AMHVoices: Khupe must accept Chamisa’s ascendancy

The discord, pollution and noise within the MDC-T standing committee must come to a screeching halt, if the MDC-T and its partners in the MDC Alliance entertain any hopes of bagging the presidential race and win the bulk of the parliamentary and council seats.

By Pardon Maguta,Our Reader

The continued stand off and acrimonious relationship between party deputy president, Thokozani Khupe and president, Nelson Chamisa is not good at all. It is confusing ordinary people in rural, urban and other areas.

The continued cat-fight, if left spreading like a summer veld fire, will subtract important votes damaging the MDC-T and MDC Alliance leader Chamisa’s chances of defeating President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Disgruntled Khupe symphathisers might also kick the votes into thistle and thorns, as they protest what they view as a deliberate attempt to sideline Khupe on reports of tribalism and patriarchal politics. This needs clarity.

The ball is in Chamisa’s court. This is the moment for him to demonstrate his leadership and negotiation skills. The greatest losers, if the impasse between Chamisa and Khupe is not resolved amicably or continues, will be Chamisa and the MDC Alliance.

It will be difficult for Chamisa to garner the 50%-plus one vote in the first round of elections. MDC Alliance candidates in both council and parliamentary elections might end up struggling to win the votes if there is a split. A split is a split, no matter how marginal or small it is.

Khupe must also accept the fait-accompli. It’s de jure. It’s a fact that the MDC-T national council sat and appointed Chamisa as substantive president. The voters are warming up to a Chamisa national presidency. With that in mind, she must stop swimming against the political tide. She has to join the majority and also respect her party’s constitution.

There is power and strength in unity and numbers. MDC-T must unite first before it unites with other parties or its doomed.

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  1. I don’t know anything about Khupe, or whether or not she has been mistreated. What I do know is that the best chance to evict Zanu PF is for her to support Chamisa at this point in time. Any alternative route – no matter how right she might possibly be – is an indication of pure selfishness on her part, and shows that her personal interest outweighs her interest in millions of Zimbabweans.

    1. Tosangana paground noise hakusi kutonga makambotongepi vamdc tangai mambokwira mugomo

    2. Khupe should not be power hungry as she is doing. She must be happy that all other Alliances has come in to fight one common enemy. I can see a need for education campaign on her side.

    3. Why should a legitimate Vice President support an illegal self imposed President.Khupe has the support base she can garner some seats thus splitting the MDC vote. Why are MDC supporters who elevated Khupe through a congress allowing a coup by Chamisa when we all know Chamisa ascended through nomination by Tsvangirai.What does the MDC constitution say about this falacy?

  2. Chamisa started this power grab and he did so blindly without going through the nuts and bolts of the constitution. The fact that Chamisa even went on to unleash terror on Khupe is a clear demonstration that as far as he is concerned Khupe does not have support and is of no value to MDC T. Chamisa should stand by his decision and if it costs him in his presidential ambitions, his political career will go to the dust bin. Come next year MDC T congress, if he fails to win as president the congress will vote him out. MDC T should have dealt with the succession issue without necessarily looking at the perceived charisma which Chamisa is overrated to have. They should have focused on building MDC T brand by going to congress and everyone would then rally behind the winner. Gone are the days when an individual charisma is a ticket to presidency, teamwork and carefully thought out and articulated national programmes can win votes.

    1. What charisma? Khupe is senior to this power hungry “twerp” and the sooner he starts to live with this reality the better for all associated or sympathetic to Morgan Tsvangirayi…

      1. In what way is Khupe senior to Chamisa?

        1. when did khupe become senior to Chamisa

    2. this is not a soccer match/team where you guys keep bringing points of no use at all, even if the current team that you support has taken years without a significant win. Peoples lives are at stake here. Most people and youths are rallying behind Chamisa so that for once we can enjoy in this country and we will argue later and talk about congress and democracy etc. for now, Khupe should Join Chamisa, even Mujuru should follow suit.

