Bloody clashes rock MDC-T

SEVERAL MDC-T activists were injured in a wave of violence that rocked the party’s Bulawayo provincial offices yesterday, after party youths allegedly stormed and violently disrupted a meeting organised by embattled vice-president Thokozani Khupe.


The violence ensued as Khupe and her allies – among them MDC-T organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe, Senator Nomvula Mguni and suspended MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu, and several others – were in a meeting, which provincial chairperson Gift Banda later described as “unsanctioned”.

Party insiders said Khupe’s personal assistant, Witness Dube, sustained a deep cut on his head during the skirmishes, which only subsided after riot police intervened and cordoned off the area.

According to sources, Khupe had called the meeting to coerce various party structures in Matabeleland region to spite Chamisa and endorse her as the bona fide party leader, following the death of MDC-T founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai last month.

Banda confirmed yesterday’s clashes, but blamed Khupe for inviting trouble to herself by convening an unsanctioned meeting.

“As a province, we did not know there was a meeting at our party offices. If we knew, we were going to put measures to ensure that the meeting proceeds undisrupted, that there is no violence or anything of that nature. Khupe is the VP, but as I said, we did not know about such a meeting and it then becomes a strain to then be made to account for something we did not know,” Banda said.

Khupe, Gutu and Bhebhe escaped unhurt, but denounced the violence as “barbaric”.

“How do you attack people who are just gathered to organise themselves and campaign. Why do you have to beat up people, why do you have to injure people, why do you have to vandalise offices, Why do you have to do that for goodness sake?” queried Khupe, who appeared shaken by the incident.

“We were beaten up in Buhera by the same people. I have never seen such barbarism in my life. That is what I call absolute nonsense,” she said in reference to an incident where she was physically attacked by suspected party youths at Tsvangirai’s burial in Buhera late last month.

Khupe scoffed at the resolutions passed by the MDC-T national council which met in Harare last week and endorsed Chamisa as substantive party leader, while giving her a seven-day ultimatum to accept the new order.

“I am an elected vice-president of the MDC. No one gives me an ultimatum except for congress. Congress is the only body that can give me the ultimatum not any other person,” she said.

Earlier, Khupe had tweeted saying: “We are under attack at the Bulawayo MDC-T office. People are injured and cars have been vandalised.”

Gutu, who also survived the attacks, said: “This is deplorable. We had a peaceful political gathering, very lawful. A bunch of thugs armed with stones and iron bars just came from nowhere and started attacking people. Stones were thrown on top of the roof, the window panes were broken, blood is strewn all over the floor. It’s just mayhem. These are the people who think can take Zimbabwe to the next step, my foot.”

Khupe’s predicament began late last year when she was assaulted at the MDC-T’s Bulawayo offices for convening a meeting where she openly denounced the MDC Alliance shortly after Tsvangirai had signed the deal. Ever since, she has been unable to attend MDC-T executive meetings at the party’s Harvest House headquarters in Harare for fear of further reprisals.

NewsDay heard that Khupe wanted to use yesterday’s meeting to launch her own opposition party, amid reports that her future at the MDC-T was no longer guaranteed.

Insiders said Khupe’s camp has over the past few days been holding private meetings with officials from former Vice-President Joice Mujuru People’s Rainbow Coalition, raising speculation that she was planning to defect from the MDC-T.

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  1. Zimbabwean politics madam Khupe is not for women, remember Joyce was bashed in Glen Norah not so long ago and Grace Mugabe tried to smuggle her way into the highest office and the Chiwengas put that to a screetching halt, just change trades ladies and try something else, Chamisa is there now to stay in your party and do not even think of forming your own outfit you will invite more beating.

  2. Let us not bring Tsvangirai ‘s two decades’ vision to ridicule. We have to drop these petty differences to secure the party lest we become irrelevant at the eleventh hour. We keep reminding Chamisa and Khupe that there can never be power counterbalance and hit the ground running or endorse their competitors -Zanu PF – for a fresh term.

