Chamisa charms the heart of the nation

The MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa juggernaut rolled into the Midlands province over the weekend and charmed the heart of the nation when he sketched in minute detail the incoming government’s policy programme anchored on the tripod legs of transformation, opportunity and prosperity.

By Luke Tamborinyoka

The rallies in Kwekwe and Gweru on Saturday and Sunday respectively saw mammoth crowds swarming to hear the MDC Alliance presidential candidate speak on his government’s vision for the country.

As he has done in other provinces, Chamisa spent many hours on the side-lines of the two rallies engaging with students, church leaders, people living with disabilities, informal traders, and business leaders, the elderly and artisanal miners.

Chamisa took the opportunity to speak about his vision for the Midlands province, particularly Gweru, which he said will be the administrative capital of his government. He said in line with his vision, Gweru should be the seat of government because of its centrality in the country, housing such key institutions as government offices and Parliament.

He said Harare may remain the commercial capital, Bulawayo as the industrial hub of the country, Victoria Falls as the epicentre of our tourism while Mutare can remain the centre of processing and manufacturing. Chamisa said only spatial development and devolution will ensure that every corner of the country benefits and develops in line with its natural endowments and location.

In Kwekwe and Gweru, the incoming president said the new government will cause a radical shift in the governance of the country’s economy, as well as detribalising the names of our provinces to ensure that every Zimbabwean feels they are a full-sledged citizen regardless of where they are. Ads

He spoke about the need for a lean and mean government as well as the need to ensure that government workers are properly remunerated. His government, he said, would restore the dignity of the civil servant, including teachers and health workers who have suffered largely suffered the ignominy of an uncaring government.

He said the country’s police force should will be transformed into a police services unit; a truly professional outfit not given to wantonly showing its brawn by needlessly victimising citizens, including killing them as they did two months ago.
He said the army was a national institution far much above the partisan politics that has it been made to play under the Zanu PF-led government.

In Kwekwe, Chamisa talked about giving true dignity to the country’s war veterans, adding that the democratic struggle was only aimed at completing the unfinished business of our war of liberation.

The MDC Alliance presidential candidate bemoaned the belittling of chiefs and traditional leaders by the Zanu PF government which had reduced their status to being mujibhas and chimbwidos of the ruling party. He added that the incoming government would raise the $25 monthly allowances given to village heads, which he said did not befit their status and role as the custodians of culture in our society.

He said the MDC Alliance would spearhead the fight for electoral reforms by unveiling the Plan and Environment for A Credible Election, a comprehensive set of electoral reform demands that will be unveiled in Harare this week.

Among the key demands is equal coverage in the public media, a forensic audit of the voters roll as well as an agreement by all stakeholders on the identification of the company that would print the voters roll, including a thorough investigation of the quality of the ballot paper.

It was also befitting that president Chamisa strongly spoke against political violence in Gweru, where the late veteran politician Patrick Kombayi was in 1990 shot six times in the groin by State security agents who were later pardoned by President Robert Mugabe following their conviction by the courts.

In his engagements on the side-lines of the two rallies,, the church community called for the incoming government to institute a day of national prayer in its first 100 days in office in order to cleanse the country of the State sponsored atrocities such as Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, as well as the election-related violence of 2008.

Persons living with disability demanded that public buildings be accessible as well as a ministry or a government department specifically dedicated to deal with their issues.

In Gweru at Mutapa Hall, Chamisa took time to interact with the elderly, some of whom demanded restitution from the government for the lost value of their pension following the financial crisis of 2007. They complained about the liquidity crunch, which had resulted in some of them sleeping in bank queues to access their hard-earned money.

In response, Chamisa promised to lead a listening government that would expeditiously respond to the concerns of citizens. He said as an institution, government should have a small mouth and big ears so that it speaks less and listens more.

