Cape Town metro cops petrol-bombed out of their home

Two Cape Town metro cops are living in fear after their home was petrol-bombed.


City of Cape Town law enforcement spokesman Wayne Dyason said the officers and their three-year-old were awoken by a fire at their Macassar home at 3am on Monday.

“Two beer bottles were found on the premises and it is suspected that they were filled with a flammable liquid and used as incendiary devices by whoever attacked the premises‚” said Dyason.

“The officers lost all their possessions and they and their three-year-old child are severely traumatised.”

Dyason said the city council had provided the officers with temporary accommodation outside the Macassar area.

“The officers will only return to the area once the South African Police have completed an investigation into the matter and it is safe for the family to return.”

Charges have been laid at Macassar police station.

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