Allan Chimbetu left out of ‘Dr Nero’ gala

MUSICIAN Allan Chimbetu has expressed bitterness after he was left out of a music gala scheduled for tonight to commemorate the life of his late brother, Naison “Doctor Nero” Chimbetu.


The legendary dendera maestro died 13 years ago and was part of the history-making band fronted by their elder brother Simon.

The show, set to be held at a Harare club, was organised by Doctor Nero’s son, Tryson.

Allan, who fronts the Orchestra Dendera Kings (Central Committee) told NewsDay Life & Style yesterday that he was not invited for the concert.

“I was not invited, but I just saw the poster on the streets. Maybe that is the invitation. I will see, if I get fuel, I will come,” he said.

Tryson’s manager, Marvellous Mujongachiso, however, claimed that an invitation was extended to Allan and he accepted it.

“This concert is a family programme and all the three (Sulumani, Douglas and Allan) have confirmed they will be performing tomorrow (tonight) as they commemorate the life of Doctor Nero,” Mujongachiso said.

“At the concert, Tryson will also sample some of the songs off his forthcoming album Kana Mazogara that is scheduled to be launched in July.”

Douglas — who is Allan’s son — could not be reached for comment yesterday, Sulumani’s manager, Joel Nyamungoma said Sulu would be performing.

“This concert is a family programme, so there is no way Sulu will miss, it whether he was invited or not, he will be there,” he said.

At the concert, the Chimbetu siblings will be supported by Baba Harare and prolific guitarist Progress Chipfumo and his Sound of Motherland band.

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