Chamisa charms hospital staff

BUSINESS at Harare Central Hospital briefly came to a standstill yesterday when MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa, visited the health institution to apprise himself with the impact of the ongoing doctors’ strike which has spread to all public hospitals in the country.


Nurses, patients visitors stampeded to catch a glimpse of the opposition leader as Chamisa and his security team toured the health facility. Some patients could be heard calling on Chamisa to visit their hospital beds, while others exhorted him to form the next government and urgently restore sanity in the health sector.

Chamisa said he was saddened by the state of affairs at the institution and sided with the striking doctors, saying their strike was genuine and needed to be addressed.

“Mr (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa cannot continue with his mantra that the country is open for business when it is not open for health. The country’s medical staff work under very difficult conditions and the government had to prioritize the health of its citizens, surely how doctors can earn around $300 per month which is lower than what a cleaner at Zesa is earning,” he said.

The MDC Alliance presidential candidate accused the government of being heartless and not caring for the doctors and the patients who were suffering because of its skewed priorities.

“It shows we have a government of people who are heartless, people don’t have sensitivity to the plight of the majority of our people. We need to make sure that we deal with this problem and deal with it once and for all this is why we are calling on this government to be serious. ads Ads

“If the crisis is beyond their capacity they must simply be able to be frank enough to the people of Zimbabwe, but also to the government in waiting to say that we are overwhelmed please help us,” Chamisa said.

Nurses who spoke to NewsDay on condition they were not named said working conditions at the hospital had sunk to sickening levels because of the absence of basic tools of the trade.

Chamisa was accompanied by the party’s health secretary Ruth Labode, secretary for elections Murisi Zwizwai, MDC-T Harare provincial chairperson Eric Murai, national youth chairperson Happymore Chidziva, deputy treasurer-general Charlton Hwende, several MPs and other senior officials in the party.

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  1. Way to go my President….Keep the momentum

  2. Deeds not words,counts the country’s future. Thus the truth of the matter, thank you MDC T team on visiting the hospitals so as to see the hard times that hounds both health staff and populace when it comes to health matters

  3. Worried worker

    It will wrong for the Presidential aspirant Mr Chamisa to give a wrong impression on issues that he is not fully appraised of,thats political immaturity on his part please do not use us to further your political interests.

    1. worried worker wat wrong impression on issues, n u say nt fully appraised of, man are u mad? he cn see fo himself, iwe hauoni wega zviri muma bank, hospitals everywhere, fokofu mhani iwe, dumphead

  4. Comment…If Chamisa falls sick, he will contact ED and he will be taken to a hospital in South Africa, just like the late Tsvangirai whilst the populacy, both zpf and mdc suffer..

  5. Comment…worried work u will remain worried the rest of your life as long as u don’t know what is worrying u,

  6. Thank you man of God. We need a better zimbabwe. ED , zbc and Herald are quiet about the strike and the deaths happening in our hospitals and biz lying about $3 billion investment.

    1. Weston Mugocha

      Zbc and Herald reported it. It’s you who probably decides not to see it from there. Chamisa’s visit is surely a non-event because it didn’t bring back the striking docs, neither mitigate on the suffering of the people affected, let alone stop the avoidable deaths taking place because of the impasse. His going there without any solution to the problem is just a tour. Mai Mnangagwa also toured the hospitals. The difference is she caused some changes to happen in the way people do business there. I wonder if this Chamisa guy left any positive change after his visit. He probably fell short kuti, “muri kuti muri kusuffer? Hamusati!” to the suffering patience and docs. You remember those words from his late boss? He went on to say exactly what the government is saying. So where is he different from the government. Real leaders bring solutions to challenges afflicting the constituencies they purpot to lead.

  7. Chamisa did well by visiting the hospital to see the plight of the poor working and non working people. What Chamisa forgot to tell the people is that while they were busy celebrating Mugabe’s fall he and Biti ran off to the USA to campaign for continued sanctions on Zimbabwe. Chamisa needs to explain why he thinks his first duty was to report to Washington DC instead of worrying about the plight of the people in Zimbabwe.

  8. Chamisa fake tears crying over election reforms when in fact he doesn’t want reforms so that ZANU wins.

    Puppet job well done
    rumour has it junta is on chamisa s side,Why is junta taking sides in the MDC factional war in favour of chamisa

    1)ZRP works hard to bar Khuphe the past the Mugabe regime would block MDC rallies,now its ZRp blocking khuphe faction rallies
    2)Court judges evicts Khuphe from Bulawayo MDC offices
    Mhhh what is Chamisa and ED up to?

  9. Khupe is clueless chancer. Anoda kuita president waani??

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