Chamisa, a former student leader himself, travelled down memory lane when he interacted with hundreds of students from Midlands State University and other tertiary institutions Gweru. He promised to reinstate student loans and grants to enable students from disadvantaged families to access education, which he said was a basic human right. He said his new government would guarantee free primary education upon assuming office in September 2018.

The excitement in the Midlands province — the heart of the nation — was palpable when the 40-year-old presidential candidate charmed the huge crowds that turned up for the rallies.

The Chamisa moment currently enveloping the country has seen young people who used to shun political rallies develop a sudden interest in the politics of their country.

As we drove away from the Midlands province in the late afternoon drizzle last Sunday, the deafening din of the now popular chorus at MDC Alliance rallies continued to ring in my ears.

The bellowing lyrics of “Morgan Chamisa Chinhu One” (Morgan Tsvangirai and Nelson Chamisa are one and the same thing) have become the official background track among the huge crowds that continue to revel in rapt wonderment as they eat out of the hand of the 40-year-old orator.

Indeed, there is no distinction between the master and the student; between the icon and his protégé.

The inescapable fact is that Chamisa is hewn from the same unique stone as the late political icon who left his own indelible footprints on the sands of history.

Luke Tamborinyoka is the presidential spokesperson and director of communications in the MDC led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa. He writes here in his official capacity.


  1. Comment…Obviously chamisa has enough votes to go beyond 51% . The challenge is how he is going to protect that vote from marauding zpf. Kumaruwa inongova Chamisa chete. He needs to reach every rural corner of Zimbabwe mostly Mugabe strongholds like Mberengwa,

    1. Mr Charm certain that when you wrote your comment you were under the charm of the marijuana weed so when you sober up get it through to your muddled head …kuti this Joker will not be getting into the State House any time soon….kumaruwa kupi kwamuri kureva??…asi murikureva maruva e mbanje??…u need to lay off the weed Charm Weeds…seriously

      1. You are the one high on Marijuana Moyyo. There are those that used to think blacks would never rule themselves, and there are also some like us who never thought this country would never have any other post independence leader other than Mugabe. I am happy history repeats itself.

    2. You sound like empty chamisa

    3. Luke is singing for his supper here.

  2. chamisa fanogadzira cabinet because uchaita 80% vobva vakubira 20% wosara uripa60% kkk

  3. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Nerisoni!!!! Paramende tititi muguta roGweru. Usazotaura zvekuvaka
    nhandare yenhabvu nemazaya echando
    mwachewe Nerisoni. Vimbisa zvinobatika, kwete kuvimbisa kuvaka mazambuko pasina nzizi. Ndokuona wauya kwedu, ndine mibvunzo yakati kuti yakakumirira. Munosvika rini kwaMutoko nhayi Mhanduwe mutinyepewo, ndigokunyepayiwo?

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  5. I respect this young man and looks like he has a vision for our country. I listened when he was being interviewed by this SA lady genalist and the young man was so articulate in answering all the questions diplomatically.
    People of Zimbabwe take note of the following.
    1. Zimbabwe made history by doing what many africans thought impossible by removing Mugabe from power, and then SA followed and DRC is next.
    2. Zimbabwe is going to surprise many again by having the youngest president at 40 years come july 2018.

    1. tendai chaminuka

      @Robsugar it is Zanu pf which made history not zimbabwe as a whole not forgetting the Land Reform which your Bullet Train President was against.Stop misleading the populaceand Luke can you explain how you described Chamisa as Incoming President.Such hallucination does not save any good we can no longer differentiate between you and Goebbels.Ndimi makambobhekesa Tsvangirai birthday cake redesign yeState House imi.Face reality and CROSS OVER to ED.Haaaaa #EDHASMYVOTE

      1. rubbish….ndimi vanhu varukuti dzosera shure imi

      2. Don’t be fooled to ever think that the people who marched were Opposition who hate RG AND ZANU With passion. The only zanu pf material there was the guns not the people. That’s why ZEC president went to Russia with Mutsangwa to find new methods to rig like their master Putin.

        Chamisa to the World.