      1. Thats true just hav a luk to Chamisa’s rallies

  3. No worries Khupe ndiye unoruza isu tichivhotera Chamisa. Khupe anongohukura achiwawata asi achavhoterwa ndiChamisa. Vangani maNdebele akakwana yangavhotere Garwe rakavagabvura gabvura muGukurahundi. Remember Khupe is no going to run for President. It’s Chamisa, Mnangagwa netumwe tumatsotsi tunoda kutonga. Garwe harina poison asi Cobra has deadly vernom, vhota usati warumwa ronda regarwe rinorapika asi arumwa nenyoka tofutsira. Mungwaru anoda upenyu anovhotera Mhungu.

    1. Ndabazezwe Viki

      @ Nyamafunga can you mind your language. You seem to be thinking with the bottom part of your body because a normal reasoning person will not show any excitement about the genocide Matabeleland experienced because of tribal political leadership we had since 1980 hitherto.

  4. Even if the MDC like Chamisa so much and think they don’t need Khupe to help them win the election. Isn’t it right if Chamisa had been elected democratically. You have to practise what you preach.You don’t cherry pick democracy.

  5. Chamisa is being overrated and that seem to have catapulted his ascendancy to power by unconstitutional means. Had he decided to uphold the party constitution that would have derailed his long cherished ambition of leading the ailing party, however if he thinks that white house is just an election away……..let him wait and see. Presidency is not about eloquence, charms etc…….look at were Zim is because of Mugabe speeches……….not even Tony Blair, Bush or Obama could stand a debate with Bob
    …..but look at the contrast between Zim and those countries that i was most decorated African icon was mocking….all we need are sound policies from humble leaders…………..something that i am struggling to see in Chamisa……..That man ED is in the right direction…..i might vote this year if he maintains his stance on rebuilding the economy

    1. mmmmmmm cde ibvai pano neZanu language yenyu iyo. ED ari muright direction yekuita coup. Musada kupembedza mimba yekiti kunge inokamwa mukaka. Chamisa was appointed necouncil which is a board that makes decissions in btwn congresses. Haisi zanu kah iyi inongoita macongress ana Antonio. Wt the congress did was constitutional and if Khupe thinks otherwise she can challenge it through the courts. Chamisa is not stupid and MDC council is not stupid. Never compare NC na ED. at the age of 40 ED was a bootliker waMugabe but chamisa is a president of the majority party in zimbabwe.

    2. Khupe sidelined herself by failing to respect the vision of the visionary,MRT when she defied his efforts to come up with the Alliance.She went AWOL until just after the demise of Morgen thereby creating enemies for herself within the Party.The council decided to convene a meeting to decide on who was to act as President soon after MRT’s death to avoid hawks like Khupe claiming power.After all there is nowhere in the constitution where it is stated that only the Vice President elected at congress will act.She is power hungry and misguided.

    3. unconstitutional in what way,imi ndimi mazoziva constitution yeMDC kudarika veMDC vacho manje. Are you saying the nationalcouncil is stupid havazive. please tiudzei zvimwe not zvese zvekuti hee constitution,if she respected it so much she should have been atteending meetings but oh no she thought akapenga, now she is a woman scorned because akatorerwa chimuti achifunga achachiwana based on kuti she is a woman and a ndebele. ngaakure nonsense woman

  6. Ndabazezwe Viki

    Pardon Maguta’s article is biased and not worth the paper it is written on. Chamisa is a power graber period. I do not see his charisma playing to his advantage given that both him & Mnangagwa are coup beneficiaries in their respective parties. This places the electorate in a quandary in being forced to choose between the evils. By implication wise voters will be forced to vote for other parties that have so samblence of democracy and respect for the constitution. It should be Chamisa who should step down and wait for congress not the other way round.

