Anxiety as ED names looters today

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa is today expected to name and shame company executives, politicians and business people who allegedly externalised over $1,3 billion during former President Robert Mugabe’s era, and failed to return it before the expiry of the moratorium last Friday.


Last week, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya disclosed that out of the $1,3 billion that was siphoned out, $250 million had been brought back.
“About $187m is money that went out, but came in as imports, and $50m was used to purchase fixed properties outside the country. This means that as of the beginning of this (last) week, about $487m is accounted for from the $1,3bn that the government is targeting,” he said.

There is also speculation that ousted allies of Mugabe were among those who externalised funds from the country, with government officials blaming this for cash and foreign currency shortages in the country.


  1. It would be fair to name those who have returned the funds because the bottom line is they cheated, this would help us to know as to who has returned as they are known looters who might have escaped the list and yet they were once targeted or specified for such acts.

    1. Richard Deschain

      @That is not how an amnesty works. It defeats the purpose of what it aims to achieve

  2. Janana Bikaldo

    Its a pity that ED is one of the biggest looters.A case of setting a thief to catch a thief.Believe you me all those that are going to be named and shamed are likely those that are are perceived te be aligned to the G40 cabal.Its a case of settling political scores.

    1. Very true my friend

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  4. This will be a pie in the air unless Obert Mpofu is part of it. True Mnangagwa is the biggest looter. It is common knowledge that he owns uncountable small mines in kwekwe and he doesnt pay tax.In July he and his looters must be out of gvt.

  5. This does not make sense it should be more surely.


  7. Zanu pf,looting,killing and destroying zimbabwe, is this the development that you have been championing to have achieved during your 37 years of ruling and ruining?Why should you still want to rule zimbabwe beyond 2018 when everyone can not see the good that you have done yesteryears? Supporters of zanu pf,you are all evil doers because you keep on holing to things that does not work for the better of zimbabwe at large.Why are so hard hearted and evil? Why are you failing to change yourselves? Everything has time and change will come definitely, whether you like it or not.

    1. Who is evil? you can support your violent MDC silently and may be you are the evil one.supporting MDC does not qualify you to be righteous.ONLY GOD KNOWS and he knows very well.

  8. The botom line is that these people and companies are known so its a simple case of consulting the list , crossing out those that have returned something and printing the names that are not crossed out. allow them to scream a little in defense as they blame the law and sqeeze them a bit hard perhaps show them the direction to Chikurubi and listen again. Some will wax lyrical but still some will be resolute (take them to court). Its better some eternalizers escape than to punish one single innocent on the basis of false allegations. Criminals are always one step ahead.

  9. not even a single well known politician kkkkkkkkkkk
    this list

  10. not even a single well known politician on the list kkkkkkk

  11. Comment… ED is interim President and his FAIR mandate ought stop at delivery of peaciful, free and fair national presidential elections.

  12. Comment…Like Chamisa and Mujuru, ED is approaching the presidential elections as candidate with no success or failure record as head of state.

  13. Comment…the amnesty was extended to externalisers and not looters.plse not that being rich does not mean you are looter or externaliser.blacks are not used to rich black pple.its either aromba or alooter .shame on us blacks.

  14. then what after naming and shaming them?????

  15. chimboitai 100 days kutadza kusunga chivayo

  16. Is ED and his cronies in Cabinet who have externalized money also going to be named?

  17. Ed is mugabe number 2 you have done enoph damage to this country


    Comment…Looters parastic hypocrites ,boot lickers corruption masters,thats what ZANU PF is nomatter how distructive Robert was they kept on supporting him and licking his shoes,the reasons being simple they all wanted left overs from the loot,in form of free 4m by 4m resdential stands promises and prophesis of financial aid from his holyness everight good for ever RGM,sometimes l say thanx RGM wakagadzirira madinga size 37yrs of human praise and worship,the evil doers in Zanu pf worshiped and praise you for 37yrs because they wanted the crumbs from the loot empty heads.

  19. Comment…as long as you are a shona the shona people will support you no matter how destructive you are these people dont think properly

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