      3. Chaminuka nyarara hapana chaunoziva iwe… u still talking of Zanu this era for sure?? muka hama

      4. uri benzi remunhu shuwa ungati munhu ane 40yrs nemunhu ane 75yrs wovhotera ane 75 woti he will take uf forward, forward kupi, to the graves obvious? ukawana mukana ukwane saskam remunhu

      5. @Tendai Chaminuka. Unenge wakapusawo iwe

      6. you are obviously confused. bullet trains all the way. you think just because Zanu PF impoverished you, technology is not feasible in Zim?

    2. Ah uyu wekutengesawo mishonga yemi sana anetsa haaaaa

    3. genalist


    1. ED aitei so far? Kungoti “kutonga kwaro”? We are the young people that have decided to take charge. Hameeno hako iwewe nemadhara ako.

  7. Unstoppable atobvuta chimuti uyoooooooooooo

    Haikona kuti to extenda Harare yosvika kuNyabira zvinobatsirei to have 90% of economy all under Zvimba district?

  9. Zviroto Zviroto

    The secessionist catalyst will keep on dreaming. He will keep on being incoming until hippos grow trumpets.

  10. Atuka Chamisa haisi mhosva yake musiyei akadaro asi achapepuka ave kufambawo nemota yake achiita zvaanoda nemari yake yakawanda inotengawo ipapo achasvinura otanga kuimbawo praise songs kunaChamisa. Zhara inoita kuti pfungwa dzevanhu dzitadze kufunga zvakanaka thats why wachiramba vachirumbidza zanu yakapera kare.Chamisa famba nebhora tokuvhotera and uchahwina vamwe vachivukura. Mati zvichambotibatabata here kutuka kwamoita Chamisa. Infact we are praying for those who say all bad things about our Joshua kuti Mwari wasvinudezeiwo meso wavone. July zvichanakidza vakomana gadzirirai kudhla mari Chamisa otonga.

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  12. He is only dreaming idealist;does not know how nations are run,mature analysts have already began to observe pitfalls in his manipulative & excessive campaign rhetoric.Only the cost of executing all his claims will b staggering for an economy on its knees like ours;further more there is no way Zimbabwe could suddenly emerge in the stardom for global capital,when they have other lucrative already established destination far more attractive;for this economy to have access such financing-this is all dreaming;introducing bullet trains;transferring the capital to Gweru

    1. Ana Gudoo, panzi capital inoenda ku Gweru ndepapi, u were brainwashed to the extend yekutadza kuverenga chaiko,,,shame.

      1. HAHAHAHAHah Mkadzi wa Ediot ka Addmore,, they cant even think. 38 years they still believe the same people who brought Zimbabwe to its knees will revive it. What does Chiwenga know about economics,, all along his entire life they taught how to butcher people in Mutare.

  13. Introducing bullet trains,transferring the national capital city to Gweru;reintroducing free primary education;re-opening student loans or grands;reviewing up teachers;chiefs& kraal heads’ remunerations;Mugabe was warned against this when he adopted this economy fr white minority colonialists which has reached us this far-this is clearly naked amateurism &only manipulative language to win elections.He lied in Matabeleland that he will install one of them as a president of zimbabwe when he leaves office & cunningly promised to develop their country;but has conspired with Tsvagirai to side line Khupe a ndebele woman

  14. Chamisa will never EVER win 2018 elections because split vote in Matebeleland, split vote because of primary elections on parliamentary and councillors, split vote because of Alliance etc. How can i be forced to vote for a PDP, MDC-N, ZimFirst candidate in my constituency when he/she was the same person who committed crimes against MDC-T

    1. True ..this allience thing demoralise mdc..t voters.Biti, welshman and crew left tsvangison for their own project and now they are back ..what for? they created enmty amongest members. this is nonsense.

