with Zimbabwe.

Chamisa said, unlike Zanu PF, the opposition party wanted young people to be uplifted and empowered.

“We are different from Zanu PF, which persecutes young people, but in MDC, we elevate young people.

“In Zanu PF, they do a generational genocide like what they did to G40, but in MDC, we have a succession of generations. We are not a one generational movement,” he said.

Turning to the aspiring candidates, Chamisa said he would fight corruption head-on and would not hesitate to fire leaders, particularly councillors, accused of fraud and graft.
He said it was regrettable that there were some elements who were trying to use positions to dip their fingers into public funds.


  1. he is now beyond that your level chamisa are the mutsvangwas of this world debate on tv with those

  2. Way to go!

  3. Immaturity,do u honestly think that the problems that we are facing can be settled with debates??…what this country needs is capable administrators…not eloquent ego-maniacs….with each word he utters,the boy reveals to the country his shallowness and his oversized ego,…those shallow populist speeches impress mahwindi aunenge watengera doro

    1. can you kindly give us examples of the so called capable administrators..

        1. What a joke,, everything he learnt was from Mugabe so its safe to say 37 years of failing and today you claim he is capable. The only thing he does best is butchering minority clans there I have no doubt about his capabilities. 100 Days and he can not solve the cash crisis or put one corrupt person behind bars something so simple that an EDiot like you can manage.

        2. Capable of what? Give us tangible evidence!

        3. ED Capable administrator?? where was he all the 37 years. We are not fools

          1. Better critise ED on his current policies and actions not on the 37years he was not in charge. Personally I am not comfortable with this Chamisa guy ( Morgan was the reai deal) he talks too much and lacks maturity. History has taught us that the best Orators are not the most intelligent neither are they the best leaders look at RGM…give him a mic and the next minute people will be applauding but chabuda hapana. I would rather be an ‘EDiot’ coz its known Eloquence ≠ Intelligence, if anything the two are inversely proportional………Sorry to disappoint

          2. I apologise for casting aspersions on your Narcissistic Boy problem with him is that he exhibits dictatorial tendencies…the boy is basically a thug… sponsoring hooligans to bar certain members from entering Harvest House when crucial meetings are being held,the Buhera beatings..and mostly he sees himself as “the Chosen One”…the second best thing after Jesus,…and he displays a disturbing pattern of grandiosity as shown by his shallow air and wind speeches…,his vindictiveness as shown by his tendency to resort to violence when he feels threatened by his betters,..all point to a narcissistic personality disorder which reminds me of one Robert Mugabe,a man who believed that he was a Demi-god…sorry I know he has got a lot of night school degrees like Bob..but that does not make him a capable leader

    2. isnt it part of the democracy that we are supposed to show the outside community that we dont fight even though we differ in our views also on the electorate who thinks by being in a race we are supposed to allow one another.i think if other countries are doing it why cant we do it also so that we see who is who than to potray mr nyc guys pamarally


      Iam a zanu pf supporter voting for mnangangwa , but mthulisi yu still immature in the political arena yu dnt knw even benefits of debate in politics
      urikungo hukura chete

    4. You could not have said this any better. Good analysis Mthulis

    5. you are old and immature dont have vision and insight. It seems like your are drunk. Chamisa is very capable, he proved his capability during the inclusive government. Chamisa is the deal. you say capable administrators, who are they if you really know what you are saying? Do you think if you are president you know and do all things. Thats why ministers are there to aid the president so to hell with your thinking

    6. Mthulisi my brother, there is nothing in having live debates for presidential candidates. Thats how capable leaders who have a grasp of things that affect the country and remedies they have in place can be easily identified. Most countries are doing that. Live debates easily exposes incompetent leaders.

    7. Debate is not about eloquence but about substance of arguments, submitting economic revival strategies in this case. About how to tackle key economic challenges. If ED is confident with his strategies of establishing a new normal he should take the challenge. We are tired of his rhetoric

  4. Vanoreva Nhema!

    All in order but when you fail to own up the violence issues within your party Honourable Chamisa, you lose it all! There is plenty of time to educate your own camp against the violent conduct and be more tolerant to each other than blame it on the old guard!

