AirZim plane in mid-air scare

AN Air Zimbabwe flight between Harare and the Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam was involved in a five-minute mid-air turbulence that left passengers shaken on Tuesday.
According to a passenger who was aboard flight UM438, there were chaotic scenes in the plane, as they feared the worst.


“Air Zimbabwe had a very terrible turbulence an hour after take-off. The plane shook like it was about to break up into two. People were crying and praying everywhere in the plane, it was a frightening moment that I will never forget,” the passenger, who declined to be named, said.

“Thanks to the experienced senior pilot Captain Chidzikwe, who took control of the plane. It could have been the end of me and my family. We were on board UM438 ‘Mbuya Nehanda’ from Harare to Dar es Salaam that had been delayed by more than an hour due to technical issues. The flight was supposed to depart at 12pm, but only did so at 13:08, an hour later than scheduled.”

Air Zimbabwe board chairperson Chipo Dyanda refused to comment on the matter.

“That is an operational issues. We deal with policy issues. Please get in touch with management,” she said.

In a ministerial statement on Tuesday, Transport minister Joram Gumbo admitted to Parliament that the national flag carrier was experiencing equipment problems, adding government was in the process of sourcing new equipment to improve the airline’s operations.

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  1. Comment…You have to be very brave to board Air Zimbabwe flights. There are alternative flights

  2. Ngondi Kamupinya

    Ndidzo “ndege dzemashanga” dzinotaurwa idzi.

  3. Air Zim Technicians – Experts need to take that disturbance seriously by conducting a thorough investigation. Failure to do that will see them causing a massacre in the near future. This is not the first time we have heard about Air Zim mid air scare. Please make sure your fleet is worth flying coz failure to do so will have a negative repercussion on your customer services. I applaud your cheap fare though to Dar $170 one way and paying using eco-cash, thumps up on that one.

  4. Turbulance is normal. We just not used to it this side. It feels worse than it is. No plane has ever fallen out of the sky due to turbulance…remember that next time. In really bad turbulance pilots are trained to put more speed to counter effects. Next time chill. At least people remember there is God. Gr8 outcome. Chiendai kuchurch and pray genuinely.

  5. Psalms 109 vs 8-9

    Turbulence is a common thing but if its your first time to experience it it can be scary, imagine those who drop more than 1000 feet, at least you are better makangozudzwa zudzwa.

  6. That route is generally turbulent like that, I experienced exactly the same turbulence about the same time after take off from Dar es Salaam last year in November, it is obviously an unnatural feeling given that human beings are not designed to fly and it’s not easy getting used to being shaken mid air. It is however important to note that later model aeroplanes do have systems that give the pilots visuals of lesser turbulent flight paths, so new equipment would have shaken you a bit less.

  7. ngamaPotholes

  8. Fact is its an indicator Air Zim should just ground its long overdue equipment that was just an indicator to just change equipment or ground. People are just advized to just do away with that airline altogether to put pressure on it to upgrade or ground.

    You can try explain this and that but the warning has been given oh!

  9. Tinashe N Nyahwa

    News day ilamanga shame whoever told the story exaggerated

  10. Im sure it happens around lake Malawi area and those huge mountains as you approach Tanzania. This could be normal, but with Air Zim eishhhh!!!!! scary

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