  15. Gwendo guno hazvikoni naMwari uyu !! Chamisa chete chete pfeee paState House @4o

  16. tiriko kwamutoko pamberi nachamisa endetakato register .well done chamisa has my vote from mutoko ndapedza ndiribe zvakanyanya zvekureketa

  17. Chamisa is an astronomical liar;cunning & suffering under inexperience;This amateurism will definitely cost this nation once again;the move to change the gvt seat can not happen easily-thisz to the benefit of those who are fooled by chamisa;parliamentarians & people in the nation at large, assessing the unnecessary cost will oppose the move & block it-it is not that easy to Chamisa’s liking.His 15 billion grand assistance purportedly fr the USA gvt was refuted by the USA ambassador here-Chamisa is only lying to go to Zimbabwe House.Only hoodwinking the gullible s on the promise of the new person

    1. If Chamisa is a liar the ED is the Father of Lies and Zanu pf the wife. 38 YEARS OF UNCAPPED LYING

  18. Emmanuel mlambo

    Newsday please stop writing this foolish nonsense and stick to being a newpaper and not a propaganda arm of MDC(T)(C)….When has Tamborenyoka become your correspondent ?? Im so disappointed and strongly considering weather its really worthwhile for me to continue patronising your paper.

    1. And what is chronicle and ZBC? Clearly you are being biased. Think of state media before attacking newsday.

    2. if it is done by zanu it is ok ?????????

  19. The novice has not grasped the mechanics yet, yes political machinations, he loves the sound of his own voice and spurning long tales which are far removed from reality. Morgan’s shoes are too big for him and the migration factor is lost on him. Garwe has proven that he is his own man and to snatch a single vote from him will be a miracle in itself. Because democracy thrives i will not begrudge you a couple of votes but that will be that the vote goes to ZANU PF.

    1. Guess the definition of a miracle is a problem for you. Whats so miraculous about snatching votes from a party that has led Zimbabwe to 90% unemployment rate, lost currency, lost the foreign cash, butchered thousands of civilians, brought the economy to its knees,? there is nothing miraculous the EDIOT

  20. Just as apoint of note: Gweru and Kwekwe should be considred as Industrial hub, b coz its where ziscosteel, Zimalloys and the greatdyke is located. Byo can have manufacturing and mutare and hre can still maintain as commercial hubs. Masvingo should go into irrigation projects

  21. The youngman has a great vision for running this country.. Myself, my wife my boys their friends , my neighbour their prophet and the whole sowe will vote Chamisa

    1. Thumps up dude

    2. Unfortunately you wont know who your wife will have voted for. Vouch for yourself my friend.

  22. Sibusisiwe Gwanda

    Chamisa is my man.

  23. Comment…Emmanuel Mlambo wamai, hapana pepe nhau risina vanyori venhema mwachewe. Isu varavi ndisu tinoona kuti idzi inhema dzinenge tsito. Ichi ichokwadi chekachena semazaya echando. Muyenzaniso, mabasa 2,2m. Vanhu vose vanoita zvematongerwo enyika vanyepi. Seyi vachizonyanyo woneka tatarisana nesarudzo. Nerisoni, nevamwe vose, kana uchida kutapudza mari inoshandiskwa neHurumende taurayi nezvekuti constituences atapudzwewo kusvika paZANA (100). MPs neKANZURAZ mikana miviri chete, zvapera. Vamwe vototi ndokubasa. Izvo zvinokonzera kukuvara nekufa kwevanhu munyika. MP neKanzuraz ngavavewo vanhu vakadzidza. Kwete kuti asingazive ovawo mungamiriri wevasingazive. Nekudaro, vose vemapato, wongororayi vose vachada kupinda musarudzo.