  7. ED mnangagwa is ruling Zimbabwe unelected and so did Mugabe by means of violence.

  8. Chief i suport wat u said chamisa is overrating himself.wat we need are sound policies from a humble leaders which is something that we want to see in chamisa surely how can a normal person say he wants a television debate with ED tione anokurirwa thats a childish mind kutaura ndokuita here of couse we need change but chamisa no

    1. debates happen all over the world that is how the public see who has better policies if ED thinks he is better just because he is 75 by all means let them debate let’s see who we can choose to vote for at the end of the day. Hazvishamisiri zvemadebates even ana rwanda vakumaita wani, why are zimbaz always backward in thinking. be progressive that’s where politics is headed where leaders go live on TV and discuss important issues chiZanu ChiZanu chawandisa mubrain

  9. Going foward, I see madam Khupe being a problem. She might have her ambitions but I think she is overating herself. She does not have a national appeal. She was good as a vice president and she should be content with that.

    I also see arrogance in her. Arrogance in politics maybe good but she is also rigid. A leader must be flexible and be able to read the times. Look at what Mwonzora and Mudzuri have done.
    Khupe has been at loggerheads with not only Morgan but the party by not attending meetings in a long time of a party for which she is a senior member.
    A leader should be able to resolve conflicts and move on, it becomes strange when a leader stands in the way of progress.

    1. Ndabazezwe Viki

      @ Chokwadi what measure do use to tell that khuphe has no national appeal? If it is on tribal considerations, I concur with you but on democratic practices you are lying because she was voted into office of VP by the national congress.

      1. The tribal ‘consideration’ is just an excuse. It does not need an angel to tell that one can inspire people at a national level. I have heard her speak and I can tell she cant influence many.

      2. she was voted into VP post by how many votes. who dd she contest wth at the congress? Khupe simply took tht post uncontested by virtue of being the senior member from Byo and female.

    2. Why do you think she does not have national appeal??? She has been VP for over 12yrs & its about time she moves a step up. If Chamisa had waited & had himself voted at congress then there would not have been issues. He cannot claim to be popular when he is scared to face congress. The last time his lost the SCG to Mwonzora

      1. she wasn’t voted into power, that’s why tichiti anhu eZanu don’t comment on what you not well versed in. Her post was not contested so no one really voted her into power. Why does Chamisa need to wait, which rulebook says when someone becomes VP its a must or its automatic they must be president afterwards. Khupe akakanya, she failed to play her game when she boycotted meetings,you don’t boycott meetings,you go there with your disagreements and disgruntlements asi uchienda, but she thought chimutu achangochipihwa just becoz…manje akairasa whilst she was busy boycotting some where strategically positioning themselves because of their loyalty to MT….vakatora chimuti vakamhanya nacho

    3. well said

  10. Khuphe she is vry correct what is she doing becoz you shonas you think you are best evry time. I support u mama

    1. haya

  11. Jive Mabhindauko

    There are many fallacies being claimed here. In the first place, the MDC T Constitution allows for the National Council to sit as Congress and to make decisions on all kinds of appointments. See Section 18. Khupe has been bleating she is the only deputy president. Wrong! There were three deputies when Tsvangirayi died. There was no First, Second or Third deputy president. They were all equal deputy presidents. Only one could succeed Tsvangirayi. The MDC T National Council did just that and elected Nelson Chamisa to Acting then substantive president.
    Secondly, T. Khupe had boycotted official meetings for eight months. All of a sudden, she emerges from the underworld to claim she is the president after Tsvangirayi’s death!!! Who in his or her right mind would recognise her as president after months of such ABSENCE?

    If Khupe claims she is the real president of the MDC T, why is she not presidenting the MDC T? Why is she not organizing the Congress she claims should be held. Why is she not attending MDC T meetings? Why is she not going around the country addressing rallies?

    The answer is very simple: Everyone is ignoring her because she is making herself irrelevant. The people of Matabeleland are not tribalists. They see a hardworking Nelson Chamisa on the national stage and a conspiratorial Khupe Nicodemusly hiding behind the bushes. There are calls for her to expelled from the MDC T. My advice is: Do not expel or suspend her. She has expelled herself.

    MDC TEAM is doing a fine job by ignoring her. She will run out of steam and cool down into the dustbin of history.

    1. You don’t know what you are talking about

    2. spot on

    3. I agree with you, dont blame the people of Matebeleland, they are not stupid. Khupe is irrelevant


  13. Mukavhotera Khupe ndozvisungirira!!!!!!!!!!



  16. Chamisa is our president to be come 2018

  17. mandebele Lusaba

    Comment…people who think chamisa will rule are daydreaming simple because they cant analyse the situation on the ground.