  3. as the report says Khuphe has been meeting members of Mujuru and also plans to form her own party,thus why use Mdc resources for a purely private venture isnt that inviting trouble.

    1. does that justify violence in any measure????????? from the so called democratic movement?????? I think the most thurggery and violent party in ZIM is MDC-T. they cant control their rogue youths. what a shame. #EDHasMyVote.

      1. That is exactly what ZANU needs you to think. Zimbabweans we are barbaric. Why was there no violence in Chinhoyi? The events in Bulawayo were staged. Why did the police fail to arrest anyone in Bulawayo? We need people behind bars! What was the outcome of the police investigations? Noone will ever know because vanhu vavo! How does Khupe always escape unharmed every incident? ZANU fingerprints are all over.

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    1. we dont want n’angas here sakala go and sale there in malawi pliz

  5. Mr speaker sir

    MdC is gaining the ground, that was a well informed move to put Chamisa on the lead. Let us be focused, search all the ills and bad trics of the old folks in ZANU PF. Let us fight for the credible elections and bring bread and butter to our delapideted country. My fellow cdes there is a better way of airing our views, demonstrate peacefull let us stop the culture of our enemies of violence.Madam Khupe we need you please come back and join us and stop selfish ambitions!

  6. How come she always escapes unhurt? The goons cannot hurt their paymaster.

  7. Like I said before, this escape unhurt of Kupe and fellows after the so called violence to me shows these are stage manged events with the sole motive of wanting us think she is a victim. If the perpetrators of violence are not part of you and working under your instruction why do they always have to avoid hurting you with the magnitude of the so called violence. To be honest i am not moved by these seemingly planned skirmishes.

    1. I am happy we have people with a voice of reason like you! This is all blatantly stage-managed. Can the police please release the names and investigate. There will not be a shred that will link those so-called MDC youths in BYO to Chamisa.

  8. Stage managed incident, FULL STOP

  9. Cuthbert Mithi

    What exactly does madam Khupe hope to achieve by these meetings and now stage managed attacks on her? She was only relevant in as far as she remained hooked to the main MDC and as soon as she decided to go head to head with our late President, she lost all relevance through her gullibility. Now she is looking for some kind of sympathy through stage managed beatings etc….my foot!!!

  10. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    Khuphe is becoming a problem to us in Matebeleland , we dont go with her plans we want a united MDC , Khuphe must be fired with her cabal.

  11. Zimbabweans i once told you that politics in zimbabwe does not favour women to become woman president.Amai Mujuru and Amai Khupe,please the games you are playing with people’s lives are too dangerous especial with the zimbabwean situation at large.We want to dislodge Zanu pf only is zimbabwe’s enemy today.Khupe,you mighty have been elected as the MDC vice president,but did Tsvangrai and MDC went on to chose Chamisa and Mudzuri under your nose? Khupe leave this game to able doers and just accept the status co which the MDC’S national council has endorsed.Don’t fight with MDC because you are fighting with the entire zimbabwe. Madam take my words of wisdom.

  12. Chamisa actions are not about Khupe alone but lack of respect to the Ndebele tribe and women in generally. When will be a Ndebele person be a president of a political party in Zimbabwe. Viva Ndebele and down with Chamisa

    1. NOnsense!

    2. Khupe is the one who is disrespecting the Ndebele tribe. Why was she chairing a backdoor meeting with suspended members when everyone in leadership was in Chinhoyi?

    3. Khupe is not ndebele for your own information. She is a Kalanga

  13. chinnja marovero. marovero chinja. hezvoko bwaaah

  14. Advantage to ED. If the MDC continues to show this confusion they will not get my vote. Period

    1. There is no confusion. We all know the rotten tomato. The clock is ticking and 7 days dzakukwana. The confusion is with Khupe. Ana Khupe imhepo dzinofamba dzichipfuura.

  15. Khupe agara ari mutengesi,ayiramba kuuya kuma meetings vaTsvangirayi vari vapenyu. Last year akaramba kuuya ku MDC alliance,akayita ka meeting kake ku bulawayo,same this year alliance ichi kambena kuna Chinhoyi iye akuita ka meeting kake. Ngadzingwe mu party munhu uyu.

