APA intensifies campaigns in Manicaland

THE Nkosana Moyo-led opposition Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA) has intensified its door-to-door campaigns in Manicaland province ahead of this year’s general elections.


The party’s provincial youth chairperson, Emmanuel Machikwa confirmed the development yesterday, saying they had shifted their campaign a gear up, targeting sporting events, funerals and other public gatherings.

“People have since realised that the MDC-T has ceased to be an opposition. Those who seek real change are opting for APA. Our president (Moyo) is moving around both from urban to and rural areas getting a feel of what people are going through,” he said.

“People are humbled to find a leader willing to go on the ground and meet people in their homes and workplace. We have complimented his efforts, as we are also doing this in Manicaland. We have visited almost all the provincial districts, we are picking the pace and it’s encouraging.”

Meanwhile, the party’s provincial chairman, Reverend Walter Nyakunu, recently donated goods worth thousands of dollars to the elderly and sisters at St Augustine Anglican Church in Mutasa South constituency.

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  1. I like Dr Moyo (I hope ED will include him in his post-election cabinet) but, honestly, APA hapana zviripo!

  2. “Amadhodha sibili” echoes from the past, he has come on the political scene 17 years too late, tough luck.

  3. Danai Pazvagozha

    This are exactly the symptoms of a mad man. Nkosana Moyo

  4. Nkosana Moyo could be the dark horse in the election following the debacle in MDC-T

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