Bid to demote mayor hits brickwall

A BID by Mutare councillors to demote their mayor, Tatenda Nhamarare to any ordinary councillor on allegations of illegally allocating himself a residential stand, hit a snag last week after the latter threatened to name and shame colleagues, who benefitted from ill-gotten “in-fill stands” allocated after the cut-off date set by government in 2016 had expired.


NewsDay is reliably informed that the move was set to expose a lot of corrupt land deals, involving councillors and top managers.

Mutare councillors last week passed a vote of no confidence against Nhamarare, accusing him of arm-twisting management to allocate him a residential stand earmarked for a church building.

The councillors wrote to Local Government minister July Moyo notifying of their intention to recall Nhamarare as city mayor.

But Nhamarare hit back, ordering town clerk, Joshua Maligwa to present a report on stands allocated to councillors to check if they had followed normal procedures.
“I would like the town clerk to present a report to council on all the stands allocated to councillors,’’ he said.

“The town clerk should make available all the stands allocated to councillors, as per November 2016 ministerial circular and also in-fill stands allocated to councillors outside the requirements of the ministerial circular, so as to check whether procedures were followed, what stands were allocated to councillors, for example, and if tender procedures on commercial stands were followed,’’ he said.

Nhamarare told NewsDay yesterday that he had presented his request through chamber secretary, Cephas Vhuta.

Maligwa was not reachable for comment.

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