  16. Haisi platform yekutengesa maherbs wakamboudzwa last week nhasi wadzokorora zvakare haunzwe.

  17. Give in and be active behind a more charismatic cadre!My advice to the “Khupe Carbal”

  18. Most Politicians are slow learners,Khupe following Biti footsteps.Soon she will be in the political dustbin, let her join the once corrupt and finished Mujuru.Escaping unhurt for the second time,she must be a good athlete.

  19. ndazvishaya wo ini


  20. Newsday can you please block this Sakala herbs nonsense. We don’t need them. She/He should look for another platform to advertise her nonsense.

  21. Khupe akatodhakwa

  22. All those MDC cadres who want to become political dust bins,just quit MDC,you will be like Ncube NAD biti,job Sakala realised it later,thats why he came back. So Amai Khupe and Amai Mujuru,don’t waste the masses’s time minds,people know what they want. Amai Mujuru you have been part and parcel of problems for 33 years with your Zanu pf,people can not keep on suffering for dear life.

  23. Khupe has guts. Seems principled too. Unfortunately she is dealing with immature, unprincipled people.

  24. Stage managed or not, career politicians should be given a break! ED, Chamisa, Mujuru and many others have been politicians all their lives and will put politics and survival ahead of economic, social and other issues. We need people with experience in efficiently handling the factors that drive economies i.e Trade, Business, Investment, Banking and that on as large a scale as possible, preferably global, simply because we are in a global village and cannot afford to have a leader with a myopic understanding of the great wheels of banking, industry, trade and investment operate.

    I hope the electorate will vote for people (and particularly a president) who have a proven track record of experience and achievement in the matters that affect society. These career politicians have a lot of rhetoric and promise with very little evidence of deliverance.

  25. khupe go to hell n may the devil rape u

  26. Comment…khupe overvalued herself. she is nothing without anyone supporting her. all th structures are in support of Chamisa so who is for her. I think zanu pf is now sponsoring her to continue causing these scenes.

  27. But tese tinoziva kuti Khupe is the vice president of the party from Congress. Mave kuti Chamisa sei? This is Zimbabwe politics which clearly violates constitutions. Ukabirwa naNgwena usachema becuse ndiro game racho. Ko Khupe muri kumurambirei apa. Hamunyari

  28. One thing for sure is that Morgan knew what he was doing when he appointed Chamisa and the National Council eventually endorsed it. Khupe should act learned, be humble and accept the situation as is. That stance may help her get a powerful position in the near future if things go the other way. This fighting or power hungry business will only hurt her more for after all she cannot stand Chamisa one on one. The young charismatic and energetic Chamisa is by far more popular and able than Khupe. Meanwhile With the rejuvenated ZANU PF under ED, uuuuuhhhhh MDC or which ever other party must work ten times as much if at all they ever want to upset the ruling party.

  29. There are now two factions in MDC-T. The Khupe faction and the Chamisa faction. Elias has defected to the Chamisa faction. Let Khupe have her own faction and Chamisa his own faction. Why not? They cannot agree, Morgan is no longer there. Why should those who do not like Chamisa be forced to be under Chamisa? Why should those who do not like Khupe be under Khupe?

  30. The’re now two factions in MDC-T. The Khupe faction and the Chamisa faction. Elias has defected to the Chamisa faction. Let Khupe have her own faction and Chamisa his own faction. Why not? They cannot agree, Morgan is no longer there. Why should those who do not like Chamisa be forced to be under Chamisa? Why should those who do not like Khupe be under Khupe?

  31. All these devisions are as a result of arrogance. Sit down and resolve your problems on the table. If you want mediators call the Pastors or your elders to resolve the issue. Khupe I warn you if you decide to go your own way you will be lost and it will be difficulty to come back. MDC Alliance it’s time now to campaign there is no time.

  32. Zvakupe vakomana

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