  24. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhayakora

    Comment…Emmanuel Mlambo wamai, hapana pepe nhau risina vanyori venhema mwachewe. Isu varavi ndisu tinoona kuti idzi inhema dzinenge tsito. Ichi ichokwadi chekachena semazaya echando. Muyenzaniso, mabasa 2,2m. Vanhu vose vanoita zvematongerwo enyika vanyepi. Seyi vachizonyanyo woneka tatarisana nesarudzo. Nerisoni, nevamwe vose, kana uchida kutapudza mari inoshandiskwa neHurumende taurayi nezvekuti constituences atapudzwewo kusvika paZANA (100). MPs neKANZURAZ mikana miviri chete, zvapera. Vamwe vototi ndokubasa. Izvo zvinokonzera kukuvara nekufa kwevanhu munyika. MP neKanzuraz ngavavewo vanhu vakadzidza. Kwete kuti asingazive ovawo mungamiriri wevasingazive. Nekudaro, vose vemapato, wongororayi vose vachada kupinda musarudzo.

  25. izvi zvemavote izvi zvinonetsa i remember the late RMT a bakerwa a very big cake with the pic of the state house at the end pple were saying akazvidyira state house lets wait and see then we start kupembera zvaita maZimbo pakuungana haaregi saka you can not judge nekuungana kwavo ma interface rally amugabe vaizara veduwee but all of a sudden they changed maZimbabweans i surrender all

  26. Indeed!! Yet one would expect such a glowing piece from the MDC presidential spokesperson and director of comms in that party!Question is; will this be the obtaining situation on the ground during future campaigns by the youthful politician? Plumtree, 2 weeks ago was a wake call for Chamisa. Still; I think MDC has a fighting chance of garnering significant support to win the up-coming general elections by a thin margin and that the next government will emerge through a coalition arrangement.

  27. Life begins at 40 and this man Nelson is the man for the post of president which was left vacant by Mugabe.Never mind about some few ED supporters who are staring heavy defeat trying to belittle firebrand Chamisa .Capital cities are moved from one point to another world over for different reasons including strategic and growth space Lagos was the Nigerian capital but was over taken by Abuja .We can not be stuck in rust colonialist capital ruins.We need our capital as independent nation . chiiissaaaa mpaaaaaamaa

  28. Why talk about plumtree alone when chamisa had a well attended rally in Dete a rural Mat north .

  29. CHARMS that’s good!

    KANA USINA KUITWA RUFF NE ZANU, unogona kufunga kuti vanhu ava vakanaka. Kutendeuka hativarambidzi vanaNgwena. We forgive them for all the torture they did to us BUT we dont forget. We are not Kids. Denga (Heaven) they will enter if they have truely repented but not to enter into our hearts! THEY WERE TOGETHER WITH THEIR DEPOSED LEADER IN KILLING PEOPLE!



  32. Tasha Ruponeso


  33. lets only wait & see!

  34. Comment…Ane bhora ndiye anomakwa . Chamisa ndiye anaro . We support you brother . President 2018 .

  35. CHAMISA MY LEADER MY PRESIDENT , not these old 34 years failures

  36. CHamisa woyeeeeee

    The 10mil used for crew allowances,hotel bills, transport to airport etc
    Fuel for Zim 1, parking fees, navigation fees, maintenance etc paid on Visa Dubai
    All money from 10mil not used into Mugabe account
    Salaries for crew
    Capt 10/15000 per hour flying
    FO 8/10000 per hour flying
    Cabin staff 7500 per hour flying
    ( Remember they have not been paid for 6 years )

  38. *chiendambuya for Chamisa*
    mirai muone henyu, ngwena inodonha mazino gore rino.

    MDC-T tokudai mese!!!

  39. joseph zivanai

    Comment…chamisa chete chete

  40. Chamisa posturings are not solutions for Zimbabwe;they have to b assessed at their practicality taking full cognizance of the ability of our economy to finance such outlandish hallucinations;the purported global capital may still have other destinations far more attractive than Zimbabwe;we have no guarantee the international investors can b attracted to zimbabwean market;the soft loans fr multi-lateral institutions will b also difficulty since we already owe them.The day the reality sets in,thus when u will realize Chamisa’s lies;who going every part of zim pretending to their perceived problems only in gear to Zimbabwe HOUSE

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