Athlone Cemetery extended by 4,6ha

THE Bulawayo City Council has extended Athlone Cemetery by 4,06 hectares to create space for an additional 8 250 graves after realising that the city was fast running out of burial space.


Council spokesperson Nesisa Mpofu confirmed the development yesterday, saying this was necessitated by shortage of burial space at West Park Cemetery which is likely to fill up by mid-June this year.

“The site (Athlone)is being cleared currently and the space covered by the cemetery is 4.06 hectares. With Athlone Cemetery coming online, there will be adequate burial facilities although work is in progress to open Marvel Cemetery,” she said.

Council’s health services director Edwin Sibanda confirmed that the local authority had applied for gazetting of Athlone Cemetery extension, as a upmarket cemetery and the central government had gazetted the cemetery.

“Considerations were being made to change it from upmarket to general cemetery,” he said.

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