    Your people know each other well enough to uproot any infiltrators such that if the perpetrators where from other parties they would have been fished out! There is bad blood between you and VP Khupe and we have a record of people beaten up at Harvest House, the Mangomas, Mudzuris, etc. Deal with your party when it comes to violence and leave the other parties to expose themselves.

  5. it is a good idea, but the reason for holding the debate in Chamisa’s eyes is not proper. it is not about ‘kuwachisana’. it is about presenting your policies to the people and let the people know who tovote for. the debate should not be meant to tarnish any one’s image, but to give the people of Zimbabwe hope of a brighter future.

  6. Mthulisi and Marcel,can you please tell the whole Zimbabwe of the capabilities done by ED and Zanu pf for the past 37 years they have been in power? What points can you lay out to the whole world which you have identify to ED’s capabilities he has done with his Zanu pf masters? Because as for me, my visionary philisophy lays in the develpoment of zimbabwe,but as for you, you have oked the entire sufferings of the masses which is an acceptance of prompting and supporting evilness.ED Mnangagwa,Mugabe and your party are the very responsibilities of the people’s killings and sufferings.Why are you content of your evil brains?

  7. You are losing it young man,Charisma don’t translate into good governance policies, Your may be fluent in speaking and have the Charisma more than ED but when it comes to Economics you seems to be lagging behind on What this country need.Right now you are blaming ZANU PF on the violence which happened on your party events so you are telling us that the people who wanted to burn Mwonzora and Khupe alive were ZANU youths who are being led by the VANGUARD.kkkkkkk ELECTIONS ARE COMING AND YOU ARE GOING TO LOOSE.

    1. True, you are spot on. He is overzealous

    2. Does ED hold any Economics qualification? It looks like you dont understand how the president operates. Does it mean that he must be a person who knows it all? You need insight and vision.
      CHAMISA WEMAYOUTH ese eZanu PF , MDC yese, NPF ese mavotes youth kuna Chamisa

  8. A lot of relatives in the early `80`s died of HIV & Aids because of denial. Chamisa, please come out of denial and look at reality on Violence in MDC.It is there and the sooner you accept it the faster you will deal with it. On debate, you have no time my dear brother to start preparing fro debates, we need you to address bread and butter issues. Package your product (MDC-T) well well and sell it, people will buy it. You are wasting so much time trying to criticize and belittle ED, and ED is quiet (as usual) gaining ground on critical issues. Please desist from concentrating on ED and start selling your product for the electorate to appreciate you. Remember presidential race is more on how the electrolate measure your capability to deliver.

    I have said my own, i rest my case.

    1. PKC please get one thing straight….the young man does not need time to prepare for this debate. It’s in him already such that even if you take him by surprise in the middle of midnight snoring, he will knock out his rival in that kind of debate. And by the way, a brilliant performance in a public debate is part of a good product packaging.

      1. You are very shallow james gunike. This is not about charm and or eloquency. We want deliverables. Look at RG. he possessed great knowledge, eloquency, smartness and sharpness, but he failed to deliver. A brilliant perfomance in a public debate does not translate to good leadership. For you won information, I was in class with a guy who harldy raised his hand to give answers. Whe he was picked he would struggle to execute himself. Now as I speak he a PHD holder working for The World bank. And where are we with our eloquancy? bank tellers

    2. You have said it all

  9. Good move

  10. TV debates give the electorate something to base their choice of candidates on. One cannot claim to have an ability which they cannot articulate or which they believe should not be challenged in a televised debate.

  11. We the wise & elderly do understand Chamisa is still a young man new to the job who like any other can get carried away by new found fame & power for a while. Such is life, but he is very capable & given more time to settle down, gain more experience & learn from his mistakes is definitely better for the job than ED

  12. For the past 37 years Zanu PF has been in power! Including these current administrators. They fought and we helped them to dethrone R.G. They only fought ONLY after being chased away from Zanu PF. Why not fighting b4 being chased. This then shows that they are after positions, not us Zimbabweans. Better come on television to tell us your repentance and inform us what you are bringing to Zim. It is right to treat a murder from jail with skepticism, Zanu PF is such party!

