Author Chiza branches into music

BULAWAYO author, Marshall Chiza has released his debut hip-hop track, I’m a Billionaire, as he branches into music, as a way of motivating people.


The 20-year-old author and motivational speaker has penned books like Success in No Time and Poor Billionaire.

Chiza told NewsDay Life & Style that was primarily a musician, but has decided to motivate people through music.

“I’m not really a singer per se, but I have come to realise that “in order for you to get a fish in a dam you need to go with a worm. Consequently, we are now living in a generation where most people are attracted more to music and have lost the reading culture, hence, that is the main reason why I have decided to record this track.”
He said the song’s lyrics were meant to lift one’s soul.

“It didn’t take much time since most the lyrics were adapted from my books. I am one different person, who always strives to do things substantially better than what came before. This is the reason why I decided to motivate people though music,” Chiza said.

He said, so far, he has no plans of venturing into music on a full-time basis.

“I however, do not have any plans of venturing into music, but this will depend on the response I will get from the audience,” Chiza said.

I’m a Billionaire was produced by TK Productions.

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