  18. Chamisa will win come what may come .Its better to dream of Chamisa as our future President .National Council is the supreme body btwn congress just like the central committee at ZANU Chamisa was elevated by the National Council. Our constitution is very clear if you absent yourself from party activities for 3 consecutive meetings with reasonable excuse you have expelled yourself

  19. The reason why Zimbabwe is not progressing forward is because of selfish interests. For the past 37 years the country has been unable to move forward because of selfishness within our leaders. Even though madam Khupe feels that she is the one to lead MDC, she should respect the will of the people. Its clear that the most feared person by ZANU PF within MDC is Chamisa. Even before Tsvangirai died, Chamisa was one of the MDC members who gave ZANU sleepless nights. Not undermining Khupes capabilities , l feel like this job needed a male character because its not easy to fight ZANU PF. Chamisa has enough energy to take the MDC ship forward. Give him this chance please.

  20. Ngatinamatireyi sisi khupe kuti vaone chiedza.Zvokwadi takafireiko makore ose aya sisi zvovonetsa kudayi.Kud achigaro here,bva zvachiripo wani vice president. Zivayi sisi kuti Mdc haisatiyawina elections ka.
    Why not wait because in Mdc thats where you can become president in future.Kwete kuzviponda yozhamba. Time time hatina basa newe.

  21. Khupe the divorce with Chamisa is acrimonious. It’s either you will scald your spouse in the end. Just walk out of the marriage and move on. The MDC marriage is on the move and bells are ringing soon. Chitima cherusununguko chisingamisike chamiswa

  22. Let God’s will be done

  23. With all due respect Madam Khupe has her valid reasons and points to claim what she is claiming.My only problem arises from the fact that she is more concerned on her personal gains than the national gains obtained from a united approach to the problem confronting the whole nation ‘Zanu pf’. What benefit did she derive from boycotting meetings of the party when MT was alive. She created enemies for her self. Her mod-us operand is ill informed. Like engineer Mudzuri she must swallow her pride and gain the little remaining pride. She is a national leader and she must think like one not a regional leader.We don’t want leaders who want to always cry the victim song and try to divide people along tribal lines. Zimbabwe are one people Shona Ndebele ,Kalanga we are one nation.Free advise to Khupe

  24. Comment…Uyabona lento yokuthi libe nisidelela nina mashona nizonya kusazokhala induku

  25. Comment…Why ningafuni ukubuswa ngamandebele nina mashona
    sisazonigijimisa nizathi anginitshelanga uKhupe nguye obekumele athathe intambo

    1. Khupe watengwa naani? Unonyadzisa

      1. @Ndebele ulinNdebele langaphi elilesiyezi so.

  26. you ma MDC please musanyebere vanhu if u want votes do something to pple and will vote for you ypo knw what wakandipa 2bags dzechibage i can vote for you chiziva kuti kana tonne ndzoiwana manje munongo ukura do somthing drilling zvibhorani building structures we can vote isai mari yamunotaura mumabank toziva kuti mune power. pamberi ne ZANU PF pamberi na mnangagwa

  27. Dr.T. Khupe dont hide behind tribal or gender card,lest you divide the people of lovely Zimbabwe. You know the right thing to do. But you now have crocodile tears all over and want sympathizers. Let me tell you, your enemy is not Chamisa but what you have been fighting for since 1999. Please are relevant as ever to the new Zimbabwe. You are our Winnie Mandela. Think about it.

    1. The right thing is for Nelson Chamisa to step down. He is in that position unconstitutionally.

  28. She alighted the gravy train at the wrong destination after travelling 98% of the journey. What a strategic blunder. Poor Khupe.

  29. Comment…mai khupe varasika nguva yakaipa.vane mudzimu unoramba sugar uchida masese.chamisa is ourcandidate what come may

  30. No of yoir business

    chamisa ascended to presidency after declairing himself as more popular…according to who? The idea of beimg more popular is a tribalist one that seeks personal glorification

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