  13. Good idea proposed by President Chamisa as that will give voters a choice of who to vote for.. It’s not about ‘kuwachisa’ munhu per se but to inform the electorate. If Zimbabwe could accept/ introduce mandatory Presidential debates I think we can improve as a people.

  14. chamisa hakana brain

    1. ndochete zvaunogona kutaura. Chamisa is the best wangu.

    2. Iwe ndiwe usina brain, kana unadzo show them with a reasonable concrete argument

  15. Proposing the introduction of presidential debates is a good idea on paper but is likely to get the same response from Mnangagwa as it did from Mugabe. Two points: the fact that Chamisa proposes a personalized, two man debate as opposed to one encompassing all the major presidential aspirants says something about his hubris and his understanding of democracy. The fact that he wants this before reforms (including within ZBC which would, right now, appoint a very biased moderator) speaks to his capacity for strategy and prioritization.. or lack thereof.

  16. Ko Tafataona Mahoso uripi?

    1. off topic

  17. i think chamisa is full of verbose, thus why he talks of flying elephants, he definitely is full of wind. he does not want to acknowledge the buhera violence, where party members were almost killed, where the people who did that did not mince their words and chanted his name as the source of that violence. now he is blaming zanu-pf, its weird, i think he needs to see a phychatrist.

  18. maybe i did not get it clearly what this young man was saying. In my own understanding, i think Mr ED come together with me and we sell our manifestos together other than going around as lone men touting to the electorate. Personally, i see nothing wrong in all presidential candidates coming live on TV talking for the good of us to judge. Scolding our candidates as the electorate is not good hence there is need for tolerance. We should like them all but living a space for your so called candidate. We are a nation, why should we scold each other. I think this platform is good as an eye opener to us all not a forum to utter bad words to each. Yes we may be good at uttering painful or bad words but all will not benefit our nation. above all, we can use this platform to make each one of us see or judge who might the best candidate for the presidium post basing on competence and other things we may consider for the betterment of our nation. lets stop scolding Chamisa and ED. Their manifestos will better speak their capabilities though at times implementation may be very difficult. this is my own thinking and can be subject to criticism by you readers. maonero angu ini mukomana wepano paSadza paChikomba (the least developed Growth Point in Mashonaland East rine road yetara yatora 37 years kuti pagadzirwe 35 kilometers for it to be tarred from WEdza)

    1. too long!chamisa has my vote

    2. Actually what we want to understand as people of
      Zimbabwe is the implementation. That’s what we want to squeeze from them.

  19. J F Kennedy was President of the USA at 40 years.Bill Clinton was 46 when he became President. Barrack Obama was 47.The USA is the largest economy and most powerful militarily and the electorate there entrust fairly young people with the responsibility to run this giant of a country.Yet kuno unonzwa moti Chamisa mwana mudiki.Also in that great country TV Presidential debates have proved decisive in elections. Yet here when you accidentally tune in to ZTV News you would think that its only one party that is contesting the election, potoita varume vakuru vachit debate harina basa.

    1. spot on, that’s how the electorate decides who to vote for, the best man will get the votes, it even goes further a presidential candidate should also have a question and answer session with university students cause these are the future leaders of tomorrow what ever you will implement will affect them.

    2. So debate is about age or policies. it appears all talk is about young young and young.

    3. Spot on!!!!!! Most commentators are lost here.

  20. then ED can not implement his manifesto, since 1980 muchingodeedzaera manifesto without implementing. heee 2 000 000 jobs, indignation

  21. “We have security reports. They are planting their people, some come wearing MDC-T T-shirts, while others try to influence our members to engage in violence.

    “They are agents provocateurs for the purpose of labelling our party a violent one.” Good. Why don’t the “security reports” include pictures so that we know these infiltrators?

  22. let them advertise their ideas on Tv and will will chose the best. l wonder why zanu pf always refuse that brilliant idea if the know that they have the best policies to offer

  23. Why is Chamisa blaming ZANU PF for the violence in MDC against Khupe. Its him Chamisa who is hiring people to attack Khupe because she is resisting his rise to presidency.

    chamisa should know that we are not just voting for a generational change. what is going to do for us. why cant he share them with Mnangagwa [listening president] so that he can improve our lives. why is Chamisa just attacking Mnangagwa everyday when he Mnangagwa is not attacking chamisa but talking about peace.

  24. off topic . mahoso apinda papi

  25. Matebele Warrior - Chamisa & Khupe our leaders

    If you dont want debates , what then do you want , shallow minded zanu people.

    1. lord have mercy,zanu yaramba debate nguvai uye rinhi if i can quote the reporter very well he said SK Moyo was in a meeting he didnt respond but you are already jumping ship.That overzealousynes iyoyo ndiyo inoratidza kusarongeka kwe mdc.student protest politics ne national issues are 2 diff.things.Yes he can say those to his gullible crowds yemahwindi nemagunduru asina zvitupa zvekuvhota or anovhunduka election yapfuura.#EDHas MY vote

      1. that is why muri elder huwa, sit down before you hurt yourself

  26. bongozozo waparara

    veduwee kamuchinda kanedzungu aka. kkkkk. he is unhinged. kkkkkk. I am ashamed why the likes of Biti and Welshman would put their poor political careers in the hands of 1 gig bullet train Chamisa kkkkk gore rino tichadakara

  27. Well unfortunately the dabate cannot be about two candidates only seeing there are many presidential canditates this year. Chamisa must understand that ED isnt his only threat Nkosana Moyo and Mai Mjuru can actually give him a run for his money. Political debates at a national level come with a lot of planning and resources. He just sounds like a nagging wife who wants everything to go his way

    1. debates need what resources, is it a congress. Mujuru, Nkosana lol geez are you in planet Lala landkkkkkk daydreaming

      1. Mai Mujuru, Nkosana, Zanu pf and other parties are doing a bottom up approach in their campaigns and mobilising their people so yaa those people are known by ordinary people on the street not the ones on social media who are mostly in the diaspora and ineligible to vote. Nkosana will shred that little boy to pieces look him up he talks a lot of sense. Not in lala land but definately not blinded by Chamisa so called charisma that i am failing to see

  28. Kamunhu aka kane hupwere hwakawandisa.ED was interviewed left right and centre kuDavos from there he was on BBC hard talk and you think you can crack him.Enda kunaMutsvangwa kana akuchecheudze

    1. ooh when he lied and said elections were free n fair in 2008. let him lie some more and he will learn a lesson when it comes to live debates

  29. I think a presidential debate on tv is just as it is, whether its Chamisa,Ed or whoever. The idea is a brilliant idea. At least it gives everyone a chance to be heard (and even be seen) on national tv. Why does Zanu deny everyone else the chance. Mps have since been pushing for that equal coverage on national broadcasters (among many other electoral reforms) but Zanu has been always giving a deaf ear,vachingotuka Chamisa and Mutinhiri (together with Bob) whom they feel are real threats. Now you hear someone say ED is capable? of what? Jailing beating and even killing members of the opposing faction in the name of restoring legacy? Isnt that violence in Zanu Pf?
    Chamisa wouldnt need to incite anyone to fight fir him because that young man has always been the people’s favourite and everyone knew that. Did he incite the Nat council and alk those guys in the Alliance to endorse him?Guys we need to apply sense where it is required.Whether those violent thugs were from Mdc or Zanu, they had their motives and I hope they reached their goal.Thank you

  30. I agree Robert, only Tekere was genuine to have challenged the dispensation in the very early days from within before he was fired, not this fake legacy restoration

  31. “….generational genocide…” that’s apt young man

  32. Linda Ndlovu- UZ

    Idea of debates is brilliant. Its common in many countries in Africa. It gives opportune time to the electorate to pre judge the would be candidates. Its something that we need in modern day politics

  33. nothing wrong with debates in europe they do such and some african countries. That’s how people choose candidates they prefer, when they present their policies and arguments in front of the electorate. So, his confidence must tell you something, ED anongoita the typical BOB thing, say things that never happen. typical Zanu shit


  35. ED une vote yangu.Chamisa ndiwe ukuda kuzviita ngirozi,violence is there in MDC,you are in denial.You are MDC President cos of smash and grab.Excellence hapachina.IF you mishandle Khupe ,forget about Matebeleland.Guatrain chaiyo haisati hasvika Soweto nekukura kweRSA,iwe wotaura bullet train to Bulawayo in 5 years,NC tipe serious.Iwo ma investor aunongovukura vakatoita due diligence here nhai wangu,or ukungovukura chete.Wakazonyepa kuti USA$15BN kwaMutare ukafumo withdraw statement.Iwe you just believe in begging mentality,u just telling us zvauchapuwa,ko imi se MDC muchapa vanhu chii?

  36. Chamisa ndizvo asingamude nyarara wajaira kutsotswa nezanu. Chatove chirwere muvanhu kusvika pakutadza kuona kuti all these 37 years hapana chafamba becoz of this witch zanu pf. What is on the ground speaks a lot about party iyoyi yamunodefender asi ichiita kuti mukaure. BBC hard talk kuita sei let him come and say his things in front of zimboz timunzwe.musada kutinyangadza.

  37. Chamisa slow down a little, kumhanya hakusi kusvika irikure inosvika. My worry is even if you win don’t don’t even think its gonna be simple to turn around the economy.

    The challenge currently facing ED is no invester will trust to to invest on
    someone who is on atemporary leadership. Given and take that ED wins the elections today you will definately see that the man is good. i can guarantee you

  38. Ben-10 Chamisa..ED is capable to do your way…..My question is: WHY YOU RUSH TO TV DEBATE?…..Chamisa slow down a little bit…you young man…you sprinting fast as a Cheater…100 KM/H….You will fall and drown you young man…..go to traffic Cop to and ask ….WHAT ARRIVE ALIVE IS? means……Ben-10 Speed kills……………………

  39. I think he chamisa should write a letter to ed. Inviting him for live debate on the national broadcaster. Politics is a game that nids clear minds in running it.

  40. Immaturity ????Thats some high level of insanity.Let the debate be broadcasted on national tv like other democratic nations have been doing for years. Whats there to hide.ED will have as much time as Chamisa to address his policies and try to convince the general public to vote for him

    Having a presidential pre election debate is the first step to democracy .The candidates have to present their policies and be statistical in their policy formulation.We are sick and tired of politicians who just talk the walk and never lay out how they are gonna curb issues like unemployment ,BOP and the currency crisis that has been haunting us for decades

    What will either the candidates lose ????

  41. If Chamisa wants a mouth watering debate on issues let him ask for Dr Nkosana Moyo, there he’ll find his match. Debating with fellow career politicians will result in the best orator ‘winning’. Those that haven’t bothered themselves listening to Dr Moyo please spare us your disdain; little known as he may be, am yet to see anyone more more level headed when it comes to state issues.

  42. mbavha idzi dzorwadziwa naChamisa, tinotovhotera iyeye wezera kwete madzitateguru. We are not suffering because Chamisa entered politics but because of mismanagement by madzitateguru anobira vana. pamberi nevechidiki. Zanu-pf killed our professions, our lifetime, destroyed our parents’ pensions etc. So hapana option Chisa mbama Chisa.

  43. its good thing to have a presidential debate. however its bad for you chamisa to blame disturbances in MDC on Zanu pf. just encourage your followers to be peaceful and dont play blamegame on that one.

    i would really like to watch that debate

  44. Chamisa wasting your time, go to the rural areas and campaign especially in Mash central and Mash east, Uzumba Marambapfungwe

  45. Stupid fools tsvagai mabasa

  46. Comment…childish behaviour..ED is planning to rebuild Zimbabwe and is planning debate

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